Visceral brain

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  • If you are going to lose excess weight permanently, if you are going to reshape your body, it’s probably best that you forget what you know about overeating and weight gain. I wrote this book to provide a beginning to a new way forward, away from what I perceive as outdated, irrational, ineffective, harmful, and even dehumanizing approaches to weight management. Don’t get me wrong. Weight loss is still a matter of eating less and exercising more, of taking in fewer calories and burning them up more effectively.

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  • The main aim in the traumatic brain injured patients must be to maintain a good result from primary injury caused by trauma and/or as a result of direct effect of trauma. The second aim must be to prevent secondary brain injury caused by as results of the complications. The basic principle in the care and treatment of traumatic brain injury is to describe and begin the treatment these complications that worsen the primary injury and lead to secondary brain injury.

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  • In order to get a clearer picture of language teaching and, consequently, of how to avoid bored and boring teachers, let’s address a list of the services teachers should provide. Traditionally, language teachers trained and checked six core competences: vocabulary, understanding of speech, production of speech, reading, writing, and grammar. As we have seen in the Words chapter, vocabulary training is inherently a lonely job because nobody except yourself can transfer thousands of words into your brain.

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  • Treatment of Metastatic Disease Melanoma can metastasize to any internal organ, the brain being a particularly common site. Metastatic melanoma is generally incurable, with survival in patients with visceral metastases generally

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