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  • The Object Management Group (OMG) is an open membership, not-for-profit consortium that produces and maintains computer-industry specifications for interoperable applications. To achieve this goal, the OMG specifies open standards for every aspect of distributed computing, from analysis and design through infrastructure to application objects and components defined on virtually every enterprise middleware platform. OMG’s membership roster includes virtually every large company in the computer industry, and hundreds of smaller ones.

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  • 50 Visual Glossary Java Example shows how the association relationship shown in Figure VG.3 between Person and Vehicle can be implemented in Java. Each reference to a Vehicle object is kept in a Vector. The Person class simply holds the vehicles for a person. import java.util.*; /** * The Person class contains all data and logic for a person * in the system. */ public class Person { public Vector vehicles = new Vector(); /** Adds a vehicle to this person. */ public void addVehicle(Vehicle v) { this.vehicles.

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  • This is not one of your “Learn HTML in 24 Hours” books, nor is it one of the many introductory books on web graphics. It won’t teach you how to imitate the stylistic tricks of famous web designers, turn ugly typography into ugly 3-D typography, or build online shopping carts by bouncing databases from one cryptic programming environment to another. This is a book for working designers who seek to understand the Web as a medium and learn how they can move to a career in web design. It’s also suited to designers who wish to add web design to their repertoire of client services....

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