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  • This paper focuses on the practical significance of visual tools in Knowledge Management (KM) and Information Systems (IS) development in the context of the development of MaKE, a KM method.

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  • In this paper we present Valido, a tool that supports the difficult task of validating sense choices produced by a set of annotators. The validator can analyse the semantic graphs resulting from each sense choice and decide which sense is more coherent with respect to the structure of the adopted lexicon. We describe the interface and report an evaluation of the tool in the validation of manual sense annotations.

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  • Visualization tools for deep learning models typically focus on discovering key input features without considering how such low level features are combined in intermediate layers to make decisions. Moreover, many of these methods examine a network’s response to specific input examples that may be insufficient to reveal the complexity of model decision making.

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  • Part I: NS fundamentals, Wired world, Walk-thru an example NS script. Part II: Visualization tools & other utilities, Help and references. Outcome of this tutorial: You know the concept of ns2. You are able to set-up a network topology on your own (with nameditor). You are able to add traffic like ftp/telnet or cbr to your simulation. You are able to start the ns and the nam. You understand the ns-script code generated by nam-editor.

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  • Resulted tool (which is named PITON) has 13 features extracted from PythonTutor (a program visualization tool), PyCharm (a programming workspace), and student’s feedbacks about PythonTutor. According to think-aloud and user study, PITON is more practical to be used than a combination of PythonTutor and PyCharm. Further, its features are considerably helpful; students rated these features as useful and frequently used.

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  • The following will be discussed in this chapter: ns2 goals, ns2 languages, ns2 models, ns2 components, ns2 research, ns2 platform, directory structure, class hierarchy, duality (split model), ns2 applications, ns2 agents, visualization tool, node, link, packet, addressing routing, wireless node.

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  • We provide complete source code for a front-end GUI and its back-end counterpart for a stock market visualization tool. It is built based on the “functional visualization” concept we discuss, whereby functionality is not sacrificed for fancy graphics. The GUI, among other things, displays a color-coded signal (computed by the back-end code) based on how “out-of-whack” each stock is trading compared with its peers (“mean-reversion”), and the most sizable changes in the signal (“momentum”). The GUI also allows to efficiently filter/tier stocks by various parameters (e.g.

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  • Visualization of RNA secondary structures is a complex task, and, especially in the case of large RNA structures where the expected layout is largely habitual, the existing visualization tools often fail to produce suitable visualizations.

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  • On completion of this course students will have the ability to: Comprehend the concepts of OOP, Visual C++, and C# languages; comprehend a programming problem and design a solution; finally Code a solution to a problem for both desktop and web based programs using visual tools.

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  • Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO) grew out of a need to write enterprise software based on Office technology. The book chooses to satisfy this need from a practical perspective. Therefore, the book is focused on delivering practical solutions for those seeking to port existing functionality to VSTO. Where necessary, however, the book injects a healthy dose of theory so that developers can learn to think and feel in this new technology.

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  • Computing for Numerical Methods Using Visual C++ has been written to promote the use of Visual C++ in scientific computing. C++ is a beautiful language that has contributed to shaping the modern world today. The language has contributed to many device drivers in electronic equipment, as a tool in the development of many computer software programs, and as a tool for both research and teaching. Therefore, its involvement in providing the solution for numerical methods is very much expected.

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  • NS-2 is an object oriented simulator, written in C++, with an OTcl (Object Tool Command Language) interpreter as a front-end. Back-end C++ Defining new agents, protocols and framework. Manipulations at the byte/bit levels. if you have to change the behaviour of an existing C++ class in ways that weren't anticipated.

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  • Ta đặt dòng lệnh : Option Explicit Trong phần Declarations của mô-đun. Một cách khác, từ menu Tools, chọn Options, chọn tab Editor và đánh dấu vào tuỳ chọn Require Variable Declaration. VB tự động chèn dòng lệnh Option Explicit vào một mô-đun mới, nhưng không phải là những mô-đun đã được tạo

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  • Together, Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate, Visual Studio Test Professional 2010, Lab Management 2010, and Team Foundation Server offer Microsoft developers the most sophisticated, well-integrated testing solution they’ve ever had. Now, Microsoft MVP and VS testing guru Jeff Levinson shows exactly how to use Microsoft’s new tools to save time, reduce costs, and improve quality throughout the entire development lifecycle.

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  • With every release of Visual Basic, Microsoft has added new functionality to enhance the applications that can be created. Visual Basic 6 took the first real step toward a client/server development tool that could create robust Windows applications. This newest release of Visual Basic, titled Visual Basic .NET, makes the jump from a mostly Windows-based application system to a truly dynamic development environment that allows you to design both Windows and Web-centric applications.

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  • Thêm tính năng cho một Add-In Khi thực hiện các chức năng của một Add-In, bạn sẽ được quan tâm nhất với thu giữ các cuộc gọi đến Exec, mà VS cuộc gọi bất cứ khi nào người sử dụng chọn trình đơn Tools mục cho bạn Add-In. Phần này cũng sẽ bao gồm một vài phương pháp khác: OnConnection, trong đó có chứa rất nhiều mã khởi tạo, và QueryStatus, đó là thuận tiện cho việc quản lý nhà nước của các Add-Trong mục trình đơn. Chúng tôi sẽ xem xét OnConnection đầu tiên để bạn có thể xem như...

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  • When testing your applications on the Microsoft platform, Visual Studio 2010 offers you a range of powerful tools for different types of testing. This Microsoft product makes the testing process easier and faster.

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  • The addition of Crystal Reports 9.0 to Visual Studio .NET 2003 offers developers a reporting tool that allows you to turn almost any data into interactive, dynamic content through portals, wireless devices, and Microsoft Office documents. This code-intensive guide takes you step by step through developing reports and incorporating them into applications.

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  • (BQ) There are many contents in this book: Getting to Know Your Sewing Machine, Selecting and Using Sewing Tools, Fabrics, Lining, Interlining, and Interfacing, Hand Sewing, Basic Techniques, Sewing Seams and Seam Finishes, Making Darts, Sewing Facings and Edge Finishing, Sewing in ZippersAdding, Adding Fasteners, Hemming Techniques, Warm-Up Sewing Projects, More Sewing Projects, Using a Purchased Pattern, Expanding Your Horizons.

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  • Sử dụng Visual Studio NET Công cụ. Để tăng tốc độ Viết ADO.NET Mã Mã bạn đã viết đến thời điểm này không làm điều đó nhiều. Nó thậm chí không truy cập vào cơ sở dữ liệu. Nhiệm vụ tiếp theo là viết code mà populates lớp với dữ liệu từ cơ sở dữ liệu,

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