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  • This affliction, like trouble with the eyes or teeth, falls entirely outside the physician's province; for medicines, the physician's chief means of cure, are utterly powerless either to relieve or overcome it. And, unfortunately, scarcely one sufferer in a hundred knows of anyone else to turn to, with the exception of the surgeon, after finding that physicians can give no relief. For the proper treatment of rupture has received little attention as a specialized profession.

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  • Birth control, in the sense of the prevention of pregnancy by chemical, mechanical, or other artificial means, is being widely advocated as a sure method of lessening poverty and of increasing the physical and mental health of the nation. It is, therefore, advisable to examine these claims and the grounds on which they are based.

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  • To the health and happiness of all womankind, this treatise is respectfully dedicated. .A Doctor's Office "Good morning. Dr. Stevens?" She addressed a distinguished-looking, grey-haired man. "Yes, I'm Dr. Stevens. You are Mrs. Charles Smith?" "Yes, Doctor; I have come to see if you can help me out of a very serious difficulty. I am disappointed in our own family physician. I have also called on two other doctors, neither me any satisfaction." "I will do the best I can What is your trouble?" of whom would give Mrs. Smith.

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