Voltage pulses

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  • Trong một hệ thống truyền thông, dữ liệu được truyền từ một điểm này đến một điểm khác bằng ý nghĩa của các tín hiệu. Một tín hiệu tương tự là một dạng sóng điện từ biến đổi một cách liên tục được truyền qua nhiều môi trường truyền khác nhau phụ thuộc vào phổ của chúng.

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  • Asking Google for different applications of electrolysis, interesting results can be noticed: electrolysis and hair removal - about 284 000 000 web pages, water electrolysis - about 7 440 000 web pages and industrial electrolysis - about 2 540 000 results. In this book three most important applications of technological electrolysis are discussed - water electrolysis (hydrogen production), industrial electrolysis and environmental electrolysis.

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  • The 555 timer is one of the most useful electronic devices in the market. The 555 timer was first introduced by Signetics but today it is manufactured by nearly all semiconductor firms. The cost of this device is low and it is widely available. The 555 timer has lots of uses such as: Mark Space Adjustment, Pulse Width Modulation and Inductive Current Detection just to name a few. The 555 has some unique advantages and capabilities, such as: low-cost, high operating voltage (5-15V) range, it is high powered and at the same time able to be triggered by small currents.

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  • This book contains chapters on nanocomposites for engineering hard materials for high performance aircraft, rocket and automobile use, using laser pulses to form metal coatings on glass and quartz, and also tungsten carbide-cobalt nanoparticles using high voltage discharges. A major section of this book is largely devoted to chapters outlining and applying analytic methods needed for studies of nanocomposites. As such, this book will serve as good resource for such analytic methods.

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  • Uncontrolled Single-Phase Rectifiers Sam Guccione Single-Phase Half-Wave Rectifiers Operation A single-phase half-wave rectifier consists of a single diode connected as shown in Fig. 4.1. This is the simplest of the rectifier circuits. It produces an output waveform that is half of the incoming AC voltage waveform. The positive pulse output waveform shown in Fig. 4.1 occurs because of the forward-bias condition of the diode. A diode

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  • (BQ) The present work deals with the comparison of the MRR for EN19 and EN41 material in a die sinking EDM machine. The various input factors like Pulse ON time, Pulse OFF time, Discharge current and voltage were considered as the input processing parameters, while the MRR is considered as the output. Optimization using Taguchi method was performed to predict the best combination of inputs towards maximum output.

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  • (BQ) The article presents an idea about the effect of the various input process parameters like Pulse ON time, Pulse OFF time, Discharge Current and Voltage over the Surface Roughness for an EN41 material. Here, 5 different output parameters concerned with surface roughness like Ra, Rq, Rsk, Rku and Rsm are taken and optimized accordingly, using the Grey-Taguchi method.

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  • (BQ) In this paper, working current, working voltage, oil pressure, spark gap Pulse On Time and Pulse Off Time on Material Removal Rate (MRR) and Surface Finish (Ra) has been studied. Empirical models for MRR and Ra have been developed by conducting a designed experiment based on the Grey Relational Analysis. Genetic Algorithm (GA) based multi-objective optimization for maximization of MRR and minimization of Ra has been done by using the developed empirical models. Optimization results have been used for identifying the machining conditions.

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  • (BQ) This study was made only for the finish stages and has been carried out on the influence of five design factors: intensity supplied by the generator of the EDM machine (I), pulse time (ti), duty cycle (η), open-circuit voltage (U) and dielectric flushing pressure (P), over the two previously mentioned response variables. This has been done by means of the technique of design of experiments (DOE), which allows us to carry out the above-mentioned analysis performing a relatively small number of experiments.

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  • (BQ) ilicon infiltrated silicon carbide (SiSiC) is developed. The influences of the major operating EDM parameters (discharge current ie, open gap voltage ui, discharge duration te and pulse interval to) of the iso energetic generator on the machining performances like Material Removal Rate (MRR), Tool Wear Ratio (TWR) and surface roughness (Ra) are examined. Relaxation pulses which have lower energy input are also considered to improve the surface quality.

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  • This work determines optimum process parameters such as pulse on time, peak current, gap voltage and flushing pressure, which influence the micro-electro discharge machining (EDM) process during machining of Ti-6Al-4V using combined methods of response surface methodology (RSM) and fuzzy-technique for order preference by similarity to ideal solution (TOPSIS).

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