Wading bird

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  • Beginning birdwatchers face many frustrations: birds, it seems, are constantly in motion, taking flight before the fledgling birder can turn to a photograph or drawing that might help pinpoint its identification. The experienced birdwatcher, Edward Cronin writes in this friendly manual, is by contrast able to identify a dozen species in a few seconds, which compounds the beginner's lack of self-confidence. Never fear, Cronin reassures us: The "magician's trick of rapidly identifying species is, in truth, based on a logical procedure that anyone can master.

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  • A scientist might call it an oviparous vertebrate. It could be a lifer for a twitcher, or a control for a ringer. It might be drumming or jugging, ina trip or a wisp. You could split it, dip out on it, or even cause it to explode. It is, of course, a bird. Birdwatchers' language is a mixture of science and slang. You might well hear nictitating membrane and marsh cowboymentioned in almost the same breath. If you read about or talk about birds you are bound to meet expressions like these, but discovering their precise meanings can be remarkably difficult.

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  • The Weidmoos is a bird habitat of European significance. The diverse mosaic of water bodies, muddy areas and reeds provides many species of bird with ideal conditions for breeding and resting. Comparable habitats have all but disappeared in our densely populated and heavily utilised landscape. Over 150 species of bird have so far been confirmed, some of which are endangered on a European level. One of the latter group is the White-spotted Bluethroat, which can frequently be found at the Weidmoos.

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  • Storks and cranes are long-legged, wading birds, typically found in marsh areas. Storks and cranes feed on fish, reptiles, amphibians, and insects that they catch using their long heavy bills. Ebook Animals: Cranes and Stork includes about beauty on the wing, avid eaters, faithful parents, long-distance fliers, storks, cranes and people.

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  • Circulation of Japanese Encephalitis Virus in Pigs and Mosquito Vectors within Can Tho City, Vietnam Japanese encephalitis (JE) is a zoonotic disease spread over large parts of Asia. It is one of the most important arboviral encephalitis in humans, with an estimated 10 million cases over the last 60 years, with 30% case fatality. Pigs and wading birds are amplifying hosts of the causative Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV), and do not display clinical signs, except for pregnant sows that may abort or have stillborn piglets.

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  • Kindness to the animal kingdom is the first, or a first principle in the growth of true philanthropy. Young Lincoln once waded across a half-frozen river to rescue a dog, and stopped in a walk with a statesman to put back a bird that had fallen out of its nest. Such a heart was trained to be a leader of men, and to be crucified for a cause. The conscience that runs to the call of an animal in distress is girding itself with power to do manly work in the world. The story of "Beautiful Joe" awakens an intense interest, and sustains it through...

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