Waste management system

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  • The study was conducted in a peri-commune of Ha Noi, Le Chi Commune in order provide useful information for understanding better farmers waste treatment intention. Through applying behavioral approach, study had interviewed 85 households to obtain necessary information for correlation models.

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  • In this study, the Material Flow Analysis and Policy assessment tool are applied to assess the impact of the EPR system, in case of large home appliances and to find the obstacles on the implementation of the system. Among the experimental appliances, air conditioner has the highest rate of valuable materials and also the highest rate of recyclable materials, then follows the refrigerator, washing machine and desktop computer.

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  • Bài báo này giới thiệu một số kết quả từ nghiên cứu xây dựng phần mềm ứng dụng GIS (Geographics Information System) và các phương pháp của tin học môi trường nhằm tin học hóa quá trình nhập, xuất dữ liệu liên quan tới chất thải rắn đô thị trên địa bàn thành phố nhằm phục vụ cho công tác quản lý nhà nước về mặt môi trường, cũng như ứng dụng các thành tựu công nghệ thông tin để xây dựng cơ sở dữ liệu nhằm đánh giá hiện trạng và đưa ra những dự báo ...

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  • Significant changes in the environmental field have required a re-evaluation of the environmental protection programs in place around the world. Although reductions in pollution levels have been realized in certain areas, necessary expectations for environmental protection have not been met in spite of extensive regulatory programs and cost expenditures. This book examines new approaches to environmental protection, including the emerging field of international environmental law and environmental management systems...

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  • For several years, Environmental, Health, and Safety (EH&S) professionals have been attempting to penetrate the “Quality Market.” Although progress for many in the field has been slow up until the last two years or so, help is on the way. With final issuance of the ISO 14000 standards in the fall of 1996, EH&S Professionals have found a new door opening into their company’s quality system.

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  • Remediation of hazardous wastes present in the subsurface has evolved with time and has been influenced by various factors over the years. During the early years, direction and efforts were mostly influenced by the regulations in place and the need for compliance and protection of human health and environment. The contaminants primarily focused upon during this time were the petroleum-related contaminants stemming from leaking underground storage tanks (USTs

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  • This book covers multiple topics of Ergonomics following a systems approach, analysing the relationships between workers and their work environment from different but complementary standpoints. The chapters focused on Physical Ergonomics address the topics upper and lower limbs as well as low back musculoskeletal disorders and some methodologies and tools that can be used to tackle them.

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  • The objective of this standard is to develop an ASEAN Public Toilet Standard that can be implemented by ASEAN Member States to ensure the quality, comfort, safety and proper waste management of public toilets in general at touristic destinations within the ASEAN Region.

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  • Part 2 book “Essentials of management for healthcare professionals” has contents: Organizing, monitoring and supervision, evaluation, medical audit, healthcare systems, infection prevention, biomedical waste management, marketing management, marketing management, human resource management, financial management,… and other contents.

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  • This book is written to serve as a reference handbook for the practicing engineer or scientist who needs to prepare the basic process engineering and cost estimation required for the design of an air pollution control system. The user of this book should have a fundamental understanding of the factors resulting in air pollution and a general knowledge of the techniques used for air pollution control.

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  • The inspiration for Building Systems for Interior Designers came when I tried to teach interior design students about all the ways buildings support our activities and physical needs—without an adequate textbook. I needed an approach that supported the special concerns of the interior designer, while connecting those issues to the work of the rest of the building design team.

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  • Many have endeavored to make our outdoor environment cleaner and safer. The learning process that occurred showed us the limitations of our planet and also the sustainability of our ecosystem if given a chance. As a community, we learned about the water, the soil, and the air. We learned about the underground river that flowed to the surface lake. We learned about air currents that transported airstreams around our globe. We discovered the reality of plate tectonics and the ever-changing hydrogeological system.

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  • If you were to analyze your team's performance on a typical project, you'd be surprised how much time is wasted on non-productive tasks. This hands-on guide shows you how to work more efficiently by organizing and managing projects with SharePoint 2010. You'll learn how to build a Project Management Information System (PMIS), customized to your project, that can effectively coordinate communication and collaboration among team members.

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  • Revised to cover the latest innovations and trends, the newest edition of this classic work provides detailed coverage of every component of effective energy management. It includes expert information on, boilers, steam systems, cogeneration, waste-heat recovery, HVAC systems, control systems, systems maintenance, industrial insulation, indoor air quality, thermal energy storage, and codes and standards.

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  • Ergonomics, also known as Human Factors, is a recent scientific discipline, curiously with a well‐defined and official date and place of birth, July 12, 1949, in England. However the term Ergonomics, was proposed in 1857, by the Polish philosopher and naturalist Wojciech Jastrzebowski and fell into oblivion for nearly a century. The word Ergonomics results from joining the Greek words ergon meaning ʺworkʺ and nomos meaning ʺnatural lawsʺ, and conveys the concern of understanding the relationships between humans and their work environment....

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  • Chapter 16: Just-in-time and lean production systems. In this chapter, students will be able to understand: Define just-in-time, TPS, and lean operations; define the seven wastes and the 5Ss; explain JIT partnerships; determine optimal setup time; define kanban; compute the required number of kanbans; explain the principles of the Toyota Production System.

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  • The Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA) is an international, non-profit trade association dedicated to advancing environmentally and socially responsible aquaculture. The Alliance was founded in 1997 with 59 members in the Americas, Europe and Asia. It now comprises 1100 members in 70 countries and has become the most prominent industry organization representing the global aquaculture business (www.gaalliance.org).

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  • In working with regulated industries over the past eight years, many EPA regulatory reinvention initiatives have recognized an emerging and very real redefinition of the manufacturing landscape. Largely, this movement has arisen in the context of today’s increasingly competitive “immediate” global market, requiring companies to conceive and deliver products faster, at lower cost, and of better quality than their competitors.

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  • Research Reports IWMI’s mission is to improve the management of land and water resources for food, livelihoods and environment. In serving this mission, IWMI concentrates on the integration of policies, technologies and management systems to achieve workable solutions to real problems—practical, relevant results in the field of irrigation and water and land resources.

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  • The Department of Energy's Office of Environmental Management (DOE-EM) is responsible for cleaning up radioactive waste and environmental contamination resulting from five decades of nuclear weapons production and testing. A major focus of this program involves the retrieval, processing, and immobilization of waste into stable, solid waste forms for disposal. This report, which was requested by DOE-EM, examines requirements for waste form technology and performance in the cleanup program.

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