Waste recovery

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  • Eleven million tonnes of waste are produced yearly by the European pulp and paper industry, of which 70% originates from the production of deinked recycled paper. Wastes are very diverse in composition and consist of rejects, different types of sludges and ashes in mills having on-site incineration treatment. The production of pulp and paper from virgin pulp generates less waste but the waste has similar properties to waste from the production of deinked pulp, although with less inorganics [...].

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  • Revised to cover the latest innovations and trends, the newest edition of this classic work provides detailed coverage of every component of effective energy management. It includes expert information on, boilers, steam systems, cogeneration, waste-heat recovery, HVAC systems, control systems, systems maintenance, industrial insulation, indoor air quality, thermal energy storage, and codes and standards.

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  • Sustainability in natural systems is built on the closed-end process of recycling materials. Our present society produces so much that is not recyclable, like resin-molded chairs and air polluting automobile tires, that it is necessary to apply intention to source reduction and product responsibility. Chapter 18 provides knowledge of municipal solid waste and how to disposal and recovery.

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  • Electronic waste (e-waste) contains significant amount of valuable metals such as gold, silver, copper, zinc, lead, and etc. [1]. At present, e-waste has been considered as a potential reusable resource for materials mining encompassing from the above listed popular metals to technologically vital and evidently exhausted rare earth elements [2]. Printed circuit board (PCB) scrap as a principal e-waste component, has been recovered for years to produce various metals, among which copper takes the first place.

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  • As a conventional treatment process, centrifugal dewatering of sludge required an additional energy of 1,376 kWh per day for recycling, pumping, mixing as well as transporting sludge. The conclusion was that anaerobic digestion can reduce the green-house gases versus conventional dewatering. The results from this research can thus demonstrate the applicability of anaerobic digestion on conversion of waste to energy, looking forward to resource recovery.

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  • The result shows the efficiency of recovery of recyclables from household wastes in Dau Tieng town is quite high with 77.99 %. The major component of the recyclables consists of plastic, glass, paper, aluminum, iron and steel. The amount of recyclable materials lost in the recovery process in studying area is 258.52 kg/day, equivalent to 1,310,696 VND each day.

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  • Result of study showed that in case of individial addition, the highest yield of protein recovery (YPR 48.88 %) was obtained with Alcalase (375 U/g material) at 50 °C, pH 8 for 4 hours. Besides, the maximal yield of amino acids recovery (2.91 %) was obtained with Flavourzyme (250 U/g material) at 50 °C, pH 7 for 4 hours.

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  • As the results, BMP of the original arrowroot waste sample was 253 NmLCH4/gVS and alkaline pretreatment increased BMP of the waste 21.9 % at 7 % NaOH. The reduction of lignin content and hemicellulose content at this pretreatment were 7.2 % and 9.4 %, respectively. The results show that the waste has potential for methane recovery and alkaline pre-treatment by NaOH would slightly improve its biodegradability.

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  • On average, one ton of hazardous waste per person is generated annually by industries in the United States. Before the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act of 1984, hazardous wastes were improperly disposed of into the environment without any regulation. As a result, remediation of these contaminated sites and management of the ongoing hazardous waste sources are two major tasks to be achieved by treatment technologies.

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  • Landfill gas from a source of green energy, clean, renewable and can be used to create electricity, or used in the energy industry. This paper reviews the potential energy recovery landfill gas from municipal solid waste, to reducing methane emissions in particular, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions in general. In addition, this paper provides an assessment using the model of methane generated from landfill municipal solid waste and generate energy potential of gas recovered. In particular, this paper uses a life cycle assessment methods ......

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  • Each section includes chapters with interesting topics. Authors spread around the world have been resolved so we are delighted that this book represents research in promising high. Material properties are described in more creative ways for the standard components or biological materials and sources of natural materials. Commonly used materials such as glass, carbon, epoxy resin, concrete, ... described the characteristics improve or construction work. Waste materials use and recycling is the next step and it is a important way how to save resources and our environment....

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  • Today there is not a single aspect of the world that can escape the scrutiny of environmental analysis, and business activities stand at the crux of many issues. Some of the issues that today’s executives need to understand to be environmentally literate include: air, water, and land pollution; the production and disposal of hazardous wastes; solid waste disposal; chemical and nuclear spills and accidents; global warming and the greenhouse effect; ozone depletion; deforestation and desertification; biodiversity, and overpopulation.

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  • Not only the aesthetically distasteful plastic litter, but also less conspicuous small plastic pellets and granules are a threat to marine biota. The latter are found in large quantities on beaches (Gregory, 1978, 1989; Shi- ber, 1979, 1982, 1987; Redford et al., 1997), and are the raw material for the manufacture of plastic products that end up in the marine environment through acci- dental spillage during transport and handling, not as litter or waste as other forms of plastics (Gregory, 1978; Shiber, 1979; Redford et al., 1997).

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  • Environment-friendly treatment of sewage sludge has become tremendously important. Conversion ofsewage sludge into energy products by environment-friendly conversion process, with its energy recovery and environmental benefits, is being paid significant attention.

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  • The Evinox ModuSat satellite heating system has been designed to provide apartments and communal housing developments with independent fast recovery hot water and high efficiency heating. With a large range of models available, the system suits a variety of applications, from single occupancy apartments to groups of family homes. Consisting of a fast recovery hot water tank or high capacity heat exchanger, with either a hydraulic header or plate heat exchanger, pump and mixing valve set for the heating the ModuSat offers a total heating solution.

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  • The economic impact analysis and models that Computer Economics creates are based on numerous research efforts over a period of several years. Data has been obtained from more than 2000 organizations from virtually every industry sector and every major industrial country around the world. The analyst teams for these projects have been led by Michael Erbschloe, vice president of research for Computer Economics of Carlsbad, California. Mr. Erbschloe is the author of Information Warfare: How to Survive Cyber Attacks and The Executive’s Guide to Privacy Management.

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  • The second phase in the development of an effective regional partnership involves moving toward a shared strategic framework—a shared mental model—of the opportunities ahead. This phase involves exploring where the region’s most promising economic opportunities lie. The third phase of development for a leadership team tests the team’s ability to make strategic decisions together. At this stage they must effectively answer “the How” question (“How do we decide among competing alternatives for investment?”).

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  • According to Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, full economic recovery is anticipated to be reached in the state by mid-2013. The state has surpassed the national average for rate of job growth during 2012, with net growth of 37,300 jobs between September 2011 and September of 2012. Locally, the department estimated that metro Denver (including Boulder County) experienced net job growth of 34,500 positions, further driving demand for apartments.

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  • Despite its significant role in bone adaptation, its detailed structure remains elusive: light microscopy can barely detect the entire jungle at the best resolution, let alone individual fibers in the matrix surrounding the cell. Wang’s team relies on a bioimaging approach called Fluorescence recovery After Photobleaching to measure how fast a small fluorescent dye and a relatively large protein move through the pericellular matrix. The researchers record differential speeds of the large and small molecules.

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  • Method of dissolving-separating to absolute recovery nickel from wastes of nickel galvanization industrial

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