Waterway network

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  • Transportation systems of regional and national extent are composed of networks of interconnected facilities and services. It follows that nearly all transportation projects must be analyzed with due consideration for their position within a modal or intermodal network, and for their impacts on network performance. That is, the network context of a transportation project is usually very important. Thus, it is appropriate to begin a volume on transportation engineering with a chapter on national transportation networks....

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  • Throughout history, networks have served as the foundation for connecting humans to one another and their activities. Roads were laid, bridges built, and waterways crossed so that humans, be they on foot, on animal, or vehicle could traverse physical distance. The airways were conquered through flight. Communications, in turn, were conducted using the available means of the period, from smoke signals, drum beats, and pigeons, to the telegraph, telephone, and computer networks of today.

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  • The transportation system is a network of highways, trails, railroads, airports, transmission lines, pipelines, canals, and waterways set in the landscape. The goal of the transportation designer is to fit the highway or other facility into the adjacent landscape in a way that is complementary to, and enhances, the existing landscape. Achieving this goal requires consideration of natural, ecological, aesthetic, economic, and social influences related to that landscape.

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  • The quality of water is central to all of the roles that water plays in our lives. From the beauty of natural waterways teem- ing with wildlife, to the vital livelihoods that clean rivers and streams support, to the essential role that safe water plays in drinking water and health – good water quality is fundamental to the network of life and livelihood that water supports. Water is the source of life on earth, and human civilizations blossomed where there was reliable and clean freshwater.

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