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  • Tham khảo tài liệu 'chapter 13: sine wave oscillator circuits.', kỹ thuật - công nghệ, điện - điện tử phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • A new approach to the theory of hierarchic wave-oscillation dynamic systems. A set of new ideas and concepts (which the authors treat as a new version of the theory of hierarchic dynamic systems) are set forth in the article. In turn, the set of hierarchic principles is put in the methodogical basis of this theory.

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  • We have known the close connection between changing eletric fields and magnetic fields. They can create each other and form a system of electromagnetic fields.  Electromagnetic fields can propagate in the space (vacuum or material environment). We call them electromagnetic waves. They play a very important role in science and technology.

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  • The purpose of this monograph is to formulate a quantitative and self-consistent theoretical approach to wave–particle interactions occurring in space plasmas, and present a logical development of the subject. In the Earth’s magnetosphere, Nature has given us a plasma laboratory that is accessible to observations made by radio, magnetic and electric instruments on the ground, and a great variety of instruments aboard rockets and Earth-orbiting satellites. Spacecraft are making similar observations in the more distant solar system.

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  • Entrained oscillations in Ca 2+ underlie many biological pacemaking phe-nomena. In this article, we review a long-range signaling mechanism in smooth muscle that results in global outcomes of local interactions. Our results are derived from studies of the following: (a) slow-wave depolariza-tions that underlie rhythmic contractions of gastric smooth muscle;

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "The physics of vibrations and waves" has contents: Simple harmonic motion, damped simple harmonic motion, the forced oscillator, transverse wave motion, coupled oscillations, longitudinal waves, waves on transmission lines,...and other contents.

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "The physics of vibrations and waves" has contents: Waves in more than one dimension, fourier methods, waves in optical systems, interference and diffraction, wave mechanics, non linear oscillations and chaos, non linear waves, shocks and solitons.

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  • This book is concerned with Ultra-Low-Frequency (ULF)-electromagnetic waves observed on the Earth and in Space. These are so-called geomagnetic variations or pulsations. Alfv´en’s discovery related to the influence of the strong magnetic field on the conducting fluids (magnetohydrodynamics) led to development of the concept that the ULF-waves are magnetospheric magnetohydrodynamic (MHD)-waves. MHD-waves at their propagation gather information about the magnetosphere, ionosphere, and the ground. There are two applied aspects based on using the ULF electromagnetic oscillations.

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  • An ocean wave is an undulation of the sea surface. Wave crest,Wave trough,Wave height,Wave lengt,Wave period Progressive waves move across the sea surface.,Standing waves oscillate about a fixed point. Wind velocity : Wind duration, Fetch (distance over which wind blows), Simply put, wave size increases as all these factors increase.

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  • This book deals with topics in atomic and molecular structure and dynamics that are important to astronomy. Indeed, the topics selected are of central interest to the field of astronomy, many having been initiated by the needs of understanding worlds other than ours. Except for some lunar surface material returned by the Apollo missions, and material naturally delivered to us by cosmic rays, comets, and meteors, our only access to the other worlds of our astronomical Universe is through our observations of electromagnetic radiation from them.

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  • It has been a great pleasure for me to have prepared the latest edition of my book on nonlinear optics. My intrigue in the subject matter of this book is as strong as it was when the first edition was published in 1992. The principal changes present in the third edition are as follows: (1) The book has been entirely rewritten using the SI system of units. I personally prefer the elegance of the gaussian system of units, which was used in the first two editions, but I realize that most readers would prefer the SI system, and the change was made for this reason. (2) In...

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  • Interference and diffraction of light are arguments for wave charactiristics of light. We know that there are two types of wave processes: transverse & longitutional waves →to what are light waves belong ? Study of polarization of light makes clear that This conclusion is in according to the concept that light waves are electromagnetic waves with a definte band of frequencies. Recall that electromagnetic waves are transervse waves in which e-vectors & m-vectors oscillate in such follwing directions...

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  • Nano, a word derived from the Greek wordνανoς(nanos, which translated denotes “dwarf”), is nowadays a synonym for a whole research area—the nanosciences. One area within this huge research field is nano-optics, where the response of a nanoparticle to an incoming light wave is investigated. In detail, nanoparticles made of noble metals evoke a special interest, since these particles show a strong response to the incoming light wave.

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