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  • If you have an English teacher, ask her to help you understand Word Stress. Try to hear the stress in words each time you listen to English – on the radio, or in films for example. Your first step is to “hear” and recorgnise it. After that, you can “use” it! (Điều này xảy ra trong tất cả các từ có 2 vần trở lên ... Các vần không nhấn thì gọi là ‘yếu’ hay ‘nhẹ’. Người bản ngữ nói tiếng Anh lắng nghe các vần được nhấn chứ họ không để ý nghe những vần ‘yếu’. Nếu bạn sử...

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  • . We wanted to incorporate the latest research in language acquisition and cognitive science; we wanted to create a "brain-friendly" environment for the students and a "teacher-friendly" format for the instructor. We wanted to continually demonstrate to the teachers and stu dents how far they had come and how far they had to go.

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  • Third generation (3G) networks aim to merge two of the most successful paradigms in communications: cellular networks and the Internet. The IP (Internet Protocol) Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) is the key element in the 3G architecture that makes it possible to provide ubiquitous cellular access to all the services that the Internet provides. Picture yourself accessing your favorite web pages, reading your email, watching a movie, or taking part in a videoconference wherever you are by simply pulling a 3G hand-held device out of your pocket. This is the IMS vision....

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  • Leo Excuse me, Justine? Ms. White, from Room 311, would like to speak to you. Justine: Certainly. How can I help you, Ms. White? Mona : My father is missing. Your receptionist lost him. We were at the festival and I'm sure he's dead! Justine: I can see this is very serious. May I suggest you come to my office? Mona: I don't want to go anywhere. I want to find my father. He's been missing for hours! Justine: It must be very upsetting for you, Ms. White.

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  • Let's not expect gratitude. Then, if we get some occasionally, it will come as a delightful surprise. If we don't get it, we won't be disturbed. Here is the first point I am trying to make in this chapter: It is natural for people to forget to be grateful; so, if we go around expecting gratitude, we are headed straight for a lot of heartaches. I know a woman in New York who is always complaining because she is lonely. Not one of her relatives wants to go near her-and no wonder. If you visit her, she will tell...

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  • While these fi gures show that engagement priorities are shifting, marketers also understand the importance of integrating communications across all of these channels—not managing each independently—to deliver a more consistent and personalised buying experience to consumers. “Our go-to-market strategy is to win wherever people shop,” says Alex Tosolini, vice-president of global e-business at Procter & Gamble (P&G). “As more people move their shopping habits online, we want to be present when and where they want to make a purchase.

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  • Now that you know your IQ score, your Intelligence Type and your rank along the four intelligence scales (Mathematical, VisualSpatial, Linguistic and Logical), we thought you might want to go back and see how you answered various questions. People often waver on at least a couple of questions, so we've provided the full set of questions along with the answer key.

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  • Introduction Acknowledgments Lesson 1. So You're Going to Manage a Project? The Elements of a Project Project Planning Implementation Control Possible Project Players Lesson 2. What Makes a Good Project Manager? A Doer, not a Bystander Many Hats All the Time Principles To Steer You Seven Ways to Succeed as a Project Manager Seven Ways to Fail as a Project Manager Lesson 3.

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  • Introduction It is Imperative We Master Our Minds so We Can Design Our Destiny in these Turbulent and Evolutionary Times There was once a professor who wanted to go down a river, so he approached a local boatman who agreed to row him downstream for a small sum of money. As they wound their way down the river, the professor decides to show off his intelligence and high education so he started to test the simple boatman.

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  • [I Want to Start at the Start] [I Want to Go Straight to Hacking] INTRODUCTION: A little background is needed before we get into hacking techniques. When we talk about ‘Hacking’

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  • A / Aims and objectives : At the end of the lesson , Ss will be able to enhance reading skill through Ordering and Answering questions exercises . B / Teaching aids : textbook , demonstrated posters and pictures about a space trip . C / Procedure : 7 min I / Warm up : Question and answer - Ask Ss questions about space trip . 1. Have you ever heard of a space trip ? 2. What do you go there for ? 3. What should we have to prepare if we want to take a trip to the...

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  • Most of us, at one time or another, want to collect more useful data and make better decisions. When we make mistakes, we promise ourselves to "pay more attention to what is going on" or "consider all the factors before making a decision." But the truth is, we may not know how to pay more attention to what is going on, and we have little idea how to consider all the factors before making a decision. The purpose of this book is to provide you with activities FUNCTIONS OF TYPE that you can use to strengthen your mental data-collection and decision-making skills.

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  • Today, life is more and more busy. We always want to find ways to be able to do more work in a day. With the development of the internet, life is provided more new helpful things. One of the advantages that the Internet brings is the shopping online. Our discussion is going to learn advantages and disadvantages of shopping online.

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  • 18 The past perfect A Introduction I felt really tired when I took the train to work yesterday because Sarah and 1 had been to a party the evening before. We hadn't gone to bed until after one. I hadn't been on the train long when I had a bit of a shock. I suddenly realized that I'd left my wallet at home. Then I began to wonder. Had I left it in the office the day before? I just couldn't remember. I wanted to go back to bed. I felt awful. The situation is in the past (I took the train...

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  • CHORUS:Oh baby I'm missing you We used to love so strong Tell me where did we go wrong Oh baby I'm missing you They say I'll learn to forget But It sure ain't happen yet Been checking up the places where we used to go Been looking for your faces out of the crowd I've been talking to the people that we used to know But nobody wants to say where you're right now

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  • The material for thle volume hae been gathered from many sources and we want to thank Che dealers and orlglnacors whose Items appear in this book. All effects and manuscripts remain the property of the contributors, originators and dealers who reserve all commercial rights to their lcems. We have made no attempt to run down credits other than those which accompanied the original manuscripts. Special thanks must go to Louis Tannen, Inc., Nelson Enterprises, Regw's House of Enchantment and Magictrix House of Magic for their contributions to this volume.

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  • Quite a controversial title I hear you say :) We know some of the larger subliminal messaging companies are not going to be happy about us publishing the information in this eBook. The hype, and the exaggeration of what is possible with subliminal messages is quite good for business. However, we want to give you the truth about subliminal messages, without the fairy icing, without the Hollywood spin, without the corporate sales pitch. We want you to approach subliminal messaging with a strong knowledge of what it is, and what exactly is and isn't possible. With this knowledge we believe...

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  • Drawing cartoon food, like so many other drawings, can be simplified to just four steps that make learning simple for new artists. Your cartoon food can take on just about any form and make your mouth water in the process, but today, we'll draw a tasty hamburger, using some of the most basic elements and shapes that we've reviewed in some of the previous lessons. Step 1 - The Top Bun Okay, so McDonald's starts with the bottom bun, and in essence, we are going backwards, but if you want to make the process simple so that you can...

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  • Why we need to communicate to help and what is the communication task, why we need to communicate to help and what is the communication task, what we want them to remember, what we are going to say to them,... to help you answer the questions above, you are invited to consult the document content "What if there is a contraception method: A digital strategy to get the adult". Invite you to consult.

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  • Insurance Websites - 3 Strategic Pillars Fundamental To Success By: Jason Hornung – President Jason Hornung Agency, Inc. I’ve discovered 3 strategic pillars that are fundamental to the success of anyone who wants to market online. But before I get into those, you should know that the assumption here is that you already understand that having insurance websites are essential… I’m NOT going to be talking about building a website here today – what I have to share with you is far more advanced than that. Ok, now that we have that disclaimer out of the way, let’s talk about the...

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