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  • Any book coming from Weight Watchers is a team effort, and She Loses, He Loses: The Truth about Men,Women, and Weight Loss is no exception. This book compiles the insights, feedback, experiences, and science from dozens of sources, including a number of Weight Watchers leaders and Weight Watchers CEO Linda Huett.The credit for putting it all together in such a masterful and creative way goes to Jodie Shield, who is an MED, RD, and writer extraordinaire.

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  • We show that using confidence-weighted classification in transition-based parsing gives results comparable to using SVMs with faster training and parsing time. We also compare with other online learning algorithms and investigate the effect of pruning features when using confidenceweighted classification.

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  • Looks like a pretty easy weight loss fitness program doesn't it? Well the key here is intensity. For example in this weight loss fitness program start waling slowly at the beginning of your exercise for abut 30 seconds and the walk faster for 30 seconds and then faster for 30 seconds again and then an all out power walk for 1 minute and then repeat sequence again and again until your time is up. If you feel that you could have done better on this weight loss fitness program then increase the intensity of the workout by either walking faster...

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  • A reduced water supply can be tolerated by a number of species of desert-adapted animals and under these conditions its use becomes more efficient. Efficiency of use and dehydration tolerance vary among species. Among domestic animals kept under the same conditions, cattle lose water three times faster than camels (equivalent to 6.1% of body weight per day at day/night temperatures of 40°C/25°C) and sheep two to two and a half times faster (4 to 5% of body weight).

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  • Chapter 7 Forces at work includes about tools and machines (How can a push help you lift something? What makes work easier? What is a tool?), gravity (Does one fall faster?Does one fall faster? What is gravity? What is weight?), magnets push, magnets pull; sound.

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