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  • The current paper examines the journal entries and class discussions of 12 pre-service teachers who were enrolled on a writing methods course that I have been teaching as part of an ESL teacher preparation program for the last 5 years. Students take this three credit course as an elective toward a master’s program in Instructional Systems Development with concentration on ESL/Bilingual Education. The program consists of 36 hours on ESL methodologies, cross-cultural communication, second language acquisition, assessment and evaluation and instructional systems design.

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  • Though there may be some controversy about the relative importance of financial incentives in explaining trends in retirement in the U.S., the larger part of the European studies appear to more conclusive 1 . Most European studies point at strong incentive effects from Social Security and Early Retirement schemes. This may be due to the strong disincentive effects that characterise most of these European systems....

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  • Then work backwards on the overall margins to see what the range will need to be for your product to be competitive in the end market and pay for all the value chain functions between you and the consumer. Price margin examples have been provided for handicraft items, but note that other product lines – food, personal care products, etc. many have different margins. Shipping and warehouse costs tend to be consistent across products, since space is space for these functions. The exception is when climate controlled (e.g.

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  • Savings banks are a legacy of pre-independence times. In most countries, they predated commercial banks in laying the groundwork for a modern banking system. In those days, they were established to encourage the monetisation of local economies by mobilising indigenous savings in the form of deposits. However, the model of postal savings banks was preferred to that of ordinary savings banks that have the same philosophy.

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  • this report showcases smart marketing strategies from clean energy programs and solar marketers from across the country that address how to overcome the barriers faced by solar technology markets and serves as a guide for states in pursuing their own market planning process. While there has been a major increase in solar photovoltaic (pV) installations in recent years, the total amount of solar power installed nonetheless represents less than 0.1% of u.s. energy production.

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  • Alongside cohesion policy, the Connecting Europe Facility5 will be one of the EU's most obvious contributions to cutting through these obstacles by stimulating infrastructure. 2013 should see the facility up and running and key choices made on targeting. It should also see project bonds being rolled out to help harness private sector investment. This will go hand in hand with consolidating regulation.

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  • The total annual amount invested by Business Angels in Germany is estimated to be between EUR 100m and up to EUR 300m. 7 The amounts invested per individual investee company vary significantly. Often, amounts between EUR 50k and EUR 100k are mentioned as average, however, during the financial crisis these amounts went down significantly (see also text box 2 on the Business Angel Panel below).

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  • Despite the dramatic decline in the number of reported cases of tuberculosis (TB) in New York City, many New Yorkers remain at high risk for developing active tuberculosis disease, once infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Groups at especially high risk include contacts of persons with active tuberculosis, HIV-infected persons, individuals with certain predisposing medical conditions, and recent immigrants from countries with high rates of TB.

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  • The presence of the financial safety net can affect the behaviour of bank stock prices. Explicit provisions such as deposit insurance and the access to liquidity facilities by the central bank, as well as the perceived availability of state support in times of distress, can affect market discipline by numbing creditors’ sensitivity to risk-taking by banks.

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  • Children are more vulnerable to airborne pollutants and they are often more susceptible to the health effects of air pollution because their immune systems and organs are still developing and thus immature. This Air Pollution Toolkit will attempt to help teachers, educators and campaigners in helping children increase their understanding of air pollution and the ways it affects their health, family and community. Some materials in this toolkit are compiled from various sources and redesigned to suit the local context in Nepal.

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  • Those responsible for the business perspective take bold views of the importance of these questions. They believe that the answers represent the bottom line for the organization and should strongly influence project decisions. However, the business view doesn’t mean that all projects must be slaves to revenue. Instead, it evaluates projects based on their contributions to the business strategy. For example, a strategic project might be essential to the organization but never generate any revenue....

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  • Head nodes are used to host applications that may not typically be thought of as part of database management systems. Head nodes extend the functional capabilities of the DBMS to include sophisticated and specialized software capabilities that might otherwise be beyond the domain of commodity DBMS features. Examples are Web application servers and business intelligence solutions. Head nodes are often implemented using discrete hardware and operating system configurations (for example, an Intel processor running Windows XP).

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  • Tham khảo sách 'sustainable procurement guidelines for office it equipment', giáo dục - đào tạo, cao đẳng - đại học phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • The purpose of this technical note is to provide health professionals in United Nations agencies, non- governmental organizations, donor agencies and local authorities working with populations affected by emergencies with up-to-date technical guidance on the major communicable disease threats faced by the cyclone-affected population in Myanmar. The endemic and epidemic-prone diseases indicated have been selected on the basis of the burden of morbidity, mortality and epidemic potential in the area, as previously documented by WHO.

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  • This is the basic reason why the doctrine of "social responsibility" involves the acceptance of the socialist view that political mechanisms, not market mechanisms, are the appropriate way to determine the allocation of scarce resources to alternative uses. On the grounds of consequences, can the corporate executive in fact discharge his alleged "social responsibilities"? On the one hand, suppose he could get away with spending the stockholders' or customers' or employees' money. How is he to know how to spend it? He is told that he must contribute to fighting inflation.

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  • Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems continuously mea- sure air pressure inside all tires of passenger cars, trucks, and multipurpose passenger vehicles, and alert drivers if any tire is signicantly underinated. While both direct and indirect measurement technologies exist, only direct measurement has the measurement sensitivity required by the TREAD Act and is thus the only one in produc- tion. A direct measurement system uses battery-powered pressure sensors inside each tire to measure tire pres- sure and can typically detect any loss greater than 1.45 psi [40].

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  • In [2], the problem of discovering sequential patterns over large databases of customer transactions is considered. The proposed algorithms generate a data sequence for each customer from the database and search on this set of se- quences for a frequent sequential pattern. For example, the algorithms can discover that customers typically rent “Star Wars,” then “Empire Strikes Back,” and then “Return of the Jedi.

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  • We begin with the simplifying assumption that the individual has only one opportunity to enter business school at period t = k. 23 We further focus attention on full-time students. At t = k−1, an individual chooses whether or not to enter business school in the next period k. There is a cost to attending business school, ci + ηik, which is assumed to be observed by the individual at the time of the decision. The first term, ci, denotes the individual-specific costs that can be measured by the econometrician (i.e.

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  • As the global leader in pool and spa equipment, Pentair has made a strong commitment to develop and offer the most environmentally responsible products available. The Eco Select brand is the keystone of this green program to meet the dual objectives of a growing number of pool owners—to save money and make more eco-friendly choices. It starts with product development. We have dedicated senior staff whose sole mission is to assure that new and re-engineered products are the most eco-friendly and economically attractive on the market.

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  • • Repetition of information is a condition in a relational database where the values of one attribute are determined by the values of another attribute in the same relation, and both values are repeated throughout the relation. This is a bad relational database design because it increases the storage re- quired for the relation and it makes updating the relation more difficult. • Inability to represent information is a condition where a relationship exists among only a proper subset of the attributes in a relation.

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