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  • There is a great deal of confusion regarding exactly what supply chain management (SCM) involves. In fact, most people using the name supply chain management treat it as a synonym for logistics or as logistics that includes customers and suppliers. However, successful SCM requires crossfunctional integration of key business processes within the firm and across the network of firms that comprise the supply chain. The challenge is to determine how to successfully accomplish this integration.

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  • The first and most fundamental role of the economy is to make goods and services accessible to the populace. Human beings have inherent needs and wants and the ability to satisfy those needs and wants through financial might is what we would normally term as “standard of living.” While any high school economics teacher will point out that “standard of living” is not necessarily synonymous with “quality of life” - a concept that can bring together many non-economic factors such as happiness or feelings of acceptance with society – it can not be disputed that a person who is...

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  • The terms learning outcomes, or outcomes-based education, are often used synonymously with CBE. However, “competencies” often carries with it a broader, more conceptual connotation of what the learner is able to do as a result of the education whereas “outcomes” is often used in reference to the performance on exams and other metrics that document the learning that has taken place.. “Learning objective” is another term that has some overlap with “competency.

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  • Can you spare 15 minutes a day for 30 days? If so, Junior Skill Builders: Reading in 15 Minutes a Day can help you improve your reading comprehension skills. Just what is reading comprehension? Here’s a clue: Understanding is a synonym for comprehension. So, as I’m sure you figured out, reading comprehension means, “understanding what you read.”

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  • "Word-Nerd," Brian P. Cleary and highly-acclaimed illustrator, Brian Gable collaborate to clarify the concept of synonyms for young readers with playful, lively, and whimsical rhymes and humorous, comical, and amusing illustrations. For easy identification, synonyms are printed in color, and key words are illustrated on each page. This funny, best-selling series shows, not tells, each part of speech.

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  • Synonym: A word thator has the samse me nearly the as meaning a d another work

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