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  • First off, let me state the object of the meeting: This is to be a record of sundry experiences centering round a stern resolve to get on the waterwagon and a sterner attempt to stay there. It is an entirely personal narrative of a strictly personal set of circumstances. It is not a temperance lecture, or a temperance tract, or a chunk of advice, or a shuddering recital of the woes of a horrible example, or a warning, or an admonition--or anything at all but a plain tale of an adventure that started out rather vaguely and wound up rather satisfactorily. I am no brand...

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  • Dialogue 2 Gillian finds Lauren in the canteen at work and sits down next to her. LAUREN: GILLIAN: LAUREN: GILLIAN: LAUREN: GILLIAN: LAUREN: GILLIAN: LAUREN: GILLIAN: Hello, Gillian. Aren’t you having lunch? No – I just wanted to ask: have you seen James today? No, I don’t think so. Why? I need to talk to him quite urgently about something. If you see him, will you tell him to phone me? I’ll certainly tell him if I see him. But listen . . . why don’t you phone him yourself on his mobile? If I knew his mobile number, I would....

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  • I never thought I would discover something quite so amazing by accident. I was a chemist at the Amos cosmetics factory in New Jersey, USA, trying to design a new perfume when it happened. 1 was trying out all the usual mix of flowers and things — just like I always did — when I decided to throw in a piece nl the fruitcake Momma had packed for my lunch. I don't к now why I did it — I just did.

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  • When I decided to write this book, I was not fully aware of the reason why I was doing so. During the entire year spent in writing it, however, I had the opportunity to reflect upon its benefits for my professional maturity. First of all, this book has enabled me to write a sort of balance sheet of the first decade I have devoted to the study of corporate taxation. Quite surprisingly I have realized that there has been at least a minimum of coherence in my research.

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  • This chapter sets out to define some of the different disciplines used by PR consultancies. Fortunately, the following transcript of a PR job interview is not exactly typical of what would-be executives can expect! However, an interview is often educational, so read on for a verbal walk through the world of PR.... Interviewer (I): Welcome to Voice Consultancy Applicant (A): I: A: Good morning. It’s very nice to meet you. So, why are you interested in PR? I’m quite a sociable person, and think I may have the right communication skills for the job. Right. I hope you don’t think...

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  • There are a lot of books about designing and buildingWeb pages, so thank you for picking up this one. Why do I think it is different?Well, theWeb has been around for quite a few years now, and during its life several technologies have been introduced to help you create Web pages, some of which have lasted, others of which have disappeared. Indeed, even enduring technologies such as HTML have had features added and removed over the years.

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  • The germ of this book was planted more than two decades ago in my efforts to explain economic theory to myself. But why write a book, for myself or anyone else, trying to explain economic theory rather than proposing a concrete solution to one of the world’s many urgent problems, such as how to alleviate income inequality or do something about global warming? Because I had grown tired of listening to heated arguments that always seemed to disagree for reasons I could never quite identify. Economics textbooks usually suggested doing nothing.

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  • When Claus-Dieter Ehlermann asked me in late December 2004 whether I would be willing to contribute to the 10th Annual Competition Law and Policy Workshop, I was not quite sure whether he was about to offer me a Christmas gift or another Dardanians’ present. 1 After all, the relationship between the protection of intellectual property and the maintenance of free competition is the subject of an age-old debate2 to which I had already con- tributed too much, with too little impact.

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  • To paraphrase a good friend of mine in the public relations business, “Why this book? Why now?” It’s a fair question to ask when you consider that there are so many investment-related books available, and some of them are quite good, even invaluable. So, yet another book about investing had better have something to contribute to the discussion. I believe this book does for several reasons.

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  • I got my start with HBase in the fall of 2008. It was a young project then, released only in the preceding year. As early releases go, it was quite capable, although not without its fair share of embarrassing warts. Not bad for an Apache subproject with fewer than 10 active committers to its name! That was the height of the NoSQL hype. The term NoSQL hadn’t even been presented yet but would come into common parlance over the next year. No one could articulate why the idea was important—only that it was important— and everyone in the open source data community was obsessed with this...

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  • So what is user experience (UX) anyway? You might think it would be a relatively easy term to define; however, when I reflected on the evolution of UX, it was quite a difficult task. Why? UX covers a broad range of interactions a person can have with a business, and in an increasingly connected world, the lines are blurring between the digital and nondigital spheres.

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  • Ted Williams said it best: “If you can’t hit Major League stuff, you’ll never make it (in the Bigs). That’s why many dads quit baseball and start playing golf.”1 He nailed me like a fastball in his .400 red spot. Yeah, sure, I played baseball. I played from Midget Leagues through high school to American Legion ball, but I wasn’t very good. You’ve heard it before, “good glove, no stick.” I played every position except first base and catcher. When I pitched, the grounds crew would run out and rake the warning track between innings. While playing briefly for the U.S.

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  • In many cases your ideas can come from your own life and experiences. One of my favorite pieces of my own work is the paper I wrote on \A Model of Sales". I had decided to get a new TV so I followed the ads in the newspaper to get an idea of how much it would cost. I noticed that the prices uctuated quite a bit from week to week. It occurred to me that the challenge to economics was not why the prices were sometimes low (i.e., during sales) but why they were ever high. Who would be so foolish as to buy...

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  • Drawings of roses can represent quite a lot in a tattoo. While tattoos are usually very personal, there are a few recurring themes or symbols that are universal. Rose drawings in Western culture are the symbol of pure love, much like lotus drawings are in the East. The specific color of the rose, like most flowers, will change its meaning; however, in most tattoos you will see the rose depicted as red. While I am not a professional tattoo artist and can only speculate at best why a specific color or image is used in each tattoo, I can...

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