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  • The state of a normal or diseased cell is determined by external signals and by its intrinsic gene expression pat- tern. Transcription factors (TFs) are major regulators of gene expression, typically controlling more than one gene and acting in concert. Such TF-gene interactions can be described as networks, which are crucial to understand hierarchies of gene expression regulation. The identifica- tion of TF binding sites (TFBSs) in genomic DNA sequences has played an important role in predicting tran- scriptional networks.

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  • The main audiences and stakeholders who must be engaged for programs to be effective in changing food marketing to children reflect the societal sectors most closely associated with food, marketing, and health: The food and beverage industry could take several actions to address its role in the childhood obesity epidemic. First, food and beverage marketers should take steps to avoid using promotional tactics that attract children to unhealthy eating. The industry should research and adopt a code ...

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  • Pesticides are divided to insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, rodenticides, acaricides and nematocides according to the organisms that they affect. There are various forms of insecticides; most are repellants or insect growth regulators used in agriculture, public health, horticulture or food storage. It is evident that insecticides have been used to boost food production to a considerable extent and to control disease vectors.

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  • This study was launched as a response to the challenges, presented in the Forest Action Plan and implementation of the key action for valuation and compensation for non-market forest goods and services. The study aims to acquire summarised information on the state-of the-art in classification, characterisation and valuation of non-market forest goods and services.

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  • The current system the IDB is using to measure the success and impact of fund projects, beneficiary evaluations, is really inadequate. What is needed instead is ex ante data on the condition or the availability of the kind of infrastructure that is going to be built. That needs to be in the fund application so that ex post the Bank can see the improvement in the infrastructure made by the fund operation to measure its impact on improved living conditions in the local community.

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  • The rapid adoption of the Internet and computing technologies by all sectors of modern society has made them an indispensable part of our daily work and life. Access to these resources is taken for granted by public agencies providing services to the community, by those who conduct business and commerce, and by those who use them to stay current on public affairs and in touch with their families and friends on a daily basis.

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  • A Fund may engage in securities lending pursuant to the terms of an agreement which includes restrictions as set out in Canadian securities legislation. Collateral held is government Treasury Bills and qualified Notes. Income from securities lending is included in the Statement of Operations and is recognized when earned. The securities on loan continue to be displayed in the Statement of Investment Portfolio. The market value of the securities loaned and collateral held is determined daily.

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  • Reducing Poverty and Improving the Environment and Citizen Health in Brazil Favelas (slums) are a primary feature of urban development in Brazil. These informal settlements often occupy environmentally precarious areas such as steep hillsides and riverbanks, and usually lack key infrastructure, in particular sanitation and sewerage systems. This has resulted in increased rates of disease and mortality. Brazil has, however, made significant steps in addressing the problems which beset the favelas.

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  • Private non commercial arrangements, such as mutuals, go back a few hundreds of years, or more, in several OECD countries, pre-dating many public health coverage or social insurance programmes. Many of the countries where private health insurance has a prominent role – for example, the United States, Australia, Ireland, the Netherlands, France – have some tradition of private financing and private provision of health services.

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  • EU AIFMs marketing non-EU AIFs to EU investors will have to comply with almost all obligations under the AIFM Directive from 2013 onward, but will not benefit from the EU passport before the implementation of the passport for non-EU AIFs (expected in 2015). In addition to national PPR rules, the non-EU AIF’s jurisdiction will need to meet new requirements (on cooperation arrangements and anti-money laundering and terrorist financing) for the AIF to be marketed in the EU.

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  • Notions of Inter-Viewing, viewing into, and viewing ourselves occupy the center of this publication. Kathleen Biddick opens the work of the medievalist on a note of enjoyment, including the capacity to incite curiosity and wonder. On the basis of an interview with Madeline Caviness, Biddick shows the person, the career, and the writing of Caviness in terms of “shattering,” “grafting,” and “queer performance.” One circle of essays considers a self-conscious assessment of critical theorizing.

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  • In this section, the scope and character of holdings in the HathiTrust Digital Library and ReCAP print repository are examined with a view to their potential value in a shared service environment. We first consider the range of holdings in the HathiTrust Digital Library, on the premise that the vast and still expanding scope of the mass-digitized corpus will be a key driver in the transformation of academic library collections and services.

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  • This report was prepared by a team led by Kathy MacKinnon (TTL), assisted by Valerie Hickey and Junu Shrestha (Biodiversity Team, ENV) with substantial material on adaptation in LAC from Walter Vergara, and contributions from Marjory‐Anne Bromhead, Christophe Crepin, Karsten Ferrugiel and Gayatri Kanungo (AFR); Emilia Battaglini, Maurizio Guadagni and Karin Shepardson (ECA); Joe Leitmann and Tony Whitten (EAP); Enos Esikuri, Marea Hatziolos, Claudia Sobrevila and Klas Sander (ENV); Gunars Platais, Adriana Moreira, Stefano Pagiola, Juan Pablo Ruiz, and Jocelyne Albert (LAC); Kanta Kumari R...

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  • These curriculum materials explore the cultural and artistic life in Pompeii and other towns around the Bay of Naples in the centuries leading up to the eruption of Vesuvius in the year 79. Two works of art, the mosaic Plato’s Academy (1st century BC–1st century AD) and the fresco Garden Scene (1st century BC–1st century AD), are examples of the embellishments applied to the gardens and interiors of Pompeian villas. A marble sculpture of the goddess Aphrodite from the early first century reflects the Roman interest in Greek mythology, art forms, and styles.

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  • Training camps of one-day duration on ‘Farmers Training on Economic Dairy Farm Management’ were held between 6 December 2001 and 30 June 2002. The numbers of farmers participating were 545 from Mymensingh, 400 from Khulna-Satkhira, 395 from Sirajgong-Pabna and 396 from Chittagong. The training was completed in 49 batches, with individual batches comprising 30–40 farmers. The farmers were introduced to the project objectives, work plan and expected outcome.

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  • It is important to understand at the outset the natural hydrochemical conditions that exist in aquifer systems, as these provide the necessary baseline from which quality changes caused by human impacts can be determined. The natural hydrochemical conditions may also affect the behaviour of some pollutants. Because groundwater movement is typically slow and residence times long, there is potential for interaction between the water and the rock material through which it passes.

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  • The question is how to translate the theoretical arguments of Keynes and Tirole into a policy that influences (but not rigidly determine) the long-term interest rate. Keynes’s prescription was that the government should gear its issuance policy to defining an upward-sloping floor for the risk-free yield curve. As will be noted below, the specific proposal of Keynes in 1945 was for a tap issue of both 5-year and 10-year bonds at fixed rates. How to do this in present-day terms? To provide the required insulation from inflation shocks, inflation-linked debt would be best.

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  • Seismic – At the Weyburn Field, multi-component 3-D surface seismic time-lapse surveys were conducted at intervals of approximately 12 months, starting prior to the commencement of CO2 injection in 2000, and repeated in 2001 and 2002. The resultant time-lapse images (primarily seismic amplitude changes) acquired at Weyburn clearly map the spread of CO2 over time within the reservoir, fulfilling a key objective set at the outset of the project.

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  • Event-driven programming is a popular model for writing programs for tiny embedded systems and sensor network nodes. While event-driven programming can keep the memory overhead down, it enforces a state machine programming style which makes many programs difcult to write, maintain, and debug. We present a novel programming abstraction called protothreads that makes it possible to write eventdriven programs in a thread-like style, with a memory overhead of only two bytes per protothread.

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  • The listener receives client connections and evaluates against a set of rules whether to deny or allow access. If it allows access, the listener forwards a request to a gateway process, selecting the one with the fewest connections. The CMGW process, in turn, forwards the request to another Oracle Connection Manager or directly to the database server, relaying data until the connection terminates. If a connection to the server already exists, the gateway multiplexes, or funnels, its connections through the existing connection.

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