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  • The second edition of theWind Energy Handbook seeks to reflect the evolution of design rules and the principal innovations in the technology that have taken place in the ten years since the first edition was published. A major new direction in wind energy development in this period has been the expansion offshore and so the opportunity has been taken to add a new chapter on offshore wind turbines and wind farms.

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  • As environmental concerns have focused attention on the generation of electricity from clean and renewable sources wind energy has become the world's fastest growing energy source. The Wind Energy Handbook draws on the authors' collective industrial and academic experience to highlight the interdisciplinary nature of wind energy research and provide a comprehensive treatment of wind energy for electricity generation.

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  • During the last two decades, increase in electricity demand and environmental concern resulted in fast growth of power production from renewable sources. Wind power is one of the most efficient alternatives. Due to rapid development of wind turbine technology and increasing size of wind farms, wind power plays a significant part in the power production in some countries.

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  • This article presents a highly important and detailed techno-economic analysis of a grid-connected wind farm, considered as one of the most potential location in the south of Albania, part of Tepelena region, Mamaj village. The procedure of selection of the wind turbine type is performed by evaluating the maximum Capacity Factor (CF) among 15 different types of wind turbines applied using WAsP energy tool enabling the optimization of energy system while economic analysis uses a Monte Carlo simulation well designed on RETScreen Expert tool.

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  • Wind power generation is considered as the most economic viable alternative within the portfolio of renewable energy resources. Among their advantages are the large number of potential sites for erection and the rapidly evolving technology with many suppliers offering from the individual turbine set to even turnkey projects. The disadvantages of wind energy include high capital costs and lack of controllability on the discontinuous or intermittent resource.

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  • Humanity is facing several critical global challenges at the beginning of the 21st century. One of which includes the quest for alternative energy resources that mitigate the dependence on fossil fuels. Whereas fossil fuels are available in situ at all times, the utilisation of renewal energies has to cope with large temporal fl uctuations ranging from seconds to seasons.

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