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  • The automotive industry in India was heavily regulated until the 1970s. The automotive firms were obliged to obtain licenses from the Indian government for various firm activities. The 1980s witnessed some relaxation in the regulations and the entry of Japanese firms. In the early 1990s, India undertook historic economic reforms under which the automotive industry was liberalised. Various government interventions in the form of policies, existing at various points of time, have influenced the development of India’s automotive industry over these phases. ...

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  • Between the consumer and the agricultural production, the food processing industry and the retailing sector tries to adjust to changed consumer demands and the opportunities and restrictions from the changes in agricultural sector. New techniques offer great opportunities for those who adapt them timely while others will be forced out of business due to the increased competition. The retailing sector is in the middle of a structural revolution.

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  • Visually inspect the beer. Give your nose a rest, and score the appearance of the beer. Tilt the cup, and examine it through backlighting. For darker beers, it may be necessary to use a small flashlight to adequately illuminate the beer. Examine the beer’s color, clarity, and head (retention, color, and texture). Write comments about the degree to which the color, clarity, and head are appropriate for the intended style and record a score. Score the beer for appearance, allocating a maximum of one point for each of these characteristics. ...

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  • The lead director position was created as a compromise between having a board with no leader of its independent directors and mandating that every company have a nonexecutive chairman. So far, the most important contributions of lead directors have come not from the duties mandated by stock exchange requirements, but from the responsibilities that lead directors in fact have undertaken for their companies as the de facto leaders of the independent board members.

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  • WBTi is a monitoring and evaluation tool initiated in Asia which uses the methodology and philosophy of Global Participatory Action Research (GLOPAR)1993 developed by the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA) to track targets set by the Innocenti Declaration of 1990. WBTi has also adopted the WHO (2003) monitoring and evaluation tool on Infant and Young Child Feeding for assessing national practices, policies and programmes.

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  • The phases of the project cycle can be described as follows: À During the Programming phase, the situation at national and sectoral level is analysed to identify problems, constraints and opportunities which development cooperation could address. This involves a review of socio-economic indicators, and of national and donor priorities. The purpose is to identify and agree the main objectives and sectoral priorities for development cooperation, and thus to provide a relevant and feasible programming framework within which projects can be identified and prepared.

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  • Published results from the UKPDS were included in this review if they specifically reported results on the relationship between HbA1c and microvascular and/or macrovascular complications. One prospective observational study28 was identified which analysed the UKPDS glucose control results in terms of both macrovascular and microvascular complications. A meta-analysis29 was also identified which assessed the association between glycosylated haemoglobin and cardiovascular (CV) disease in people with diabetes. This included an analysis of 10 studies specifically of people with Type 2 diabetes.

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  • An examination of their contents shows them to be equally foreign to present day ideas as to the desirable characteristics for children's literature.

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  • Distribution Services. Paramount is responsible for the worldwide distribution in the media mentioned above of all of our animated feature films, but may engage one or more sub-distributors and service providers in those territories and media in which Paramount subdistributes all or substantially all of its motion pictures, subject to our prior written approval. Our grant of distribution rights to Paramount is expressly subject to certain existing subdistribution and license agreements previously entered into by Old DreamWorks Studios.

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  • of food. Eggs are laid outside in simple nests and are mainly used to maintain chicken numbers. In many cases, up to 75% of the eggs have to be hatched because the mortality rate among baby chicks is high. Few eggs remain for consumption and the chickens themselves do not give much meat. The advantages of this system are that little labour is needed and waste food can be used efficiently. Very low costs can offset low pro- duction levels so that keeping chickens around the house can be prof- itable if certain improvements are made. ...

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  • The risks to global value chains emerge not only from the decline in international trade, but also from key suppliers facing bankruptcy, and from firms re-considering their investment strategies and retrenching to core markets. Protectionist policies could exacerbate these risks. It would increase the input costs for domestic industries and would penalise exporters twice, through higher costs and through retaliation from other countries.

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  • Good availability of bank credit and informal capital can partially but not fully substitute for underdeveloped equity markets. New Zealand’s banking sector has been growing since 1990 in line with growth in Australia and Denmark. Informal capital markets are also larger than in most OECD countries relative to GDP. International Linkages While New Zealand’s economy has low formal barriers to trade, its share of external trade (relative to GDP) is well below that of similar-sized, high-performing OECD countries.

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  • The Government of Indonesia announced the Master Plan for the Acceleration and Expansion of Indonesia’s Economic Development (MP3EI) in May 2011. The MP3EI reiterated the national government’s intention to use the public private partnership (PPP) model one of the key ways to finance Indonesia’s economic development. Prior to this, the use of PPPs gained momentum at the start of the National Medium Term Development Plan (RPJPM) 20102014 as PPP was expected to fill the financing gap for the infrastructure plans contained within this blueprint.

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  • The Memory Manager is responsible for the TOE memory pool. The memory pool is used to supply the TOE with its memory while it is executing. Almost all data structures that use memory in the TOE are allocated in the memory pool. The memory pool also provides resources for transaction logging and data buffers. The immediate environment of the TOE comprises: The Windows 2008 Server Enterprise Edition Operating System, which hosts the TOE. As the TOE is a software only TOE it lives as a process in the Operating System (OS) and uses the resources of the...

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  • Hidden malicious circuits provide an attacker with a stealthy attack vector. As they occupy a layer below the entire software stack, malicious circuits can bypass tra- ditional defensive techniques. Yet current work on trojan circuits considers only simple attacks against the hard- ware itself, and straightforward defenses. More complex designs that attack the software are unexplored, as are the countermeasures an attacker may take to bypass pro- posed defenses. We present the design and implementation of Illinois Malicious Processors (IMPs).

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  • Another goal was to keep the interface simple enough that it could be easily understood, and also possible to convert poll() or select() based applications to the new API with a minimum of changes. It was recognized that if the new interface was radically different, then it would essentially preclude modification of legacy applications which might otherwise take advantage of the new API. Expanding the amount information returned to the ap- plication to more than just the fact that an event occurred was also considered desirable.

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  • The initiating problem is unstructured design processes and vague descriptions of the form problems in the students’ critique of each other's product proposals, and very vague presentations of the product's aesthetic qualities in their reports. The problem must be seen in relation to the fact that the majority of the students can express themselves clearly in engineering fields and that design methodology is based on technical parameters.

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  • To achieve success as a telemarketer, you’ll need to invest the necessary time and effort to learn and master a variety of different skills. Only then will you be able to truly tap your potential for generating the sales results you and your em- ployer want. This book divides up the skills you need, explains them in detail, and then offers strategies for developing and utilizing them.

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  • There are many methods used by top producers, several of which will be discussed over the next 23 pages. These tips and techniques will make the difference between closing every sale and missing every sale. If you follow the advice in this Underground Letter, you will see a marked improvement in your closing percentages. Some strategies may be unorthodox, some may seem silly, and some may seem a bit overbearing, but they all have been proven to close sales .

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  • The Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) estimated that between 1985 and 1996 463 children 14 and younger were killed in alcohol-related car crashes. Sixty-four percent of these children were killed in the hands of their guardians; they were passengers in the impaired driver’s vehicle. More than 16,000 other children were injured. Unfortunately, the situation is worsening.

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