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  • A subtrope of Evil Is Cool: Basically, if there's a truly evil male villain, he's going to be a sharp-dressed villain. He'll wear a sharp-looking suit. Silk tie, expensive shirt, exquisitely ironed pants, leather belt and perfect jacket. Always perfectly in fashion. Bonus points if it's a monochrome suit, and extra-special bonus points if it's a monochrome black suit.

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  • Tài liệu There was an old woman who lived in a Shoe is a popular English language nursery rhyme, with a Roud Folk Song Index number of 19132. Debates over its meaning and origin have largely centered on attempts to match the old woman with historical female figures who have had large families, although King George II (1683–1760) has also been proposed as the rhyme's subject.

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  • M: Hi Joe! I just saw your roommate coming out of the library. She looks different. Did she get her hair cut or something? W: Yeah, three days ago actually. And hardly any one has noticed. Q: What does the woman mean?

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  • IVF and related treatments (GIFT and ZIFT, see below) are the most invasive ART treatments. Usually women try other methods first, and turn to IVF when those methods have not succeeded in pregnancy or live birth. One percent of babies in the US are born using IVF. Unlike AI, fertilization takes place outside the woman’s body in which eggs (retrieved from the woman trying to get pregnant or from an egg donor) are fertilized with sperm (from a partner or donor) in a Petri dish.

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  • The paradox of phallocentrism in aIl its manifestations is that it depends on the image of the castrated woman to give order and meaning to its world. An idea of woman stands as lynch pin to the system: it is her lack that produces the phallus as a symbolic presence, it is her desire to make good the lack that the phallus signifies. Recent writing in Screen about psychoanalysis and the cinema has not sufficiently brought out the importance of the representation of the female form in a symbolic order in which, in the last resort, it speaks castration...

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  • The Americanization of Edward Bok The Autobiography of a Dutch Boy Fifty Years After by Edward William Bok (1863-1930) To the American woman I owe much, but to two women I owe more, My mother and my wife. And to them I dedicate this account of the boy to whom one gave birth and brought to manhood and the other blessed with all a home and family may mean. An Explanation This book was to have been written in 1914, when I foresaw some leisure to write it, for I then intended to retire from active editorship....

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  • Lack of secure land tenure and ownership also has a negative impact on women’s ability to reduce their vulnerability to HIV through greater economic as well as physical security and autonomy. When a woman does not own land, it often means that she is denied other economic opportunities, such as collateral for credit. Most women in the Huairou Commission have reported frustration at not being able to access adequate financing for improvement of what little land they may have, or for actually gaining or purchasing land or other property.

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  • • Menopausal hormone therapy: Some studies have suggested that women who take estrogen by itself (estrogen without progesterone) for 10 or more years may have an increased risk of ovarian cancer. Scientists have also studied whether taking certain fertility drugs, using talcum powder, or being obese are risk factors. It is not clear whether these are risk factors, but if they are, they are not strong risk factors. Having a risk factor does not mean that a woman will get ovarian cancer. Most women who have risk factors do not get ovarian cancer.

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  • The very title of Jean Lau Chin's book—Learning from My Mother's Voice—both honors her mother, a courageous woman who immigrated to the United States from China, and indicates her mother's primary role within the text as she describes life both in China and in the United States, as well as her own immigration journey. It is a tribute to her mother and other women who experienced immigration then and now. Examining the life of one's mother often means the exploration of geography (i.e., place), time period, and people central to her life.

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  • No part of this program may be reproduced or transmitted for resale or for use by any party other than the individual purchaser who is the sole authorized user of this information. Purchaser is authorized to use any of the information in this publication and/or accompanying materials for his or her use only. All other reproduction or transmission, of any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording or by any informational storage or retrieval system, is prohibited without the express written permission of Perfect Fit, LLC.

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  • Một số câu hỏi thuộc dạng này: What can be inferred about the student? (Có thể suy ra điều gì về cậu/ cô sinh viên?) What is the professor’s attitude toward X? (Vị giáo sư có thái độ như thế nào đối với X?)  What is the professor’s opinion of X? (Vị giáo sư có ý kiến gì về X?)  What can be inferred about the student when she /he says this? (Có thể suy ra điều gì về cô/ cậu sinh viên khi cô/ cậu nói điều này?)  What does the woman mean when she says this? (Người phụ nữ có ý gì khi...

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  • GUARD 1 Hey, hey. We got a man down! GUARD 2 Come on, let's go. GUARD 2 Are you okay? What happened? [over radio] Break surveillance and engage. Continuing sweep... WOMAN [over phone] Insuricare. HELEN Oh, hello. This is Helen Parr. Bob Parr is my husband. I was wondering if you could give me the number of the hotel he's staying at? The number I have is no good. WOMAN Mr. Parr no longer works at Insuricare. HELEN What do you mean? He's on a business trip. A company retreat. WOMAN My records say his employment was terminated almost two months ago. BOB (MR.

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  • Women with disabilities need good health. Good health is more than the absence of disease. When a disabled woman has good health it means she experiences well-being—of her body, mind, and spirit. Women with disabilities can take charge of their own health when they have information that affirms their own experience of their bodies and health needs. They can also use this information to change the way people think about disability. As women with disabilities take charge of their lives, they will gain respect and support in their communities....

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  • We know the interventions that can save most women’s lives. If every woman had access to essential maternal care, 74% of maternal deaths could be prevented4. If all women had access to self–controlled means of HIV/ AIDS protection and were in a position within society to use these methods, millions of HIV/AIDS deaths could be prevented. Thus, we do not so much need new technology, as we need to ensure universal access, utilization and equity. But ensuring universal access, utilization and equity means that our health services cannot continue to function as “business as usual.

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  • My Misfortunes in Chiozza--Father Stephano--The Lazzaretto at Ancona --The Greek Slave--My Pilgrimage to Our Lady of Loretto--I Go to Rome on Foot, and From Rome to Naples to Meet the Bishop--I Cannot Join Him--Good Luck Offers Me the Means of Reaching Martorano, Which Place I Very Quickly Leave to Return to Naples The retinue of the ambassador, which was styled "grand," appeared to me very small.

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  • Once this has been achieved, her meaning in the process is at an end, it does not last into the world of law and language except as a memory which oscillates between memory of maternal plenitude and memory of lack. Both are posited on nature (or on anatomy in Freud's famous phrase). Woman's desire is subjected to her image as bearer of the bleeding wound, she can exist only in relation to castration and cannot transcend it. She turns her child into the signifier of her own desire to possess a penis (the condition, she imagines, of entry into...

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  • This article will discuss the interweaving of that erotic pleasure in film, its meaning, and in particular the central place of the image of woman. It is said that analysing pleasure, or beauty, destroys it. That is the intention of this article. The satisfaction and reinforcement of the ego that represent the high point of film history hitherto must be attacked. Not in favour of a reconstructed new pleasure, which cannot exist in the abstract, nor of intellectualised unpleasure, but to make way for a total negation of the ease and plenitude of the narrative fiction film.

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  • Affirming the right of every child and every pregnant and lactating woman to be adequately nourished, as a means of attaining and maintaining health; Recognizing that infant malnutrition is part of the wider problems of lack of education, poverty, and social injustice; Recognizing that the health of infants and young children cannot be isolated from the health and nutrition of women, their socioeconomic status and their roles as mothers; Conscious that breast-feeding is an unequalled way of providing ideal food for the healthy growth and development of infants; that it forms a uniqu...

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  • The following notes are by no means intended as a rule of thought by which nurses can teach themselves to nurse, still less as a manual to teach nurses to nurse. They are meant simply to give hints for thought to women who have personal charge of the health of others. Every woman, or at least almost every woman, in England has, at one time or another of her life, charge of the personal health of somebody, whether child or invalid,--in other words, every woman is a nurse. Every day sanitary knowledge, or the knowledge of nursing, or in other words, of how to put...

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  • From above came the sound of men singing. Captain Duke O'Neill stopped clipping his heavy black beard to listen. It had been a long time since he'd heard such a sound—longer than the time since he'd last had a bath or seen a woman. It had never been the singing type of war. Yet now even the high tenor of old Teroini, who lay on a pad with neither legs nor arms, was mixed into the chorus. It could mean only one thing! As if to confirm his thoughts, Burke Thompson hobbled past the cabin, stopping just long enough to shout. "Duke, we're home! They've sighted Meloa...

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