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  • Layout with its characteristics and functions has attracted much attention of many language researchers. In a text in general and a text introducing World Cultural Heritage Sites in particular, the layout plays an important role in arranging ideas as well as sections

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  • Located in the heart of Central region which usually suffers from natural disasters, Hue, recognized as World Cultural Heritage and Festival city of Vietnam, has consistently exposed to a broad range of risks of natural disasters. There are a number of concerns about how climate changes affect the festival city and what effective risk management approach there should be for the cultural heritage city.

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  • This volume is the first of a series on “Physical Techniques in the Study of Art, Archaeology and Cultural Heritage”. It follows a successful earlier publication by Elsevier (Radiation in Art and Archaeometry), also produced by the editors of this book, Dr David Bradley (Department of Physics, University of Surrey) and Professor Dudley Creagh (Director of the Cultural Heritage Research Centre, University of Canberra).

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  • Research and clarify theoretical issues related to the rational exploitation TWCHs. Systematize argument structure about TWCHs, determine the characteristics of TWCHs, provide a theoretical basis for rational exploitation TWCHs to develop tourism. Identification of criteria and indicators for assessment of the rational exploitation TWCHs. Analysis and reviewing of tourism development in Central Area, tourism exploitation of TWCHs and logical reviewing of current exploitation TWCHs. Proposal direction and solutions logicalfor TWCHs to develop tourism for Central Area in the future.

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  • This study has benefited from direct observation of UNESCO activities, and the analysis of several initiatives, as well as a survey, conducted by the author, of underwater archaeology experts and fieldworkers.

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  • Through the SNS REAAL Fund, SNS REAAL Group seeks to express its commitment to social responsibility and solidarity in a concrete way, in the form of a social dividend. For this reason, the fund gives financial support to projects that further general community interests with an idealistic or social content. The focus areas of the SNS REAAL Fund are Art and Culture, Health and Care, Sport and Recreation, Nature and Environment, Education, Restoration (cultural heritage) and social community activities. When granting requests, attention is paid to regional distribution.

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  • The cultural diversity and the traditional customs of Trang An ancient residents in cave occupation, land use and sea use adaptive to the marine transgression and regression completely deserve an outstanding univeral example on the Culture and Nature of humankind. The marine region of Vietnam is currently under the influence of a rising sea level. A lesson of the response to the marine and island environment of Trang An prehistoric people must have been valuable to us today.

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  • Free media and/or community media is anathema to repressive governments around the world. In South Africa, by contrast, community television is expected to play an important role in job creation and skills development as well as contribute to the strengthening of civil society, the promotion of participative governance and the expression of the country’s rich linguistic and cultural heritage.

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  • The Heritage Homeowner’s Preservation Manuals for UNESCO World Heritage Sites series has been conceptualized by the Office of the UNESCO Regional Advisor for Culture in the Asia-Pacific, with input from the participants of the LEAP programme (19962000), funded by the Government of Norway; Nuttaphol Ma; Suki Keen and Elizabeth Cardosa.

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  • The following VTOS Onsite Tour Guiding Standards have been prepared to provide qualifications for on-site tour guides working at local destinations, World Heritage Sites or other important cultural or religious heritage sites in Vietnam. Onsite tour guides are an essential part of sustainable tourism development as they play an important role in educating the visitors about the authentic values of sites and codes of responsible conduct.

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  • For millennia, Aboriginal hunters on the North American Plains used their knowledge of the land and of buffalo behaviour to drive their quarry over cliffs. Archaeologist Jack Brink has written a major study of the mass buffalo hunts and the culture they supported before and after European contact. By way of example, he draws on his 25 years excavating at Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump in southwestern Alberta, Canada – a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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