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  • In the recent past many card issuers have extended the range of tools available on debit cards. A chip on the card makes offline authorisation of guaranteed card payments possible. In addition, bank cards can be used as prepaid cards (the GeldKarte system of the ZKA). As a consequence of the merger between the Europe-wide edc (European debit card) service and the worldwide Maestro system, since the beginning of 1998 many POS terminals and cash dispensers throughout the world have been available to holders of ec cards with the Maestro logo.

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  • Tuberculosis, human immunodeficiency virus/acquired immunodeficiency syndrome and malaria are the three most profound cause of death worldwide. In developing country tuberculosis is a serious problem. It is estimated that one third of the world’s population is infected with M. tuberculosis; however, only a minority (10%) of those infected ever develop clinical disease (Corbett et al., 2003). Such clinical diversity suggests that factors other than bacterial infection alone determine disease development.

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  • The chapter on the incidence, clinical features, pathophysiology, signs, symptoms, and current management of the Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ), reviews how AS affects this joint. TMJ is involved in 4% to 32% of cases, and ranges from mild disease to ankylosis which is exceptional. The non-surgical treatment of TMJ in AS is the most effective way of managing over 80% of patients. Non-pharmacological treatment includes fabrication of intra oral splints, physiotherapy, and patient education.

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  • This apparently favorable equilibrium was underpinned, however, by three trends that appeared increasingly unsustainable as time went by. First, real estate values were rising at a high rate in many countries, including the world’s largest economy, the United States. Second, a number of countries were simultaneously running high and rising current account deficits, including the world’s largest economy, the United States.

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  • For research on child health and the environment, the longitudinal cohort study approach is common worldwide. This is because, as previously mentioned, cohort studies are recognized as necessary to evaluate long-term health and the many factors affecting it throughout the different developmental phases extending from before birth to adulthood.

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  • Young doctors are the future of our Society. Therefore, I am hoping to see a global network created for young gynecologists who are interested in gynecologic cancer. If young doctors from various countries start to communicate effectively and share information with each other, we can both improve and standardize cancer treatment and contribute to the well-being of women worldwide. Education for young doctors is very important because they are still pure and have a sensitivity to share experiences of all kinds.

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  • The sustainability and prosperity of the ancient civilizations of China, Egypt, Babylonia, Phoenicia, Persia and Roma were based on the extensive use of water for human consumption, crop irrigation, canal navigation and energy generation. Today, the worldwide scarcity of water and clean energy constitutes a central and critical problem for the whole humankind. This situation is aggravated as industrial, agricultural and municipal effl uents reach the water bodies, or the coastal seawater that is used as feed for desalination plants.

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  • For cell-based bone tissue engineering, various tissues derived cells are utilized since osteogenic cells can be harvested from bone marrow, periosteum, and adipose tissue, though recent studies indicate that bone marrow stromal cells (BMSCs, bone marrow derived multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells, or mesenchymal stem cells) are the most reliable cell source because of their superior osteogenic ability (Hayashi et al., 2008). However, it is difficult to obtain adequate numbers of transplantable BMSCs from bone marrow aspirates, as they are rare in the bone marrow (less than 0.

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  • What is the International Fuel Quality Center (IFQC)? A specialized member service that provides comprehensive information and concise analysis to members on pertinent actions and issues facing the transportation industry worldwide. The service focus and emphasis is on automotive fuel quality, vehicle and engine related standards, and the health and environmental legislative and regulatory pressures leading these changes

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  • In a variation to this base case, costs are also calculated where the health effects of PM10 are estimated without a threshold. This variation provides a sensitivity analysis that shows how specifying a threshold affects total cost estimates. As acknowledged by Kunzli et al. (1999), the approach of using one pollutant as an indicator of the air pollution mix and only estimating the impact of PM10 above a baseline will probably underestimate the impact of air pollution.

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  • Nanotechnology entered the more public arena in 2001 when President Clinton brought worldwide attention to nanotechnology through his budget approval for the US National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI). The initial budget allocated for nanotechnology in 2001 was $422 million, which demonstrated the anticipated relevance of nanotechnology to the USA economic growth as well as nanotechno- logy’s strategic importance to national security. Three years later, in December

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  • Endometrial, cervical, and ovarian cancers are the three most common malignancies of the female reproductive tract. In the United States alone, roughly 12,000 women are diagnosed with uterine cervical cancer annually, and 4,000 will die from the disease [1]. The relatively low incidence of cervical cancer in the US is largely attributable to the effectiveness of Papanicolaou’s cytological cervical screening test (the Pap test).

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  • Displacing older people as heads of households and depriving them of their autonomy in the name of affection are cultural norms even in countries where the family is the central institution and the sense of filial obligation is strong (11). Such infantilization and overprotection can leave the older person isolated, depressed and demoralized, and can be considered a form of abuse. In some traditional societies, older widows are abandoned and their property seized.

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  • About NetStrategy/JMC Intranet strategy consultant specialised in complex, large and/ or global intranets American, based in Europe for 25 years Annual Survey & Reports: Global Intranet Trends, Global Intranet Analysis (100 participants worldwide in 2006, 180 in 2007) Publications Co-author of "L’avantage internet pour l’entreprise", Dunod (1996) Co-author of "L'intranet dans tous ses états" IQ Editeur (2004) "International Intranets" columnist (Intranets: Enterprise Strategies & Solutions") KMWorld & Intranets, California - Online Information, London Rencontre internationale des re...

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  • In some cases the style of a fund is captured using the returns of other managed portfolios in the same market sector. The OE port- folio is then a combination of a manager’s peers’ portfolios. With this approach the measured performance is a zero-sum game, as the average performance measured in the peer group must be zero. This approach can make it easy to control for costs and risks, to the extent that the portfolio and its peers are similar in these dimensions. In such cases, the performance differential can be a relatively clean measure of value added.

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  • In contrast two thirds of the elderly Muslim women indicated they did not visit the mosque during the past month. This is presumably a function of religious rules limiting access to the mosque for women. Although visiting the mosque does not differ greatly among Moslems in Phnom Penh and the provinces, older Moslems are less likely to do so. Praying is very common among Moslems. Over 90% indicated they prayed at least several times a week. This differs little between men and women but is more frequent among Moslems in the provinces than in Phnom Penh...

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  • During the course of the update, the authors also reviewed the policy descriptions and criteria used to rate each state’s laws. Modifications were deemed appropriate in several instances because of either changes in the courts’ interpretation of constitutional law as it impacts alcohol advertising regulation, or the need to improve accuracy, clarity, and comparability across states. These revisions are described in Appendix A. Because of these revisions, findings in the...

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  • If from the 1920s to the 1940s, it was individual films, taken more or less out of context, which typified the German cinema, at least for an international public, the inverse was the case some thirty years later: at first the Young German Film, then the New German Cinema made headlines as national film movements, where a generational or film-political identity imposed themselves more strikingly than individual film titles.

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  • While 2K projection had a long head start, theater owners currently purchasing digital projectors in the US are overwhelmingly embracing Sony Digital Cinema™ 4K. As of August 2011, over 9,000 screens worldwide had converted to Sony 4K projectors. This includes more than 7,000 screens in the United States alone. About half of these Sony systems are also 3D capable. In fact, in the US, Sony 4K accounts for nearly as many 3D-capable projectors installed as all other brands combined. This large and rapidly growing installed base of 4K projectors has prompted the studios to...

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  • Contents: Think in paper – The future of paper begins at Voith Paper. News from the Divisions: LEIPA-Schwedt PM 4 – LWC production line of the new generation; Maxau PM 6 – A challenging project and its implementation; Bohui BM 1 – A benchmark in China for the paper industry worldwide; Innovative Trends in Automation. Paper Culture: Deep-frozen, dried – and saved.

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