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  • The term „structured product‟ is the name given to an investment product that provides a return that is pre- determined with reference to the performance of one or more underlying markets. The performance of a structured product is therefore based only on the performance of this underlying product and not on the discretion of the product provider. Most often the product relies on the use of derivatives to generate the return, and contains downside protection or guarantees of some form via options.

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  • This assessment of the respiratory health effects associated with passive smoking has been prepared by the Human Health Assessment Group, Office of Health and Environmental Assessment, Office of Research and Development, which is responsible for the report's scientific accuracy and conclusions. The assessment was prepared at the request of the Indoor Air Division, Office of Atmospheric and Indoor Air Programs, Office of Air and Radiation, which defined the assessment's scope and provided funding.

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  • Food can be defined as the nutritive material taken into an organism for growth, work, or repair and for maintaining the vital processes. Food sustains life, and, as such, many individuals view food as an uncomplicated, pure source of nutrition. Therefore, such individuals are often bewildered to learn that food is comprised of an array of natural chemicals, and not all the chemicals are nutrients or enhance nutritive value, but in fact may decrease nutritional value or, worse still, are toxic (e.g., naturally occurring toxicants).

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  • Both human activities and natural activities can change the physical, chemical, and biological characteristics of water, and will have specific ramifications for human and ecosystem health. Water quality is affected by changes in nutrients, sedimentation, temperature, pH, heavy metals, non-metallic toxins, persistent organics and pesticides, and biological factors, among many other factors (Carr and Neary 2008). Following are brief discussions of these major contaminants.

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  • The most recent US crisis appears to fit the more general pattern that the recovery process from severe financial crisis is more protracted than from a normal recession or from milder forms of financial distress. There is certainly little evidence to suggest that this time was worse. Of course this does not mean policy is irrelevant. Quite the contrary, in the heat of the recent financial crisis, there was almost certainly a palpable risk of a Second Great Depression.

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  • Grades are assigned to bring attention to the current status of each indicator of child health and safety. Grades are assigned by a group of health experts from the sponsoring organizations. “A” indicates that the current status is “very good”; “B” is “satisfactory”; “C” is “mediocre”; “D” is “unsatisfactory”; “F” is “very poor.” Data trends are described as “Better,” “Worse” or “No Change.” Indicators with trends described as “Better” or “Worse” experienced a change...

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  • For every four change efforts undertaken in business today- three of them fail to change anything at all, or they actually make things worse To learn strategies for correcting this alarming trend,

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  • Public relations will continue to transform, and the changes you see are monumental. For better or for worse, a career in PR means handling communications in the public spotlight because of the increasing use of social media. In the wake of democratized content and businesses satisfying the needs of the digitally connected consumer, PR had to evolve with a new approach. This approach required a shift in thinking, from strategy and planning all the way through to implementation and measurement.

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  • 13 FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT OF RISKS. Steven P. Feinstein. For better or worse, the business environment is fraught with risks. Uncertainty is a fact of life. Profits are never certain, input and output prices change, competitors emerge and disappear, customers’ tastes constantly evolve, technological progress creates instability, interest rates and foreign-currency values and asset prices f luctuate. Nonetheless, managers must continue to make decisions. Businesses must cope with risk in order to operate.

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  • You’ve been thinking about starting your own business, but until now, it’s been just a dream. After all, you’re a busy person. You have a full-time job, whether it’s running your home or working outside your home. Or perhaps you’ve been through some life-changing event and are ready to take off in a new direction. Then the economy took a turn for the worse, and you were understandably reluctant to make a big career change.

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  • Shoulder Pain arising from the shoulder can on occasion mimic pain from the spine. If symptoms and signs of radiculopathy are absent, then the differential diagnosis includes mechanical shoulder pain (tendonitis, bursitis, rotator cuff tear, dislocation, adhesive capsulitis, and cuff impingement under the acromion) and referred pain (subdiaphragmatic irritation, angina, Pancoast tumor). Mechanical pain is often worse at night, associated with local shoulder tenderness and aggravated by abduction, internal rotation, or extension of the arm.

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  • Age-related hearing loss or presbycusis is mainly caused by changes in the inner ear. However, your genes and loud noises (such as from rock concerts or music headphones) may play a large role. Initially there is difficulty in hearing high-frequency sounds, such as someone talking. As hearing gets worse, it may become difficult to hear sounds at lower pitches. Hearing aids Telephone amplifiers and other assistive devices may be helpful. A cochlear implant (Surgery) may be recommended for certain women with very severe hearing loss.

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  • These factors have had the effect of slowing or declining  international student enrolments,  with prospects of worse to come. The effects of policy‐induced changes to student visas and  skilled migration,  the most  important  of which  came  into  effect  only  quite  recently,  are  likely to be only seen in the coming months.  Higher  education was  the  prime  initiator  of  the  international  student  export  success  and  remains the most economically significant part of the whole sector.

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  • Risk factors are conditions or habits that make a person more likely to develop a disease. They also can increase the chances that an existing disease will get worse. Important risk factors for heart disease that you can do something about are cigarette smoking, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, overweight, physical inactivity, and diabetes. Research shows that more than 95 percent of those who die from heart disease have at least one of these major risk factors. Some risk factors, such as age and family history of early heart disease, can’t be changed.

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