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  • This book is not a traditional style manual that prescribes mechanical details such as the forms for levels of headings, typing requirements, and so on. A number of excellent style manuals, including the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, already cover these matters . Neither will you find here a discussion of the mechanics of standard English usage; it is assumed that you have already mastered these. Finally, it is also assumed that you have already selected an important research topic, applied sound research methods, and analyzed the data.

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  • In this chapter you will learn: Identify the four major sections of a quantitative research report, identify the report's problem statement, follow the arguments in a literature review leading to the research questions and hypotheses, assess the research methods described in the methods section for their adequacy and appropriateness,...

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  • Writing for the TOEFL /^presents step-by-step methods for comparing the two tasks in the writing section of the TOEFL. By following the stops in order, your stu¬dents will build new skills on top of previously developed ones.

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  • After completing this chapter, students will be able to: Distinctly identify the introduction, literature foundation, methods write-up, and results and discussion sections of the written report; identify whether the author's or participants' voices are featured in the essay; identify the core ideas of the essay; identify where, when, and how data were collected;...

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  • Writing for the TOEFL iBT presents step-by-step methods for completing the two tasks in the writing section of the TOEFL By following the steps in order, your stu-dents will build new skills on top of previously developed ones. Although the activ-ities in this book arc specifically aimed at the two writing tasks in die TOEFL

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  • Your Writing Coach who is usually the harshest of all—your inner critic. With the neuro-linguistic programming technique in Chapter 12, you’ll be able to transform the inner critic into a constructive inner guide—the key to avoiding or overcoming writer’s block. In the final section of the book you’ll learn the secrets of marketing yourself and your work, beyond the normal methods that most other writers are using. There’s also a chapter on new media, which offer tremendous opportunities for writers smart enough to find out about them.

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  • When selecting your target journal it is beneficial to conduct an analysis of the purpose and mission of the journal, and examine what type of articles they typically publish. Pay special attention on the topics, the structure and the research methods. Conduct a deeper analysis on about five recent articles in the target journal. If the journal does not seem suitable, choose another one and conduct a similar analysis. Browse through the editorial board and previous authors and pay attention to their nationalities.

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  • There are a lot of writing guides available which provide advice on the structure of proposed articles. One example is the commonly known IMRAD (Introduction, Method, Results and Discussion) structure (see e.g., Swales, 1990, Sharp, 2002; Freeman, 2000). The terminology may differ somewhat, as for example in the IMRAD scheme the literature review is integrated into the Introduction section, however, the above list presents the literature review separately. Also, discussion, which D stands for in IMRAD, is the same as conclusions in the above list.

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  • This book starts by reviewing the overall architecture of .NET in order to give you the background you need to be able to write managed code. After that, the book is divided into a number of sections that cover both the C# language and its application in a variety of areas.

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  • Polymorphism Polymorphism The last important concept of object-oriented programming that we want to discuss is polymorphism. Although we’ll expand the explanation as this section evolves, you can start by thinking of polymorphism as a design practice that allows you to use objects of different types in a uniform manner. For example, for our vehicle exercise, you might create classes for land-, water-, and air-based vehicles and write code to move each type of vehicle.

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  • Simply put, a pattern of development is the method you employ to write a paper. These patterns are very simple to learn. Fortunately, they do not take much time, and employing them gives you the advantage needed to earn that outstanding score on the essay section of the TOEFL.

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  • Chapter 8 gives you a method for estimating your TOEFL score from scores on the model teats in this book. If you do not have a teacher or a raliable grater to availuale your speaking and writing sections, you may want to consider using one of the services listed at the end of the chapter. You need to know how your speaking and writing will factor into the total score.

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  • @implementation Circle -(float )radius { return radius ; } -(void )radius :(float )r { radius = r ; } @end Don't use "get" in the name of your accessors. By convention, methods whose names start with "get" take an address into which data will be copied. If you are using reference counting, there are more design patterns you should follow when writing accessors. These are discussed in Section 1.12.2. Message search paths When you send an object a message (call one of its methods), the code that actually runs is determined by a search performed at runtime. The dispatch...

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