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  • Lawrie Bruce phỏng vấn hai người sống gần khách sạn Bridge ở một khu dân cư. Khách sạn Bridge có một ban nhạc thường chơi vào buổi tối. Một số người dân ở gần đó thích ban nhạc, nhưng một số lại không thích sự ồn ào. Bài đối thoại được chia làm ba đoạn. Dialogue 1: LAWRIE: We're talking about live music at the Bridge Hotel. Meg, what do you think of live music at the Bridge Hotel? MEG: LAWRIE: MEG: LAWRIE: PAUL: Well, in my opinion, it's the wrong place for live music. Why is that? The...

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  • in the wind - soon to happen, being planned It is in the wind that they are planning to open a new store next year. in the works - in preparation, being planned or worked on Don`t worry about whether or not we will be building the new computer lab. It is definitely in the works. in the worst way - very much I would like to go to the new movie in the worst way. in the wrong - wrong, against justice/truth/fact The driver was in the wrong and was arrested by the police after the accident. in the wrong place at the wrong time - something bad...

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  • Long-term care has been and remains the distant cousin of health policy. Newspapers are full of commentary on what 2008 presidential candidates have to say about “universal health coverage,” the new expression for what used to be called national health insurance. However, one would be hard-pressed to describe what any of them think about long-term care.

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  • In spite of many pleasant summers spent at Murray Bay one had never thought of it as having a history. The place and its people seemed simple, untutored, new. Some of the other summer residents talked complacently even of having discovered it. They had heard of Murray Bay as beautiful and had gone to explore this unknown country. When this bold feat was performed there was abundant recompense. Valley, mountain, river and stream united to make Murray Bay delightful. The little summer community grew.

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  • On the basis of real GDP per capita, New Zealand ranked 21st in the OECD in 2009, one place higher than in Economic Development Indicators 2007. New Zealand’s real GDP per capita has grown a little slower on average than the OECD mean since the 1980s. On the basis of real net national income (NNI) per capita, New Zealand in 2009 ranked 23rd out of the 30 OECD countries used for comparison purposes in this report. The income gap between New Zealand and the richer OECD countries is reasonably large, and closing it will require a number of years of...

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  • “SEE THE BALL. HIT THE BALL,” OUR COACH, FLIP Valentini, was telling the guys when I skidded my bike up to the dugout at Dunn Field. “Catch it. Throw it. And show up on time or you don’t play. It’s a simple game, boys.” Flip ought to know. He pitched for the Brooklyn Dodgers in their glory years. He was with Cincinnati and Pittsburgh too for a while. Flip won 287 games and struck out almost 3,000 batters during his career. He’s in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

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  • In rereading the foreword for the 4th edition, I noted the statement “There does not appear to be much pending for the immediate future.” I was wrong. There have been significant changes in many areas, such as respiratory protection, and dramatic changes in the Clean Air Act which have made it difficult to use incineration as a means of disposing of hospital, medical, and infectious waste. Perhaps the most significant change howev er has been in means of communication, with the explosive growth of the Internet.

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  • CHORUS:Oh baby I'm missing you We used to love so strong Tell me where did we go wrong Oh baby I'm missing you They say I'll learn to forget But It sure ain't happen yet Been checking up the places where we used to go Been looking for your faces out of the crowd I've been talking to the people that we used to know But nobody wants to say where you're right now

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  • How real are the women characters in Hindi films? This is something to debate about because values, ideals, principles; morals have dominated the frame-work in which these films are placed. Thus, women rather than being depicted as normal human beings are elevated to a higher position of being ideal who can commit no wrong. Their grievances, desires, ambitions, feelings, perspectives are completely missing from the scene. They are really portrayed as the „other‟ because they are shown as not belonging to this real and worldly life.

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  • All of us like to think that our actions and reactions are a result of logical thought processes, but the fact is that suggestion influences our thinking a great deal more than logic. Consciously or unconsciously, our feelings about almost everything are largely molded by ready-made opinions and attitudes fostered by our mass methods of communication. We cannot buy a bar of soap or a filtered cigarette without paying tribute to the impact of suggestion. Right or wrong, most of us place more confidence in what "they" say than we do in our own powers of reason.

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  • The purpose of this book is to deal with Browning, not simply as a poet, but rather as the exponent of a system of ideas on moral and religious subjects, which may fairly be called a philosophy. I am conscious that it is a wrong to a poet to neglect, or even to subordinate, the artistic aspect of his work. At least, it would be a wrong, if our final judgment on his poetry were to be determined on such a method. But there is a place for everything; and, even in the case of a great poet, there is sometimes an advantage in...

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  • Approximately 400-420 yds of fingering weight yarn I used Skinny Bugga by Cephalopod Yarns in Blue Ringed Octopus *Size 6 or 7 needles *Stitch markers (optional) *Blocking mat, wires, and pins *Large needle to weave in ends *Wool wash Abbreviations and Key k = knit p = purl sts = stitches ** = repeat these stitches ssk = slip, slip, knit k2tog = knit 2 together yo = yarn over pm = place marker (optional) RS = right side WS = wrong side

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  • The inaccessibility of the official Fighting Instructions from time to time issued to the fleet has long been a recognised stumbling-block to students of naval history. Only a few copies of them were generally known to exist; fewer still could readily be consulted by the public, and of these the best known had been wrongly dated. The discovery therefore of a number of seventeenth century Instructions amongst the Earl of Dartmouth's papers, which he had generously placed at the disposal of the Society, seemed to encourage an attempt to make something like a complete collection.

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  • The emergence of electronic publishing was supposed to change all that. Yet a bloodbath of unusual proportions has taken place in the last few months. Time Warner's iPublish and MightyWords (partly owned by Barnes and Noble) were the last in a string of resounding failures which cast in doubt the business model underlying digital content. Everything seemed to have gone wrong: the dot.

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  • Reader be assured this narrative is no fiction. I am aware that some of my adventures may seem incredible; but they are, nevertheless, strictly true. I have not exaggerated the wrongs inflicted by Slavery; on the contrary, my descriptions fall far short of the facts. I have concealed the names of places, and given persons fictitious names.

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  • There's a common belief that cyberspace cannot be regulated-that it is, in its very essence, immune from the government's (or anyone else's) control. Code, first published in 2000, argues that this belief is wrong. It is not in the nature of cyberspace to be unregulable; cyberspace has no ?nature.” It only has code-the software and hardware that make cyberspace what it is. That code can create a place of freedom-as the original architecture of the Net did-or a place of oppressive control. Under the influence of commerce, cyberspace is ...

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