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  • .XML Security This page intentionally left blank. McGraw-Hill New York Chicago San Francisco Lisbon London Madrid Mexico City Milan New Delhi San Juan Seoul Singapore Sydney Toronto .Copyright © 2002 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All rights reserved. Manufactured in the United States of America.

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  • Lecture SQL XML Security presentation of content: Web Data - protection requirements, dissemination policies, why XML, graph representation, the author-X Project, enforcing access control, protection object specification, propagation option,...

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  • THE Java™ Web Services Tutorial is a guide to developing Web applications with the Java Web Services Developer Pack (Java WSDP). The Java WSDP is an all-in-one download containing key technologies to simplify building of Web services using the Java 2 Platform. This tutorial requires a full installation (Typical, not Custom) of the Java WSDP, v1.6 with the Sun Java System Application Server Platform Edition 8.1 2005Q2 UR2 (hereafter called the Application Server). Here we cover all the things you need to know to make the best use of this tutorial....

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  • The 12th of June 2012 Microsoft published a security advisory with a temporary fix related to the msxml core services vulnerability which is heavily exploited in the wild. On June 18th 2012 Metasploit released a working exploit. On June 19th 2012 a 100% reliable exploit for Internet Explorer 6/7/8/9 on Windows XP/Vista, and Windows 7 SP1 was published by metasploit. On July 9th 2012 Microsoft finally released a security update in order to patch this vulnerability.

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  • A PEAR-ified version of Useful Inc's XML-RPC for PHP. It has support for HTTP/HTTPS transport, proxies and authentication. This release is security related, and solves the recently discovered, and widespread remote-code-execution vulnerability. All users are strongly encouraged to upgrade immediately.

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  • SQL For Dummies, 7th Edition, shows programmers and web developers how to use SQL to build relational databases and get valuable information from them. This book covers the core features of the SQL language. Topics covered include how to use SQL to structure a DBMS and implement a database design; secure a database; and retrieve information from a database. This edition will be revised to reflect the new enhancements of SQL/XML:2008.

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  • Nothing is more frustrating than knowing you have previously solved a complex problem but not being able to find the document or note that specified the solution. It is not uncommon to refuse to rework the solution because you know you already solved the problem and don’t want to waste time redoing past work. In fact, taken to the extreme, you may waste more time finding the previous solution than it would take to redo the work. This is a direct result of our information management facilities not keeping pace with the capacity of our information storage....

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  • If you want to learn how to build killer user interfaces for Windows and the web, then this book is for you. It arms you with the tools and code you'll need to effectively utilize the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). From creating appealing graphics and animated structures to enhancing performance and security, you'll be programming in no time. First you'll explore the WPF framework and learn how to develop basic applications with ASP.NET or Visual Basic(r).

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  • While the REST design philosophy has captured the imagination of web and enterprise developers alike, using this approach to develop real web services is no picnic. This cookbook includes more than 100 recipes to help you take advantage of REST, HTTP, and the infrastructure of the Web. You'll learn ways to design RESTful web services for client and server applications that meet performance, scalability, reliability, and security goals, no matter what programming language and development framework you use....

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  • Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) 11g is packed full of features and has a fresh approach to information presentation, system management and security. This book will introduce the reader to those features, providing a step-by-step guide to building a complete system from scratch. The aim of the book is to equip a developer or analyst with a good basic understanding of what the product contains, how to install and configure it, and how to create effective business intelligence....

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  • Biometric recognition is one of the most widely studied problems in computer science. The use of biometrics techniques, such as face, fingerprints, iris and ears is a solution for obtaining a secure personal identification. However, the “old” biometrics identification techniques are out of date. This goal of this book is to provide the reader with the most up to date research performed in biometric recognition and descript some novel methods of biometrics, emphasis on the state of the art skills....

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  • PHP Master is tailor-made for the PHP developer who's serious about taking their server-side applications to the next level and who wants to really keep ahead of the game by adhering to best practice, employing the most effective object-oriented programming techniques, wrapping projects in layers of security and ensuring their code is doing its job perfectly.

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  • We software architects and developers live in a fascinating time. With the release of the .NET Framework in 2000, Web services technology has swept into our programming toolset and into our collective consciousness. Web services are the killer application for XML. Web services are the “new way” to call distributed objects remotely. Web services will take all of our integration headaches away and allow formerly incompatible systems to communicate again. What Microsoft developer has not recently thought to himself, “should I be building my application with Web services?”...

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  • Bio-inspired computational algorithms are always hot research topics in artificial intelligence communities. Biology is a bewildering source of inspiration for the design of intelligent artifacts that are capable of efficient and autonomous operation in unknown and changing environments. It is difficult to resist the fascination of creating artifacts that display elements of lifelike intelligence, thus needing techniques for control, optimization, prediction, security, design, and so on.

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  • Oracle Label Security adds extensive protection for sensitive information. It delivers multilevel security capabilities to protect access to data right down to individual rows in tables and addresses the real world data security and privacy problems faced by government and commercial entities worldwide. Oracle Label Security can be combined with Virtual Private Database, Secure Application Roles, and Oracle Database Vault to provide powerful solutions for protecting personally identifiable information. ...

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  • Giới thiệu Khung công tác Spring đã được phát hành vào cuối năm 2002 để đơn giản hóa việc phát triển J2EE (bây giờ là JavaEE). Trong tám năm qua, Spring đã thực hiện thành công nhiệm vụ này bằng cách đưa ra các khung công tác hoặc các tính năng cộng đồng Java như Bảo mật Spring (Spring Security), Spring MVC (Spring Model-View-Controller

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  • Các phong bì SOAP là cấu trúc XML ngoài cùng xác định ranh giới của một tài liệu SOAP. Nó được biểu diễn như các yếu tố gốc và thường tuyên bố với cácSOAP cơ thể có chứa thịt hoặc tin nhắn yêu cầu SOAP. Cơ thể có phương pháp hoặc chức năng để thực hiện, các thông số để

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  • SOAP Header Initiator bố bảo mật nhận dạng / thuộc tính thẻ Đoàn ràng buộc bản sắc có thể hoạt động như đại biểu Transport Layer Giao thông vận tải nhận dạng (chứng chỉ) Hình 10.3 Đoàn kịch bản. DOM. Những giao diện được, và làm thế nào chúng khác nhau từ các đối tượng. XML giao diện liên quan đến tồn tại gì?

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  • Enterprises have websites constructed in different web frameworks and the need for them to work together cohesively. GateIn will provide the solution to effectively integrate them into a single website. GateIn is an open source website framework that does more than a web framework by letting you use your preferred one. This GateIn Cookbook provides solutions whether you're planning to develop a new GateIn portal, migrate a portal, or only need to answer a specific query. It is filled with bite-sized recipes for quick and easy problem resolution.

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  • After completing this lesson, you should be able to do the following: Create users Create roles to ease setup and maintenance of the security model Use the GRANT and REVOKE statements to grant and revoke object privileges Create and access database links

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