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  • Part 1 of the document Fundamentals of spun yarn technology content presentation: Fundamentals of yarns and yarn production; materials preparation stage I - Opening, cleaning, and scouring; materials preparation stage II - Fundamentals of the carding process; carding theory; materials preparation stage III.

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  • Part 2 of the document Fundamentals of spun yarn technology content presentation: Yarn formation structure and properties, the principles of package winding, yarn tensions and balloon geometry in ring spinning and winding, fancy yarn production.

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  • Global competition has caused the US textile industry to modernize and become cost competitive because developing nations have discovered that exporting textile products to the USA is an attractive way to enhance their economic growth. Their low labor costs have pressured domestic producers into replacing labor intensive manufacturing equipment with automated, sophisticated, efficient, hightechnology machinery. The industry has focused on reducing costs, improving quality and developing quick turnaround and response scenarios.

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  • The present study, therefore, indicates that the hybrid population needs to be grouped on the basis of fibre length and fibre strength prior to estimation of correlation coefficients and direct and indirect effects of other traits on seed cotton yield.

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  • We have learned to what it takes to get ready for export, how to identify and find market outlets for products, and tips for going after the target markets. To sum up, we have provided an example of how one Wildlife Friendly product, specialty yarn, used the steps in this guide to identify and prioritize market outlets for their products We encourage you to use these same steps for your own products and start talking to potential buyers. Remember, offer a high quality product, tell the buyer about the wonderful natural beauty and endangered wildlife being protected...

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  • The United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has declared 2009 the International Year of Natural Fibers so we are using Wildlife Friendly certified plant and animal fibers, specifically yarn as a mini case to illustrate how you can pull together the guidance in this document for your product. Market Trends and relevance to Wildlife Friendly yarns - The past few years have seen an explosive interest in knitting and corresponding growth in yarn sales especially with a younger demographic of women.

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  • The fibre is spun into yarn, which is then processed into fabric in a weaving or knitting mill. After dyeing and finishing, the woven material is ready for delivery either directly to a manufacturer of textile products to finally get stitched into clothes that we wear. Invite you to refer to Part 2 of the document.

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  • Most agricultural commodities are processed in some way. Some fruits and vegetables are canned, dried or frozen. Meat animals are slaughtered, cut up, and chilled. Wheat is ground, and the flour is baked into bread. Soybeans are crushed, and the oil is made into margarine and shortening; the meal is used for livestock feed or refined for high-protein flour. Cotton is spun into thread and yarn; the yarn goes into cloth, and the cloth into shirts and dresses and sheets. Byproducts of many agricultural products yield glycerin, fatty acids, enzymes, hormones, and many...

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  • The next largest category, accounting for close to 20% of imports since 1986, comprises light and textile industry products, including rubber, mineral, and iron products. The main imports in the category are iron, steel, textile yarn, and fabrics. However, imports of other products in the category, such as wool tops, wood, cork manufactures, leather, dressed fur, and aluminium, rose rapidly during 1986 and 1989.

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