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  • Many attempts have been made to understand the plant response to water using plant growth models. The effects of fertilizer on crop yield are greater than those of water. Therefore, some models that have been developed for the evaluation of water–yield relationships can also be used for fertilizer-yield relationships.

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  • Our results show that melon yields decreased as water salinity increased, just as concentrations of glutamic acid content rose, although the concentration of most amino acids did not differ significantly.

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  • Compared to full season soybean cropping systems, seed yield reduction is a major concern in double-cropped soybean production systems. This study was conducted at the Research Farm of Mustafa Kemal University, Hatay, Turkey, to determine if it is possible to enhance the yield of both full season and double-cropped soybean by narrowing row spacing.

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  • Due to climate change, the agro-climatic indicators in Son La province has changed in the following trends: (i) the total heat in the Winter - Spring crop and the Summer crop as well as the total annual heat have increased; (ii) The amount of time in a year with temperature below 20 degrees has shortened; the amount of time in a year with temperatures above 25 degrees has lengthened; (iii) the absolute minimum temperature tends to increase rapidly; (iv) the rainfall in Winter - Spring crop has increased slightly whereas the season rainfall and total annual rainfall tend to decrease.

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  • The percent reduction in grain yield was 5%–40% and fit a quadratic relationship. The number of grains ear–1 declined in a linear fashion with increasing X. strumarium density, except at the highest corn density, with an average decrease of 5%–6% in grains ear–1 for every X. strumarium plant m–2.

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  • Water is finite on earth. There is a fixed amount of water which neither decreases or increases. Fresh water is a renewable resource because of the water cycle. From a human perspective the source of freshwater is rainfall. Most of this rainfall is used directly for vegetative growth, such as natural vegetation, pasture, rain-fed maize etc. This process, known as transpiration, is highly productive and produces in Southern Africa the bulk of food crops.

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  • Simulated Annealing is a probabilistic meta-heuristic that is based on statistical mechanics: while at high temperatures molecules in a liquid move freely, the slow reduction of temperature decreases the thermal mobility of the molecules. The final state forms a pure crystal which also corresponds to a state of minimum energy. We encourage readers to explore SA in their work, mainly because it is simple and because it can yield very good results.

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  • The use of legume crops in maize rotation systems may decrease the need for nitrogen (N) fertilization and increase total output. The effect of previous crops (wheat, barley, lentil, Hungarian vetch, and fallow) and different N fertilization rates (0, 120, 160, 200, and 240 kg of N ha–1) on yield and N content of silage maize (Zea mays L.) were evaluated under irrigated conditions in Diyarbakır, Turkey.

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  • An experimental study was conducted to define the response of aubergine to different temperatures in controlled greenhouses. Set temperatures of the greenhouses were 14, 18, 22, 26 and 30˚C. In terms of vegetative growth, the plant response was the highest to the highest temperature then gradually decreasing for the lower temperatures.

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  • The combined effects of NaCl salinity and increasing rates of P on the Zn nutrition of pepper were studied. The applied P increased fruit yield in the absence of salinity, but decreased it in the presence of salinity. Fresh and dry weights of the plants were increased by the applied P and decreased by salinity.

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  • Insect pests are among the major constraints rendering drastic decreases in crop yield. The expression of stacked insecticidal genes in crops can lead to resistance durability and can delay the development of resistance in target insect pests.

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  • The response of mustard (Brassica juncea (L.) Czern & Coss cv. Varuna) to presowing seed treatment with sodium chloride (NaCl) was investigated. The plants raised from treated seeds were sprayed with water or 10-6 M GA3 at the 30- day stage. The seeds imbibed in 1 or 10 mM of NaCl resulted in a decrease in dry mass, leaf chlorophyll content.

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  • The continuous production of ethanol from beet molasses by Ca-alginate immobilized Saccharomyces cerevisiae in a packed-bed bioreactor was investigated. At higher substrate concentrations, substrate was recirculated through the packedbed bioreactor to increase yields and to decrease residual sugar content.

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  • In this paper, we suggest Process-Oriented in/put Deduplication (POD) and modestly after that perform volume arranged data yield Deduplication (VOD). Proposed Process Oriented in/put Deduplication technique to some degree augment the execution and decreased information exchange limit of genuine accumulating structure in the cloud server.

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  • Agromisa receives many questions about agricultural problems that directly or indirectly involve soil fertility problems. Often crop returns have decreased, so farmers want to know how to regain previous harvest levels. Lack of soil fertility causes decreased yields but many plant diseases are also related to poor soil fertility

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  • In the study performed by Purushotham et al. (2011) showed that about 28% of total hardness in the study site exceeded the desirable limits at 600 mg L-1. Naturally, the water hardness is due to the presence of alkaline earths such as calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg). Excess of magnesium affects the soil quality, which results in poor crops yield. The high concentration of magnesium and calcium can cause decrease in water quality and may cause encrustation in the water supply structure.

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  • Interest income is the most important source of revenue for most of the banks. The aim of this paper is to assess the impact of dierent interest rate scenarios on the banks' interest income. As we do not know the interest rate sensitivity of real banks, we construct for each bank a portfolio with a similar composition of its assets and liabilities, called 'tracking bank'. We evaluate the eect of 260 historical interest rate shocks on the tracking banks of German savings banks and cooperative banks.

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  • The decreased maximum quantum yield of primary photochemistry (Fv/Fm), interpreted as photodamage (Powles, 1984; Torzillo et al., 1998; Maxwell & Johnson 2000), may be due to an inactivation of PSII reaction centers, an inhibition of electron transport at both donor and acceptor sides of PSII, and a distribution of excitation energy transfer in favor of PSI (Lu & Vonshak, 1999; Lu et al., 1999; Lu & Vonshak, 2002), increasing the cyclic electron flow around PSI (Gilmour et al., 1982; Joset et al., 1996).

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  • Lenne, 1996) and to decrease damage by pests and pathogens (Cantelo & Sanford, 1984). In some crops (e.g. rice) this is applied on a large scale to maximize yield by minimizing damage by pathogens (Zhu et al., 2000). Information on genetic diversity and population structure also assists plant breeding in the selection of parents for crossing, providing a more rational basis for expanding the gene pool, and for identifying materials that harbor genes of value for plant improvement.

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  • Lee et al. Nanoscale Research Letters 2011, 6:352 NANO EXPRESS Open Access Structure-dependent mechanical properties of ultrathin zinc oxide nanowires Wen-Jay Lee1, Jee-Gong Chang1, Shin-Pon Ju2*, Meng-Hsiung Weng2 and Chia-Hung Lee2 Abstract Mechanical properties of ultrathin zinc oxide (ZnO) nanowires of about 0.7-1.1 nm width and in the unbuckled wurtzite (WZ) phase have been carried out by molecular dynamics simulation. As the width of the nanowire decreases, Young’s modulus, stress-strain behavior, and yielding stress all increase.

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