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  • DAD HAD already gone when Bobby got up. This disappointed Bobby a little but then he remembered—this was the big day. Naturally Dad would get over to the project early. And at four o'clock— Bobby shivered deliciously at the thought of it.

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  • "That hand didn't move, did it?" Edwardson asked, standing at the port, looking at the stars. "No," Morse said. He had been staring fixedly at the Attison Detector for over an hour. Now he blinked three times rapidly, and looked again. "Not a millimeter." "I don't think it moved either," Cassel added, from behind the gunfire panel. And that was that. The slender black hand of the indicator rested unwaveringly on zero. The ship's guns were ready, their black mouths open to the stars. A steady hum filled the room. It came from the Attison Detector, and the sound was...

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  • FORMATTING TEXT AND DATES Format character Description %m %D %d %a * %H %h %I %i %S %s %R %r %% Months, no leading zero Days with leading zero Days, no leading zero Total number of days Hours with leading zero Hours, no leading zero Minutes with leading zero Minutes, no leading zero Seconds with leading zero Seconds, no leading zero Display minus when negative, plus when positive Display minus when negative, no sign when positive Percentage sign Examples 2, 11 03, 24 3, 24 15, 231 03, 23 3, 23 05, 59 5, 59 05, 59 5, 59 -, + % *...

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  • If + Mệnh đề 1 (thì hiện tại đơn giản), Mệnh đề 2 (thì hiện tại đơn giản) = Khi muốn nhắn nhủ ai đó: E.g: If you see Nam, you tell him I’m in Vietnam (Nếu bạn gặp Nam, you hãy nhắn anh ấy rằng tôi đang ở Việt Nam nhé) + Chỉ thói quen: E.g: If the doctor has morning office hours, he visits his patients in the hospital in the afternoon

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  • Eleventh hour, Zero hour.

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  • FORMATTING TEXT AND DATES Period Specifier %c Description Number without leading zero With leading zero Without leading zero With English text suffix Full text Abbreviated name, three letters 24-hour clock with leading zero 24-hour clock without leading zero 12-hour clock with leading zero 12-hour clock without leading zero Example 1, 9 01, 25 1, 25 1st, 25th Monday, Thursday Mon, Thu 01, 23 1, 23 01, 11 1, 11 Day of month %d %e %D Weekday name %W %a Hour %H %k %h %l (lowercase “L”) Minutes Seconds AM/PM %i %S %p With leading zero With leading zero 05, 25 08, 45 As explai...

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  • It’s time for a revolution. For too long, you’ve been taught a pack of lies about productivity. You’ve been told that if you have 43 folders and your inbox is at zero, you’ve got it made. All you have to do is write every single idea down the moment each one arrives, organize those ideas into contexts, and spend your every waking hour tending your system. If you follow the directions, you’ve been promised a black belt and the title of Captain and Commander where you’re in total control and you’ve got a clear view of the horizon. But every productivity...

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  • Traditional estimates that often find minimum wage disemployment effects include controls for state unemployment rates and state- and year-fixed effects. Using CPS data on teens for the period 1990–2009, we show that such estimates fail to account for heterogeneous employment patterns that are correlated with selectivity among states with minimum wages. As a result, the estimates are often biased and not robust to the source of identifying variation.

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  • These records appeared on the hourly wrap-up because ip.filter examines the IP header for any datagram that has the more fragments flag set and a zero fragment offset. This will display only the first fragment. The reason that this was done was to alert you of the fragmentation, yet not overwhelm you with all the records.

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  • Credit awarded to students for research toward completion of a research project, or a degree thesis or dissertation. This credit allows measure of the expected amount of work and the resources used, while the student actually earns zero degree credit hours. The benefit obtained is primarily to account for the resources provided, to use in reporting to governments, and in maintaining the students’ financial aid position. Example: Senior Research Project, Master’s Thesis, Doctoral Dissertation....

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  • Hours are assigned to courses to reflect the value of resources used to provide the class, such as rooms, instructors, equipment, etc. Equivalent hours are used in the registration process but revert to zero when posted to the student’s academic history. Example: A seminar with a visiting professor, over and above existing degree requirements. The benefit obtained is primarily to account for the resources provided, to use in reporting to governments, and in maintaining the students’ financial aid position....

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