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  • The research finds that there is a positive relationship between macroeconomics and mutual funds’ performance. Furthermore, country-level governance such as regulation effectiveness, political stability, economic growth and financial development has a positive correlation with mutual funds’ performance. However, the impact of fund-level factors is diverse with the no significant impact of board size on mutual fund’s performance, while passive funds perform better than active funds in Vietnam.

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  • In this study, real option method is used to value real investment project. Furthermore, AHP method is utilized to determine elements that are used in project valuation process. Whereas the investment decision implementation that is made in solar energy sector cannot be carried out with classical approximations, a project case that is valued with real option valuation method can be argued.

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  • This paper proposes Data Envelopment Analysis, a nonparametric approach, for the evaluation of mutual fund performance. This method is applied in both mean-variance and higher moment’s framework on data of Greek mutual funds over the period 2007-2010 with encouraging results.

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  • This paper applies a four-stage data envelopment analysis (DEA) approach proposed by Fried et al. (1999) to measure the operational environment-adjusted efficiency of sixty mutual funds in Taiwan from 2006 to 2010. We adopt the approach for adjusting negative output as suggested by Lovell and Pastor (1995). In addition, the truncated regression model is used to estimate effects of environmental variables on input slacks in the second stage.

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  • The subject of interrelationship that exists between foreign direct investment (FDI) and standard of living has been an issue of both theoretical and empirical investigations. This study, thus examined the relationship between foreign direct investment and standard of living measured by per capita income (PCI) in Nigeria over 1986 – 2009 period using time series data.

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  • Fund selectivity and market timing are two fundamental fund manager’s abilities that determine fund performance. These issues are re-visited to investigate selectivity and market timing aspects of Thai equity funds from 1992 to 2004. Because this time period contains a business cycle, the findings could empirically evidence varying fund manager behaviors under expansion and contraction phases of an economy. Jensen Alpha is employed to examine the selectivity performance.

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  • There are various factors that influence dividend payout policy of corporations; investment opportunity set and corporate financing are among the important ones. Numerous studies have been conducted on the topic of payout policy but less attention is paid on developing countries. In this paper the impact of investment opportunity set and corporate financing on dividend payout policy of Malaysian industrial products sector is investigated.

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  • In this paper we present a rigorous, yet easy to apply method that substitutes those tedious techniques and error prone procedures that are currently used in finding optimal portfolios. Our work is not to support or dispute the applicability of the Mean-Variance optimization method in finance; we simply offer a robust approach to find all the characteristics of any efficient portfolios, with or without bonds.

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  • This study takes Franklin Templeton Investments as an example to investigate investors’ purchase intention of non-award-wining funds from an awarded investment company. We also study the relationships and effects between brand awareness, brand image, brand trust, perceived quality, and purchase intention of non-award-wining funds.

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  • Developing counties, like Nepal is still in tense to maintain the level of political stability, economic growth, development, and employment which are the main issues in one side of the economy and on the other, the majority of the people find shelter in the informal sector in the absence of sluggish growing formal sector. Most of the people are engaged in informal economies that have created varying effects on them in terms of employment and income generations.

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