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EXERCISE 1:Supply the correct verb form: 1.I _______________at home all weekend (stay) 2.It ______________everyday last week (rain) 3.We ______________her very carefully (listen) 4.The shop _____________at 5 o’clock (close) 5.My friend

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EXERCISE 1:Supply the correct verb form:
1.I _______________at home all weekend (stay)
2.It ______________everyday last week (rain)
3.We ______________her very carefully (listen)
4.The shop _____________at 5 o’clock (close)
5.My friend _______________ to stay all weekend (want)
6.I ________________(wash) my clothes yesterday morning (wash)
7.John _________________(study) very hard last night (study)
8.My father _____________very angry with me last Saturday (be)
9.One of my friends __________________me very late last night (phone)
10.The worker ________________the windows for several hours (clean)
11.We (go)___________ to the concert yesterday.
12.He (buy) ____________this book 1 week ago.
13.I (drink)____________ two cups of coffee last Sunday.
14.He (leave)_________three days ago .
15.They (sell ) _____________ their house last year.
16.I (eat)____________ two big cate last night.
17.You (make) _____________ several mistake .
18.We (have) ______________ a good time.
19.The Wilson (build) _______________ a new house in Washington DC last year.
20.John (drive)_____________ downtown with his friends today .
21.Yesterday (be)___________ a bad day for me .
22.I (begin) ____________the day with an accident .
23.I (cut) ____________my hand with a knife .
24.I (forget) _____________about the meeting this morning.
25.Then I (tear)_____________ my new suit .
26.A thief (steal)_____________ my money .
Fortunately, the police(catch) ______________the thief a little while later .
Later I ___________ in some slipper steps and _____________my arms (fall/hurt)
Then a little boy ______________ a ball and ___________me accidentally (throw/hit)
Ater that, I___________ down again and _______________ my new watch
EXERCISE 2: Supply the correct verb form.
1.I ___________________down the street when it begin to rain (go)
2.At this time last year, I ___________________an English course (attend)
3.Jim ________________ under the tree when he heard an explosion (stand)
4.The boy fell and hurt himself while he _________________ a bicycle (ride)
5.When we met them last year, they______________ in Santiago (live)
6.The tourist lost his camera while he________________ around the city (walk)
7.The lorry _______________ very fast when it hit our car (go)
8.While I ____________________in my room, my roommate ___________________ a
party in the other room (study/have)
9.Mary and I (just leave)_______________the house when the telephone rang.
10.We (sit) ____________in a café when they saw us.
11. When I phoned my friends, they (play) _________cards..
12.Yesterday at six I (prepare)___________dinner,
13. The kids (play)_______in the garden when it suddenly to rain.
14.I (practise)________the guitar when he came home.
15.We (not/cycle) ________all day.
16. What (you/do) ________yesterday?
17.Most of the time we (sit) _________in the park.
18.They (study)___________ in the library when the fire alarm went off.
19.It (snow)_____________ when I got up this morning.
20.Abert Einstein (die)________ in 1955.
21.Tom (go) ____________to the post office twice yesterday.
22.Hellen (wait) __________in the lobby, wasn't she?
23.He (work) ___________his way through college at that time.
24.He (teach) ____________economics at Harvard for almost 50 years.
25.The wind (blow) ____________very hard when I went out this morning.
26.He fell while he (go)_______ down the stairs.
27.My car (break)___________ down this morning on the way to work.

EXERCISE : Rewrite these sentences :
1.I see my parents every Sunday morning. (last Sunday)
2.My friend John always asks a lot of questions (this morning)

3.They go to the mountain in the winter (last winter)

4.Julie meets Tom from school every afternoon (this afternoon)

5.He eats a lot in the evenings (last night)

6.I love cycling at the weekend (when I was a child)

7.That TV programme starts at 7:30 every Friday (this morning)

8.We always have a nice time with them. (on holiday)

9.The garden looks lovely in the spring. (last spring)
10.We paint our house every year (in 1998)
EXERCISE 4: Supply the correct verb form:
A: Where __________________(you go) for your last summer holiday?
B: We _____________(go) to Egypt
A: Oh really? How interesting! _____________________(you/enjoy) it?
B: Oh, yes, we ________________. Paul _________________(love) the Nile River and
I_____________(think) the pyramids and all the historical sights_______________(be)
A: How long ______________(you/stay)?
B: For 4 weeks. We _________________(be) there for the whole of October
A: How nice! So you __________________(have) lots of time to travel round
B: Yes, we_____________. Well, quite a lot. But we only _______________(see) a few
places so I’d like to go again
A: ______________(you/learn) any Egyptian Arabic?
B: I______________ but Paul _______________. I _______________(study) the language
for a few weeks before we _____________(go). I _____________(find) a good Arabic
language cassette in the local library and that ______________(be) helpful
2. I (be)___ a student in Moloxop School in 1998.
3. A number of (duck) ___ (go) ___ through here, yesterday .
4. While Tom (play)…… the piano, his mother was doing the washing-up.
5. He (drink) some juice and then he ate a few chips.
6.We (wait) _________for Jane, when suddenly Louis (come)_________ around the  
7.I (cycle)_________through the park, when I (hear)________ a strange noise. 
8.He (pass)________ her a message when the teacher (not look)_________. 
9.I(felt)_______ asleep while I (watch)__________TV last night. 
10.When Mike and Jane  (paint)_________the walls, their dog (knock)_______ over the  
paint pot. 
11.Tom (break)________ his leg when he (play)__________frisbee. 
12.The phone (ring)_________when I (sit)_________on the toilet. 
13.I (jog)______in the park, when two squirrels (cross)_______ my way. 
14.Robert (felt)_________ off the ladder when he (pick)__________cherries. 
15.Archimedes (discover) __________the theory of buoyancy while he  
(take)____________a bath. 
16.When we (travel)________around Ireland, we (meet)_________ some very nice  
18.While she (speak)_________on the phone, the milk boiled over. 
19.When I (leave)__________ the house this morning, the sun(shine)___________. 
20.Caroline (burn)__________ her hand when she (iron)__________her clothes. 
21.When I (do)____________the washing­up, I (break)_________a plate. 
22.While Tom (play)________the piano, his mother (do)______________the washing­
23.He (drink)___________ some juice and then he (eat)___________ a few chips. 
24.I (have)______________dinner when I suddenly (hear) a loud bang. 
25.When my father (work)__________in the garden, an old friend (pass)  
____________by to see him. 
26.She (go)________to school, (take)___________ out her textbook and  
(begin)________________ to learn. 
27.When it (start)__________ to rain, our dog (want)___________ to come inside. 
28.When Jane (do)___________a language course in Ireland, she  
(visit)____________Blarney Castle. 
29.When I (be)________ on my way home, I (see)__________ an accident. 
30.I (not understand)_____________what they (talk)_____________about. 
31. While I (cycle)_________past some villages, I (see)_______ some people in their  
32.One man was (move)_______the grass while his wife  
33.After one hour of cycling in sunshine, a big fat raincloud suddenly  
(appear)____________ and it (start)__________ to rain. 
34.Luckily, a farmer (notice)__________ me and (tell)_________ me to come in. 
35.While it (rain)__________outside, I  (sit)_____________in the farmer's house. 
After a while, the sun (come)________ out again. 
I (thank) ____________the farmer for his hospitality and (move)_______ on. 
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