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Exercise 1. Fill in the blank with suitable word .
People who are deprived (1) _____ sleep lose energy and become qick – tempered. (2) ____ two days without
(3) _____ a person finds that lengthy concentration becomes difficult. He can force (4) ____ to perform tasks
well for short periods, but he’s easily distracted. He makes many mistakes, especially at routine ta sks, and his
attention slips (5) ______ Every “sleepless” person experiences periods in (6) ____ he dozes off for a few
second and more. He is (7) ______ asleep unless he is kept active continuously.
People (8) _____ go without sleep for more than three days have great difficulty thinking, seeing and hearing
clearly. They have periods of hallucinations, during (9) ______ they see things that do not really exist. They
also confuse daydreams with real life and (10) ______ track of their thoughts in the middle of a sentence.
Exercise 2. Choose the best answer.
1. In the summer, we often sleep in the _____ air on our terrace.
a. clear b. clean c. open d. full
2. The taxi – drivers are complaining that their fares are too ______
a. small b. little c. low d. few
3. A walnut tree ______ us from the sun on hot days.
a. fences b. warns c. shelters d. prevents
4. Do b e careful not to ________ your coffee on the white rug, Bill.
a. drip b. spill c. filter d. leak
5. Nobody ______ that aeroplane crash.
a. survived b. recovered c. lived d. released
6. The Queen had said that she will _______ the ceremony.
a. engage b. come c. attend d. impart
7. His request _______ me completely by surprise.
a. left b. shook c. made d. took
8. Their last cook was better than their ________ one.
a. current b. former c. latter d. instant
9. I wanted to go home but my girlfriend ______ in going to a night – club.
a. insisted b. persisted c. demanded d. intended
10. It’s becoming more and more ______ that the Government had lost the confidence of the nation.
a. understood b. apparent c. anticipated d. expected
Exercise 3. Rewrite the sentences without changing their meaning
1. It was careless of you to leave the windows open last night.
You shouldn’t ___________________________________
2. I’m sorry I was rude to you yesterday.
I apologize ______________________________________
3. “ Why didn’t you report the incident to the police last week ? ”, the officer asked her
The officer wanted ________________________________
4. Philip’s inability to make decision dates from his accidents.
Ever ____________________________________________
5. I have never read such a romantic story.
This is __________________________________________
6. They had to wait for twelve hours before their flight left.
Only after _______________________________________
7. Even though I admire his courage, I think he is foolish.
Much __________________________________________
8. We will put out to sea if the weather is good.
Provided ________________________________________
9. Do not blame me if the key’s lost.
It is not _________________________________________
10. It isn’t my fault that you made stupid mistakes.
You can’t blame __________________________________
Exercise 4. Give the correct form of word in bold.
1. We had the phove ______ because we are moving tomorrow. CONNECT
2. Mr. Thomson is a ____ person. If he says he’ll do something, you know that he will. DEPEND
3. _______, there are black holes in space THEORY.
4. A ________ has been made in AIDS research. BREAK
5. What the computer produces depends on the quality of the _________ PUT
6. The factory’s _________ has increased considerably in the p ast few years PUT
7. He works for an ________ company for investment ADVISE
8. I ________ their abilities – they’re finding the jobs very difficult ESTIMATE
9. Here is the signature of _______ of the letter ADDRESS
10. Now, there is every ___ that the residents will make complaints to the People’s Committee. LIKE
Exercise 5. Read the passage carefully.
Many countries face a somewhat more serious economic problem in the form of an unfavourable trade
balance with other nations. Such an imbalance exists when the total value of a country’s imports exceeds that of
its exports . For example, if a country buys $10 billion in products from other countries, yet sells $10 billion of
its own products overseas, its trade is $20 billion. Many underdeveloped nations find themselves in this
position because they lack natural resources or the industrial capacity to use these resources, and thus have to
import raw material or manufactured goods.
One effect of a trade deficit is the flow of currency out of a country. In the case of an underdeveloped nation,
this can cause many financial difficulties, including failure to meet debt payments and obstacles to creation of
an industrial base. Even in the case of a fully developed nation such as the United States, a large trade deficit is
reason for alarm. American products, made by well – paid workers in U.S industries, cost more to produce than
those made in places like Asia, where labour and material costs are much lower. Money spent on foreign
products is money not spent on items produced by domestic industries.
1. What does the passage mainly discuss?
a. Several worldwide economic problems b. The causes and consequences of trade deficit
c. Lack of resources in underdeveloped countries d. The value of export versus imports
2. According to the passage, when does a trade imbalance occur?
a. A country has a serious economic problem b. A country sells more products overseas than
its import
c. The value of the products a country imports is greater than the value of those it expo rts
d. A country cannot develop its natural resources.
3. The passage states that many underdeveloped nations have trade deficit because
a. they find themselves in this position b. they export most of their natural resources to others
c. they have to import most of their natural resources or manufatured products
d. they have failed to meet debt payments
4. Which of the following is not mentioned as a possible cause of a trade imbalance?
a. low labour and material costs in Asian countries b. A lack of natu ral resources
c. An underdeveloped industrial base d. The high cost of export items.
5. It can be inferred from this passage that American industries ____
a. do not pay their workers sufficient wages b. are hurt by a trade imbalance
c. import labour and material from overseas d. provide a strong industrial base preventing a trade
Exercise 6.Find a word with different sound
1. a. shoot b. noodle c. boot d. wolf
2. a. knew b. dew c. sew d. few
3. a. home b. tomb c. comb d. dome
4. a. issue b. passion c. tissue d. vessel
5. a. seizure b. measure c. confusion d. tension
6. a. chorus b. cherish c. chaos d. scholar
7. a. leaf b. knife c. coffee d. of
8. a. crea ture b. creative c. crea my d. crease
9. a. cloth b. clothes c. bo th d. boat
10. a. hea r b. spear c. dea r d. swear
Exercise 7. Word - building
Dear Bill
1. I / expect / you / surprise / get / letter / me
2. As / see / address above / I / hospital
3. Last Wednesday / I / have / accident / I / drove / work
4. child / run out / front / my car / and I / stop / sudden / that / car behind / crash / me
5. Luckily / I / wear / seatbelt / I / not injured badbly / although / I / have / stay / here / next Friday.
6. It / boring / I / be pleased / see / if / you / spare time.
7. Visiting hours / 7.00 to 9.00 evening.
8. I / hope / able / come.
9. Give / ragards / your / family.
10. Look / see / you again.
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