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Giai đoạn mảng anten P8

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Although the infinite array techniques of Chapter 7 are excellent for system trades and preliminary design, final design requires a finite array simulation. Direct impedance (admittance) matrix methods were described in Section 7.3.2. These were developed by Oliner and Malech, 1966a; Galindo, 1972; Bailey, 1974; Bailey and Bostian, 1974; Cha and Hsiao, 1974; Steyskal, 1974; Bird, 1979; Luzwick and Harrington, 1982; Clarricoats et al., 1984; Pozar, 1985, 1986; Fukao et al., 1986; Deshpande and Bailey, 1989; Silvestro, 1989; Usoff and Munk, 1994; and others. When moment methods are not necessary (thin half~wave dipoles, for example), sizeable planar arrays may be...

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