KIỂM TRA HỌC KÌ I – NĂM HỌC 2010-2011 MÔN ANH VĂN 12 - Mã đề thi 1202

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Nội dung Text: KIỂM TRA HỌC KÌ I – NĂM HỌC 2010-2011 MÔN ANH VĂN 12 - Mã đề thi 1202

Thời gian làm bài: 45 phút.
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Mă đề thi 1202
I. Read the article below. Then choose the best answer (A, B, C or D).
In British schools most pupils learn French or German. In a few schools you can also learn Italian,
Spanish or Russian. Not many pupils learn Latin now. All pupils must study one foreign language until they
are 16. Schools usually organize school trips to France or Germany. Pupils travel in a group with their
teachers. They stay in a hotel or they go camping. Some schools have an exchange with another school in
France or Germany. A group of pupils from the British school go to the exchange town. Each pupil has a
partner and they stay with their partner’s family. They sometimes go to school with their partner.
Later in the year the pupils from France or Germany come to Britain and stay with their British
partners. Exchanges are very useful, because you can learn about daily life in another country.
Câu 1: In Britain, nowadays, not many pupils learn
A. Italian and Spanish. B. Latin.
C. Russian. D. French and German
Câu 2: Until British pupils are 16, they must study
A. two foreign languages. B. one foreign language.
C. a lot of foreign languages D. their own language.
Câu 3: In an exchange scheme, each pupil has a
A. school. B. partner. C. family’s partner. D. teacher.
Câu 4: Exchanges are useful because pupils
A. learn about daily life in another country. B. go to an exchange town.
C. travel in a group with their teachers. D. stay in a hotel or go camping.
II. Pick out the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the o thers.
Câu 5: A. confirmed B. installed C. confided D. handled
Câu 6: A. precedes B. struggles C. achieves D. creates
Câu 7: A. chemist B. child C. church D. chicken
Câu 8: A. hea vy B. neat C. rea son D. seat
III. Choose the suitable answers.
Câu 9: You should concentrate what the interviewer is saying.
A. a t B. in C. on D. to
Câu 10: His father is always willing to give a hand cleaning the house.
A. with B. for C. about D. in
Câu 11: My mother takes the responsibility running the household.
A. in B. for C. with D. by
Câu 12: The academic year in England is divided three terms.
A. in B. between C. among D. into
Câu 13: Reducing the size of classes may improve standards.
A. educated B. educating C. education D. educational
Câu 14: She has had to make some very difficult .
A. decided B. decisive C. decision D. decisions
Câu 15: How many did you have for the job?
A. applicants B. applications C. apply D. applied
Câu 16: Tom is a very person and writes lists for everything.
A. method B. methodic C. methodical D. methodically
Câu 17: He was as a full member of the society.
A. accepting B. accepted C. acceptable D. acceptance

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Câu 18: Robert in three movies already. I’m sure he’ll be a star some day.
A. appeared B. has appeared
C. had appeared D. has been appearing
Câu 19: We missed the train. It by the time we arrived at the station.
A. left B. was leaving C. had left D. have left
Câu 20: By this time next year we the course.
A. will finish B. have finished
C. will have finished D. will have been finishing
Câu 21: If energy unlimited, many things in the world would be different.
A. would be B. will be C. were D. is
Câu 22: We are made all the cleaning in the house.
A. doing B. done C. to do D. do
Câu 23: . “ I’m sorry I have to leave so early,” he said.
A. He apologised for having to leave so early.
B. He apologised to have to leave so early.
C. He apologised that he has to leave so early.
D. He apologised to have left so early.
Câu 24: John said, “ You’d better not lend them any money, Daisy.”
A. John said Daisy not to lend them any money.
B. John said to Daisy not lend them any money.
C. John advised Daisy shoud not lend them any money.
D. John advised Daisy not to lend them any money.

IV. Read the following passage. Then choose the best option (A, B, C or D).
It’s always worth preparing well for an interview. Don’t just hope …… the best. Here are a few tips.
Practise how you say things, as well as what you …… to say. If you don’t own a video camera, perhaps
a friend of …… does. Borrow it and make a video tape of yourself. Find …… to watch it with you
and give you a …… of advice on how you appear and behave.
Before the interview, plan what to wear. Find out how the company expects its …… to dress. At the
interview, believe in yourself and be honest, open and friendly. ……attention and keep your answers to
the point. The interviewer doesn’t want to waste time and …… do you.
Câu 25: A. against B. to C. for D. at
Câu 26: A. intend B. consider C. imagine D. think
Câu 27: A. his B. yours C. mine D. ours
Câu 28: A. anybody B. nobody C. everybody D. somebody
Câu 29: A. number B. slice C. plenty D. bit
Câu 30: A. colleagues B. employees C. customers D. employers
Câu 31: A. Attract B. Give C. Turn D. Pay
Câu 32: A. so B. either C. neither D. or
V. Error Identificatior.
Câu 33: Ken does (A)lots of mistakes (B), but he never seems (C)to learn from (D) them.
Câu 34: People had much to learn (A) before (B) they (C) became civilization (D)
Câu 35: My son keeps (A) asking (B) me to have (C) his car fix (D) before he goes to Canada.
Câu 36: The football match (A) was televised (B) lively (C) from the National (D) Stadium.
VI. Pick out the word whose primary stress is different from the others ,từ câu 37 đến câu 40
Câu 37: A. ancestor B. nursery C. counterpart D. tuition
Câu 38: A. tertiary B. decisive C. rewarding D. fantastic
Câu 39: A. entry B. attempt C. retail D. keenness
Câu 40: A. carry B. fulfill C. record D. adopt
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