AutoIT Help part 147

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  1.  Fixed: Basic string comparisons were not working with locale as in previous versions. 23rd May, 2007 - v3.2.4.8  Fixed: Errors with non-western codepages and ANSI format scripts. 22nd May, 2007 - v3.2.4.7  Added: Aut2Exe options for forcing ANSI mode compilation (/ansi and /unicode)  Added: StringToBinary()  Added: Additional unicode related options for BinaryToString() 20th May, 2007 - v3.2.4.6  Fixed: StringReplace() and occurances parameter. 20th May, 2007 - v3.2.4.5  Added: BinaryToString() for binary buffer to ANSI string quick conversions.  Added: @Unicode macro to show if AutoIt is being run in Unicode or ANSI mode.  Changed: StringReplace() speeded up - a lot.  Changed: Au3Info is now resizable.  Fixed: Chr(0) now properly works with Binary() 17th May, 2007 - v3.2.4.4  Fixed: Chr(0) now acting more sensible (now acts in a similar way to VBScript). 17th May, 2007 - v3.2.4.3  Fixed: FileRead() not working properly with unicode files. 15th May, 2007 - v3.2.4.2  Changed: Au3Info graphical tweaks and Summary tab.
  2.  Fixed: FileReadLine() getting bad cached data when reading specific line numbers with file handles.  Fixed: Slight lag in GUIGetMsg() under certain circumstances. 13th May, 2007 - v3.2.4.1  Added: ChrW() and AscW() for unicode operations.  Fixed: Chr() and Asc() for character codes 128-255 in unicode mode.  Fixed: Unicode BOM was not being written in file append modes if the file was empty.  Fixed: Error in Include\GuiCombo.au3 and Include\IE.au3. 10th May, 2007 - v3.2.4.0 Big changes:  AutoIt is now compiled for Unicode! AutoIt3.exe is Unicode - AutoIt3A.exe is ANSI. For more details see this page.  Au3Info tool rewritten.  Binary data functions completely rewritten - scripts using these functions will need to be changed. Other changes:  Added: New modes for FileOpen() to force Unicode and binary operations.  Added: BinaryLen(), BinaryMid()  Added: Colored GUI buttons.  Added: DllStruct...() can reference elements by name rather than index.  Changed: Removed restrictions on the maximum number of #include directives.  Changed: Removed restrictions on the maximum number of DllOpen() handles.  Changed: Removed restrictions on the maximum number of open files.  Changed: Removed restrictions on the maximum number of hotkeys.  Changed: Performance improvements in StringStripWS().  Changed: Binary data in variants are now treated as a special type, separate from normal strings.  Changed: BinaryString() renamed to Binary()  Changed: IsBinaryString() renamed to IsBinary()
  3.  Changed: ControlClick() can now click a control at a certain position.  Changed: ControlClick() can now properly simulate double-clicks.  Changed: ControlClick() no longer forces the activation of the parent window (up to the user now).  Changed: ControlClick() related coordinates added to Au3Info.  Changed: Improved the searches that can be done for windows/controls/instances.  Changed: From DEFAULT_QUALITY to PROOF_QUALITY for Change/Set Font functions.  Changed: x^y compatible with C99 standard.  Fixed: Possible crash when using StringStripWS(), flag 4 and empty strings.  Fixed: GUICtrlSetLimit() for UpDown controls wher min = max.  Fixed: GuiCtrlSetTip() not always working correctly.  Fixed: Slow GUI tab redrawing under Windows Vista fixed.  Fixed: HotKeySet bad notification.  Fixed: FileGetAttrib() on pagefile.sys.  Fixed: Invalid default parameter in GUICtrlSetData() not detected.  Fixed: Assign does return error on array element.  Fixed: FileOpen("test.txt", 2+8) returning error.  Fixed: Error detection in Enum statement.  Fixed: Opt("WinTitleMatchMode").  Fixed: Stack corruption resulting from improper use of DllCall() now gracefully aborts the script instead of hard crashing.  Fixed: Crash when reading empty REG_MULTI_SZ.  Fixed: Round() not returning an integer.  Fixed: ControlSend() to empty "" ctrl fixed for inactive window. Also shift state behavior.  Fixed : O^(-1).  Fixed: Non detection of illegal statement.  Fixed: HotKeySet("^{PAUSE]",... notification.  Fixed: {CTRLBREAK} ->{BREAK} as ctrl is user responsability.  Fixed: $var = Default passed as parameter to Com object.  Fixed: Edit control would always have focus the first time the GUI was displayed even if it shouldn't. This behavior also ignored $GUI_FOCUS.  Fixed: range value for seed Number in SRandom().  Fixed: Fileread crash if no count in raw mode.  Fixed: Opt("WinTitleMatchMode",
  4.  Fixed: Aut2exe warning message if icon not found.  Fixed: WinGetTitle() returns 1 on error.  Fixed: Memory leak on keyword variable deallocation. 19th December, 2006 - v3.2.2.0  Added: StringRegExp() and StringRegExpReplace() regular expression support (Perl compatible)  Added: Regular expression support for Window title matching.  Added: ShellExecute() and ShellExecuteWait() functions.  Added: #RequireAdmin for UAC/Windows Vista  Added: Windows vista help file entry.  Added: GuiCtrlSetState() $GUI_DROPNOTACCEPTED.  Added: $GUI_FOCUS, $GUINOFOCUS for listviewitem control.  Added: IsDllStruct()  Added: SRandom() to set seed for random number generation.  Added: WinTitleMatchMode for case insensitive matching.  Added: Listview Alternate coloring with $GUI_BKCOLOR_LV_ALTERNATE.  Added: IconId can be referenced by ordinal value if negative 1-based index is used.  Added: CompiledScript string file info for compiled script.  Added: Support >32x32 icon from .exe/.dll in GUICtrlCreateIcon or GUICtrlSetImage.  Added: Expanded GUICtrlSetTip() to allow creation of tooltips with titles, icons and using the balloon tip style.  Added: Tooltip supports Default keyword.  Added: Remark added to _PathSplit() mentioning that it does not accept command line strings, only paths.  Added: 2 UDF's to GUIStatusBar.au3.  Added: GUICtrlCreateIcon and GUICtrlSetImage can select in multiple icon file by name.  Added: @KBLayout to retrieve the current keyboard configuration.  Added: ToolTip() option to ensure the tooltip is always displaying on a monitor.  Added: IniWriteSection() function.  Added: @extended error code on DriveMapAdd error.  Added: Listview Alternate coloring with $GUI_BKCOLOR_LV_ALTERNATE.
  5.  Changed: Performance improvements (up to 100% on some scripts!).  Changed: @error set to WinAPI GetLastError() for Run().  Changed: Small tweak to Floor() to ensure it is not as susceptible to floating point precision errors.  Changed: Small tweak to Ceiling() to ensure it is not as susceptible to floating point precision errors.  Changed: PixelChecksum() is now over 30x faster.  Changed: FileGetVersion() extra parameter to retrieve string file info.  Fixed: MsgBox() timeout on Windows Vista.  Fixed: GuiCtrlRead on listview control when sorted.  Fixed: @OSVERSION on Windows 9x.  Fixed: GuiGetCursorInfo() with Handle not retrieving mouse click info.  Fixed: DllCall() crashes when using uint, ushort.  Fixed: List control height when font size changes.  Fixed: GUICtrlSetImage() not testing icon on error.  Fixed: @ScriptDir equal @WorkingDir for rootdir (x:\).  Fixed: GUIGetCursorInfo() (winhandle) when child not active.  Fixed: _StringAddComma().  Fixed: drag & drop $GUI_EVENT_DROPPED notififation on edit control.  Fixed: Coherency of type parameter for DLLCall() and DLLSructCreate()  Fixed: Default keyword didn't always work correctly with COM objects.  Fixed: COM property write fails when using arguments.  Fixed: Send/ControlSend for US international keyboard.  Fixed: Send/ControlSend char>=chr(128) for english keyboards.  Fixed: COM property write fails when using arguments.  Fixed: MsgBox() with task modal flag left GUI's disabled on timeout.  Fixed: Error reporting by messagebox even with /ErrorStdOut.  Fixed: GUICtrlSetImage default icon value for Icon Ctrl.  Fixed: GUIRegisterMSG() destroyed @error.  Fixed: $LVS_SORTASCENDING with GUICtrlSetImage icon gave bad display.  Fixed: Some Object Collections could not be parsed in one AutoIt statement.  Fixed: Bad screen updating of already unchecked radiobuttons.  Fixed: Tray icon tooltip not displaying the scriptname when compiled.  Fixed: UDP... return code on error.  Fixed: UDPRecv() crashed on bad parameter.  Fixed: COM was corrupting floating point values.  Fixed: GUICtrlSetState doc remarks about menu control.  Fixed: Refresh after a GUICtrlSetBkColor().



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