Basic English Course

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Basic English Course

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1. This is a map. This is a fine map. 2. That is a book. That is a good book. 3. That is an office.— No, it isn't an office. It's a hospital. 4. These are armchairs. They are comfortable armchairs. 5. Those are flowers. They are nice flowers. chains, (silver) 6. Those are pictures, (nice) 7. These are knives, (sharp) 8 Those are carpets, (green) 9. These are oranges, (sweet) 10. Those are books (interesting) //. Сообщите о принадлежности предмета, употребив при¬тяжательное местоимение, данное в скобках: e.g. That is an umbrella, (my) It's my umbrella. 1. This...

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