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Tham khảo tài liệu 'đề thi olympic môn tiếng anh khối 11 năm học 2010 - 2011', tài liệu phổ thông, ôn thi đh-cđ phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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Nội dung Text: ĐỀ THI OLYMPIC MÔN TIẾNG ANH KHỐI 11 NĂM HỌC 2010 - 2011

  1. SỞ GD & ĐT THÁI BÌNH ĐỀ THI OLYMPIC MÔN TIẾNG ANH KHỐI 11 NĂM HỌC 2010 - 2011 TRƯỜNG THPT NGUYỄN ĐỨC CẢNH THỜI GIAN LÀM BÀI : 90 PHÚT Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest: 1. A. invisible B. design C. disease D. excursion 2. A. failure B. leisure C. measure D. pleasure 3. A. envelope B. passenger C. invention D. empty 4. A. village B. passage C. message D. massage 5. A.envelope B. facsimile C. golie D. science Choose the word that has the different stress from the others: 6 A. private B. belong C. indeed D. emit 7 A. property B. nitrogen C. surgery D. furthermore 8 A. solidify B. miraculous C. intimacy D. appropriate 9 A. apprehension B. preferential C. conventional D. calculation 10 A. satisfactory B. alterative C. military D. generously Choose the correct answer written from the suggested words 11. Darwin,/ theory of revolution/ was/ scientists/ among/ made/ famous,/ him/ the/ greatest/whose/. A. Darwin, whose theory of revolution was among the greatest, made him famous scientists. B. Darwin, whose theory of evolution, has made him famous was among the greatest scientists. C. Darwin, whose theory of evolution made him famous, was among the greatest scientists. D. Darwin, made him famous whose theory of revolution, was among the greatest scientists. 12. Our/ because/ become/ fingers/ in/ life/ modern/ more/ much/ sensitive/ them/ use/ we/ will/. A. Our fingers will become more modern because we use them much in sensitive life. B. Our fingers will become more sensitive because we use modern life much in them. C. Our fingers will become more sensitive because modern life in we use them very much. D. Our fingers will become more sensitive because we use them much in modern life. 13. son/ it/ food/ he/ in/ for/ was/ my/ to/ eat/ was/ when/ difficult/ Thai/ Bangkok/. A. It was difficult for my son to eat Thai food when he was in Bangkok. B. It was difficult for my son when he was in Bangkok to eat Thai food. C. It was difficult to eat Thai food when he was in Bangkok for my son. D. It was difficult to eat Thai food for my son when he was in Bangkok. 14. Ho Chi Minh/ all/ to/ goal/ devoted/ single/:/ his/ country/ life/ independence/ for/ his/. A. Ho Chi Minh devoted his all life to a goal: independence for his single country. B. Ho Chi Minh devoted his all life to a goal: single independence for his country. C. Ho Chi Minh devoted all his life to a goal single: independence for his country. D. Ho Chi Minh devoted all his life to a single goal: independence for his country. 15. farmers/ outside/ the/ hundreds/ parliament/ of/ house/ demonstrated. A. Farmers demonstrated outside hundreds of Parliament House. B. Hundreds farmers outside demonstrated of the Parliament House C. Hundreds of farmers demonstrated outside the Parliament House. D. Hundreds of farmers outside demonstrated the Parliament House. Read the following text and choose the best answer for the questions below The Roman alphabet took thousands of years to develop, from the picture writing of the ancient Egyptians through modifications by Phoenicians, Greek, Romans, and others. Yet in just a dozen years, one man, Sequoyah, invented an alphabet for the Cherokee people. Born in eastern Tennessee, Sequoayah was a hunter and a silversmith in his youth, as well as an able interpreter who knew Spanish, French and English. Sequoyah wanted his people to have the secret of the “talking leaves” as he called his books of white people, and so he set out to design a written form of Cherokee. His chief aim was to record his people’s ancient tribal customs. He began by designing pictographs for every word in the Cherokee vocabulary. Reputedly his wife, angry with him for his neglect of garden and house, burned his notes, and he had to start over. This time, having concluded that picture-writing was cubersome, he made symbols for the sounds of Cherokee language. Eventually he refined his system to eighty-five characters, which he borrowed from the Roman, Greek, and Hebrew alphabets. He presented this system to the Cherokee General Council in 1821, and it was wholeheartedly approved. The response was phenomenal. Cherokees who had struggled for months to learn English lettering school picked up the new sytem in days. Several books were printed in Cherokee, and in 1828, a newspaper, the Cherokee Phoenix, was first published in t he new alphabet. Sequoyah was acclaimed by his people.
  2. In his later life, Sequoyah dedicated himself to the general advancement of his people. He went to Washington, D.C., as a representtative of the Western tribes. He helped settled bitter differences among Cherokee after their forced movement by the federal govement to the Oklahoma territory in the 1930s. He died in Mexico in 1843 while searching for groups of lost Cherokee. A statue of Sequoyah represents Oklahoma in the Statuary Hall in the Capitol building of Washington. D.C. However, He is probably chiefly rememberd today because sequoias, the giant redwood trees of California, are named of him. 16: The passage is mainly concerned with A.the development of the Roman alphabet B.the accomplishments of Squoyah C.the pictographic system of writing D.Sequoyah’s experiences in Mexico. 17: According to the passage, how long did it take to develop the Cherokee’s alphabet? A.twelve years B.twenty years C.eighty-five years D. thousands of years 18: There is no indication in the passage that, as a young man, Sequoyah A. served as an interpreter B. made things form silver C.served as a representative in Washington D.hunted game 19: According to the passage, Sequoyah used the phrase Talking leaves to refer to A.redwood trees B. books C.symbols for sounds D. newspaper 20: What was Sequoyah’s main purpose in designing a Cherokee alphabet? A. to record Cherokee customs write books in Cherokee C. to write about his own life D. to publish a newspaper. 21: The word Cubersome is closest in meaning to A. awkward B. radical C. simplistic D. unfamiliar 22: In the final version of the Cherokee alphabet system, each of the characters represents a A. word B. picture C. sound D.thought 23: All of the following were mentioned in the passage as aphabet systems that Squoyah borrowed from except A. Egytian B. Roman C.Hebrew D. Greek 24:According to the passage, a memorial statue of Sequoyah is located in A. Oklahoma B. Mexico C. Tennessee D. Washington. D.C 25: Why does author mention the giant redwood trees of California in the passage? A. Sequoyah took his name from those trees. B.The trees inspired Sequoyah to write a book. C. Sequoyah was born in the vicinity of the rewood forest. D. The trees were named in Sequoyah’s honor. Choose the option A, B, C, or D that best rewrites each of the following sentences: 26. It was only because his wife helped him that he was able to finish his book. A. But for his wife’s help, he couldn’t finish his book. B. If only he had been able to finish his book. C. Without his wife’s help, he couldn’t have finished his book. D. If it weren’t for his wife’s help, he couldn’t have finished his book. 27 You have to finish your homework if you want to go to the party. A Finish your homework, you can go to the party. B Unless you finish your homework, you can go to the party. C Finish your homework, otherwise you can go to the party. D Finish your homework, or else you cannot go to the party. 28. Mrs. Jones told me that her neighbors were moving to Florida. A. Mrs. Jones is planning to move to Florida with her neighbors. B. Mrs. Jones and her neighbors live in Florida. C. I knew that Mrs. Jones had moved to Florida because her neighbors told me. D. “My neighbors are moving to Florida,” said Mrs. Jones. 29. He was driving so fast that he could have had an accident. A. If he had been driving very fast, he would have had an accident. B. An accident happened, and it was caused by his very fast driving. C. He didn’t have an accident although he was driving very fast. D. He wasn’t driving fast enough to avoid an accident. 30. No matter how hard Fred tried to start the car, he didn’t succeed. A. Fried tried very hard to start the car, and succeeded. B. Fried tried hard to start the car, and with success. CIt’s hard for Fried to start the car because he never succeeded. D. However hard he tried, Fried couldn’t start the car. show the underlined part that needs correcting. 31.After studying (A) all the new (B) materials, the student was able(C) to rise (D)his test score by twenty-five points. 32. In order to survive, trees r ely to(A) the amount of (B)annual rainfall they receive, as well as(C) the seasonal distribution (D) of the rain 33. Neither of the girls(A) have (B) turned in the term papers to the(C) instructor yet(D) 34. The book that(A) you see(b) laying((C) ) on the table belongs(D) to the teacher 35. He has less(A) friends in his (B)_ classes now than (C) he had last year(D) V. Choose the best answer A, B, C, or D to complete each sentence. 36. Children usually avoid swearing in front of adults, …………..
  3. A. so in order not to annoy or shock them. B. so not to annoy or shock them. C. so as not to annoy or shock them. D. so not annoying or shocking them. 37. Having been selected to represent the class at the school meeting, ………….. A. the members applauded him. B. a speech had to be given by him. C. he gave a short acceptance speech. D. the members congratulated him. 38. The doctor insisted that his patient …………[- A. did not work too hard for three months B. to take some vacation for three months C. take it easy inside of three months D. take it easy for three months 39. Everyone at some time has difficulty in sleeping but if you miss a couple of hours of sleep, ……. A. no harm is done by you B. you do no harm C. no harm is done D. you’ll do no harm. 40. …….was lowered to the seabed in a glass container to make observations is debated. A. Alexander the Great who B. Alexander the Great C. Whether Alexander the Great D. What Alexander the Great indicate the correct word or phrase to fill in the blank in the following passage from 21 to 30. Earth is the only place we know of in the universe that can support human life(21)______ human activities are making the planet less fit to live on. As the western world carries on consuming two-thirds of the world's resources while half of the world's population do so (22)______ to stay alive we are rapidly destroying the (23)______ resource we have by which all people can survive and prosper. Everywhere fertile soil is (24)______ built on or washed into the sea. Renewable resources are exploited so much that they will never be able to recover (25)______ We disc harge pollutants into the atmosphere without any thought of the consequences. As a (26)______ the planet's ability to support people is being reduced at the very time when rising human numbers and consumption are (27)______increasingly heavy demands on it. The Earth's (28)______ resources are there for us to use. We need food, water, air, energy, medicines, warmth, shelter and minerals to (29)______ us fed, comfortable, healthy and active. If we are sensible in how we use the r esources they will (30)______ indefinitely. But if we use them wastefully and excessively they will soon run out and everyone will suffer. 41: A. Still B. Despite C. Yet D. Although 42: A. for B. just C. already D. entirely 43: A. lone B. individual C. lonely D. alone 44: A. sooner B. rather C. either D. neither 45: A. completely B. quite C. greatly D. utterly 46: A. result B. product C. development D. reaction 47: A. having B. doing C. taking D. making 48: A. natural B. real C. living D. genuine 49: A. stay B. keep C. maintain D. hold 50: A. last B. stand C. remain D. go Read the following passage and indicate the correct answer to each of the questions Although speech is the most advanced form of communication, there are many ways of communication without speech. Signals, signs, symbols, and gestures may be found in every known culture. The basic function of a s ignal is to impinge upon the environment in such a way that it attracts attention, as, for example, the dots and the dashes of a telegraph circuit. Coded to refer to speech, the potential for communication is very great. Less adaptable to the codification of words, signs also contain meaning in of themselves. A stop sign of a barber pole conveys meaning quickly and conveniently. Symbols are more difficult to describe than either signals or signs because of their intricate relationship with the receiver’s cultural perceptions. In some cultures, applauding in a theatre provides performers with an auditory symbol of approval. Gestures such as waving and handshaking also communicate certain cultural message. Although signals, sings symbols, and gestures are very useful, they do have major disadvantage. They usually do not allow ideas to be shared without the sender being directly adjacent to the receiver. As a result, means of communication intended to be used for long distances and extended periods are based upon speech. Radio, television, and the telephone are only a few. 51: Which of the following would be the best title for the passage? A Signs, signals, and symbols B Gestures C Communication D Speech 52: What does the author say about the speech? A That it is the only true form of communication B That it is dependent upon the advances made by inventor C That it is necessary for communication to occur D That it is the most advanced form of communication 53: According to the passage , what is a signal? A The most difficult form of communication to describe B .A form of communication which may be used across long distances C A form of communication that interrupts the environment D The form of communication most related to cultural perceptions 54: Why were the telephone, radio, television invented? A Because people were unable to understand signs, signals, symbols and gesture
  4. B Because people wanted to communicate across long distances C Because people believed that signs, signals, symbols were obsolete D Because people wanted new forms of entertainment 55: It may be concluded from this passage that A signs, signals, symbols and gestures are form of communication B symbols are very easy to define and interpret C only some cultures have signs, signals, symbols D waving and handshaking are not related to culture Choose the best answer to complete the sentences: 56. What would happen if the water resources were contaminated. A. run out B. restricted C. polluted D. destroyed 57. ______ anyone object, the plan will be reconsidered. 58. Thailand defeated Laos_______3_______2. A. with/ of B. by/of C. by/to D. with/by 59. "______ children like ice-cream." "That's quite natural." A. Most of B. Most C. The most D. The most of 60. Nearly all of the reporters ______ the press conference had questions ______ A. attend / asked B. attended / to ask C. attending / to ask D. would attend / to be asked 61. Johnny sometimes visits his grandparents in the countryside. A. calls on B. keeps off C. takes in D. goes up 62. There is ___________ in my bead room A. an old wooden square table B. a square wooden old table C. an old square wooden table D . a wooden old square table 63. 58. A: Let’s go out and have a drink, shall we? B: Yes. _____ A. Go first, please B. I’ll follow you C. After you, Sir D. We shall 64.A: I’ll be away on a business trip. Would you mind looking after my cat? B: Not at all. _____. A. I’ve no time B. I’d rather not C. You can leave D. I’d be happy to 65. Peter: " I thought yout game was much better last night" Dave: " Ypu've got to be kidding! ________. " A. I myself liked it very much. B. I thought it was terrible. C. I'm sure you enjoyed it. D. I supposed it was not bad. 66.A: I’m awfully sorry I can’t go with you. B: _____? Haven’t you agreed? A. What is it B. How is it C. Why don’t you D. Why do you think 67. A: I had a really good weekend at my uncle’s. B: _____. A. Oh, that’s very nice of you B. Congratulations C. It’s pleasure D. Oh, I’m glad to hear that 68. 'These tablets really are ______. My headache’s much better now.' A. affective B. effective c. efficient D. affected 69. Form a negative verb by adding the prefix _______ to the verb 'lead'. A.un- B.mis- D.dis- 70. Not until _______ home _______ that he had taken someone else's bike. A.did he get/ he realised B.he got/ did he realise C.he got/ he realised D.he got/ he did realised 71. I am late because my alarm clock didn't _________this morning. A. come on B. ring out C. go off D. turn off 72. When _____ to explain his mistake, the new employee cleared his throat nervously. A. asking B. asked C. to be asked D. to be asking 73. The instructor warned the students _____ sailing alone on the lake. A. on B. for C. of D. against 74. “I understand you don’t like opera. _____ I go at least once a month.” A. On contrast B. In contrast C. In the contrast D. On the contrast 75. . He seems to make the same mistake over and over again A. by the way B. for good C. in vain D. repeatedly 76. My uncle is in _________of 60 engineers and workers. A. leadership B. management C. direction D. charge 77. There has been a recommendation that Peter _______ the president of the country. A. will be elected B. was elected C. be elected D. is elected 78. It was in this house ___________ A. where I was born B. in which I was born D. I was born in C. that I was born 79. _______ good reader can acquire more information in reading for two hours than someone watching T.V can acquire in _______ full day. A.The/ the B.The/ a C.a/ a D.A/ the 80. My boss is angry with me. I didn’t do all the work that I _________ last week. A. should do B. should have done C. must have done D. might have done



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