Mẫu hợp đồng mua bán ngoại, kèm bản dịch tiếng Việt

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Mẫu hợp đồng mua bán ngoại, kèm bản dịch tiếng Việt

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Nội dung Text: Mẫu hợp đồng mua bán ngoại, kèm bản dịch tiếng Việt

  1. 1CONTRACT FOR SALE & PURCHASE OF HMS1&HMS2 Contract No: Dated on: This contract is made between the Seller and the Buyer for HMS1 & HMS2, whereas the Buyer agrees to buy and the Seller agrees to sell the Commodity on the following terms and conditions. This contract is signed between: SELLER: Group 9 FZE Address: PO Box 42559, Sharjah, UAE Tel No. : ++ 971.6.5260521 Fax No : ++ 971.6.5260522 Represented by : Mr. S.H.Moosavi - Managing Director Hereinafter called as the Seller AND BUYER: Address : Tel No. : Fax No. : Represented by : / Director Hereinafter called as the Buyer WHEREAS: (a)The Seller hereby agrees and makes an Irrevocable commitment to sell the commodity with terms and conditions as follows. (b)The Buyer hereby agrees and makes an Irrevocable commitment to purchase the commodity with terms and conditions as follows. 1. COMMODITY HMS 1 and 2 (80/20%) shall conform to ISRI CODES 200 to 206 and following Specification: The scrap consists of a mix of mill scrap (stampings, cuttings, bars, etc.), Industrial scrap (nuts, bolts, misc. pieces, etc), auto and truck frames and bodies, railroad scrap (wheels, axles, parts of locomotives and carriages, etc.), ship scrap (fittings, plate pieces, parts), construction scrap (plate, bars, angle pieces, rods, steel pipe, etc.) and miscellaneous commercial scrap (appliance casings, frames and parts, etc.). Non-metal impurities total 1% (one percent) or less. The scrap will also be totally free from any types of radiation, bombs, arms and ammunition, mines, shell, cartridges, sealed containers, gas cylinders, explosive shells or explosive materials in any form either used or otherwise as per the ISRI. 2. QUANTITY OF GOODS
  2. 2.1 The unit of measurement in this contract is metric tons of weight (MTW). Months are calendar months according to the Gregorian calendar. Quantity of goods is 12,500 MTW (+/-5%). 2.2 The quantity of goods will be confirmed on a certificate issued by the independent international survey company “SGS” (Societe General de Surveillance) or similar survey company, at unloading port – Haiphong port, at Buyers expense. which shall be binding on both parties in all respects. 2.3 Weight for invoicing purposes shall be established by the actual net weight. Weight franchise of 0,5% shall be allowed against Bill of Lading weight. In case short/over weight exceeds +/- 5 % the Seller/Buyer shall compensate Buyer/Seller for the amount excluding the franchise on the basis of contracted price. 3. QUALITY OF GOODS 3.1 The goods shall conform to ISRI codes and the Specification as above. 3.2 The quality of the goods will be confirmed by a certificate issued by the independent international survey company “SGS” (Societe General de Surveillance) or similar survey company at unloading port – Haiphong port, at Buyers expense, which shall be binding on both parties in all respects. 4. PACKING Packing: in bulk. 5. SHIPMENT/DELIVERY 5.1 Origin: At the Seller’s option 5.2 Loading Port: any port. 5.3 Discharge Port: Hai Phong Port. 5.4 The first Shipment 12,500 MT (+/-5%). 5.5 The shipment of material will be shipped within 45 days count from issuing date of L/ C 5.6 The vessel is to be nominated by the Seller and approved by the buyer which is to be single deck, bulk carrier, with 3 holds at least and maximum 20 twenty years of ship age, gears and cranes in good condition of 20 twenty metric tons minimum, registered in the Lloyd’s Register of Shipping or other equivalent register s, and must be fully classed. Before chartering, the Seller will advice the Buyer the vessel particulars by fax and E- mail, such as name of shipping company, vessel name, nationality, classification and age capacity of the crane, number of holds and position etc. The chartered vessel shall to be approved and confirmed by the Buyer and inform the Seller by fax and E-mail. 6. CONTRACTED PRICE AND VALUE 6.1 The Buyer shall pay the Seller in United States Dollar “USD” 6.2 Unit Price: USD $ 250 per Metric Ton CIF. Haiphong Port of Vietnam 6.3 Total value of the contract is USD $ 3,125,000 (+/-5%) ( In word:United State Dollars three million one hundred twenty five thousand only)
  3. 7. DESTINATIONS AND DISCHARGE 7.1 Destination port: Hai Phong Port, Vietnam. 7.2 Prior to departure of the carrying vessel at loading port the Seller shall send to Buyer by fax and/or e-mail the notification of shipment for each consignments within 72 (seventy two) hours. Including Contract number, L/C number, expected loading quantity, estimated time of departure of carrying vessel, and the vessel particulars such as vessel name, capacity of the cranes, Number of holds, flag and position etc. for the Buyer to make necessary arrangements. The Seller shall immediately notify the Buyer of any change to the delivery date that has been previously notified. 7.3 The Buyer has the right to send their representative to the loading port(s) to observe the loading operation of the HSM1&2 before and during the period of loading at the Buyer’s expense. 7.4 Upon completion of the loading, the Seller shall send the Buyer the shipping advice of the contract number, name of the commodity, weight, and invoice value, name of the carrying vessel, B/L number and date, and estimated date of arrival [ETA] at port of discharge by fax and/or e-mail within 72 hours from B/L date. 7.5 The Seller shall arrange for the Master of the carrying vessel to give 72/36/24 hours Notice of vessel’s ETA (estimated time of arrival) at port of unloading to Buyer or Buyer’s agent at the port of discharge. Such notices are given during office hours only, WIPON, WIBON, WIFFTON, WCCON. 8. PAYMENT AND PERFORMANCE BOND 8.1 Payment will be through Irrevocable, transferable, Divisible and Confirmed Letter of Credit (L/C), payable 100% at sight in favor on the Seller. 8.2 After signing Contract, within 07 (seven) working days, the Buyer will issue Non- Operative L/C, the Seller will issue Operative 2% Performance Bond (PB) issued by an Insurance Company within 10 (ten) banking day count from the date of workable L/C received and the L/C will automatically become operative. 8.3 All bank charges related to the issuance of the letter of credit are for the Buyer's account and all those related to the issuance of the performance Bond are on the Seller's Account. 8.4 Spelling and typographical errors and differences of such nature between Bank issued and Beneficiary issued documents shall not be deemed discrepancies provided that the intent of the writer is clear from the context and in such case only UCP 500 and/or URC 522 regulations shall apply at any time. 8.5 The Letter of Credit will be in conformity with rules of UCP code 500, 1993 revision, and subsequent amendment as on date. PERFORMANCE BOND Seller will issue Operative 2% PB issued by an Insurance Company Within 10 (ten) banking days count from the date receiving L/C that will automatically operate the Non- Operative LC to be operative. In case the Seller fail or delivery not on time, the 2% of PB will automatically and unconditionally drawn into the Buyer’s account.
  4. 9. BANKING INFORMATION Seller’s Bank Bank’s Name: Habib Bank AG Zurich Address : Al Qasimiah Branch, Sharjah, UAE Bank’s Tell: ++ 971.6.5730004 Bank’s Fax: ++ 971.6.5730044 Account Name: Group 9 FZE Account No.: 02-02-08-20311-105-358134 Bank Officer: Mr. Fiaz Ali Khan Swift Code: HBZUAEAD Buyer’s Bank Bank's name : Vietnam Bank for Investment and Development, Bac Ninh branch. Address : No. 1 Nguyen Dang Dao, Bac Ninh town, Bac Ninh province, Vietnam. Account Name : Account No : Swift Code : BIDVVNVX432 Bank Office : Nguyen Huu Cu/Director Bank’s Tell : ++ 84.241.822 642 Bank’s Fax : ++ 84.241.823 335 10. DOCUMENTS TO BE PRESENTED FOR PAYMENT DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FOR PAYMENT 10.1 Full set (03 originals and 03 copies) of Clean On Board Bill of Lading made out “to Order” of issuing bank, Notify Party to be advised by the Buyer, and marked “Freight Prepaid”, signed by Master and Showing vessel’s stamp and total actual gross/net weight shipped. Non-Vessel Operations Common Carrier (NVOCC) B/L is not acceptable by the Buyer. 10.2 Commercial invoice issued by the Seller: 03 original and 03 original copies showing contract number, description of goods, prices of goods, unit price, total amount, gross/net weight of the goods. 10.3 Quality certificate issued by SGS (or similar) at unloading port – Haiphong port: showing the quality and all required by chemical structure as shown under point 1 above of the goods according to the present content: 03 originals and 03 original copies. 10.4 Quantity assay issued by SGS (or similar) at unloading port – Haiphong port: showing the quantity of the goods loaded on board vessel. 10.5 Original certificate of origin issued by Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the country of export: 03 originals and 03 original copies. 10.6 Master’s notice, showing description of goods, name of vessel, B/L No., Gross/Net weights of the goods, pieces or bundles of goods, time of arrival, berthing, shipping agent at the destination if available, loading time, release time, signed by Master and port. 10.7 All of the documents including the B/L, invoice, packing list, original certificate and so on has been faxed to the Buyer within 9 days after B/L date. 10.8 Insurance Policy covering at least 110% Invoice Value for all risk conditions. Insured amount shall be settled in Ha Noi, Viet Nam: 03 original, 03 copies.
  5. * MARINE INSURANCE Insurance to be covered by the Seller Insurance Policy/Certificate covering at least 110% Invoice value for all risk conditions. Insured amount shall be settled in Hanoi, Vietnam 11. INSPECTION 11.1 Inspection will be realized from the date of vessel alongside quay of Haiphong port, Vietnam, to completion of discharging date, but not exceed 30 days from the date of vessel alongside quay. 11.2 The quantity and quality of goods will be confirmed on a certificate issued by the independent international survey company “SGS” (Societe General de Surveillance) or similar survey company, at unloading port – Haiphong port, at Buyers expense which shall be binding on both parties in all respects. The quality and quantity certificate issued by SGS (or similar) will be sent to Seller within 03 working days from certificate issuing date. 11.3 The quality and quantity certificate issued by SGS (or similar) is document required for payment. 12. FORCE MAJEURE 12.1 The Force Major Clause of the ICC Standard shall apply to this Contract. 12.2 The Seller shall not be liable for the failure to perform the obligations under this Contract where such Force Major Circumstances are occurred. 12.3 The Seller shall notify the Buyer immediately by telex, fax or e-mail within 15 days from the occurrence of Force Major Circumstances with a Certificate of the occurrence issued by the Local Government Authorities or Chamber of Commence. 12.4 In the event of Force Major Circumstances causes a continuing and delaying of each shipment beyond one (1) month from the contracted delivery date, the Buyer shall have the option to cancel that shipment; hence in such event, no penalty shall be claimed by other party against the other. 13. CLAIM 13.1 The Buyer may, at themselves expenses, arrange for SGS Inspection of Commodity at Destination port after discharging, to verify the Quantity (Weight) and Quality. Commodity shall be inspected at the place of loading by SGS at the Seller’s cost. SGS shall issue an inspection certificate of quality and quantity (weight) for each shipment to certify that the inspected goods are in compliance with the terms of this contract. The buyer shall have the right to check the weight and quality of the shipped goods according to the acceptance rules set forth in the relevant standards. If the Buyer finds out that, the goods are not of the required weight and quality, the buyer shall have right to make a claim on the Seller but not more than 35 days from the date of completed unloading of the goods to the port of discharge. The claim is to be settled and solved between both parties of this contract within 30 days after its submission. Inspection Certificate issued by SGS at discharging which should be presented to the Seller within 35days after completion of discharging date. Otherwise any claim shall be deemed to be waived. Its Certificate is final and must show clearly actual weight (0.5% franchise allowed). No quantity claim will be made for quantity difference not exceeding 0.5% of B/L weight. If shortage or surplus is beyond the allowed franchise, the excess of the 0.5% franchise of shortage or surplus shall be sealed commercially by remittance within 15days upon receipt of claim. Packing material weight will not be calculated.
  6. 13.2 Subject to over 0.5% franchise against B/L weight, Buyer shall have the right to send claim concerning the Quantity (weight) and Quality of the material within 35 days from the date of completed discharging. 13.3 The Claim has to be sent by Courier completed with all necessary Documents issued by SGS or other recognized Independent Inspection Organization. 13.4 The Seller shall have the right to send their Representative to determine the validity of the claim within 15 days upon receipt of the claim. 14. ARBITRATION 14.1 The contract is subject to Swiss Law, ICC rules are to be observed under existing CIGS guidelines and UCC Law will super cede over ICC if in conflict. 14.2 The Seller and Buyer shall settle all disputes amicably. Either party may serve notice on the other requiring any dispute to be settled within 30 (thirty) days after such notice and, if not settled to refer it to arbitration in accordance with this contract unless breech of payment occurs by the Buyer or failure to post UBG. 14.3 The arbitration will be heard by one more arbitrators mutual agreement of the parties and in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of the Arbitration Act 1996. The seat of arbitration shall be Swiss, The award shall be enforceable in any country, and a Letter Rogatory shall be deemed accepted without contest or protest. 14.4 Should payment not be received when scheduled under this contract and Seller declare breech of contract then Summary Judgment under the Laws of the Swiss shall apply and be deemed automatic for the full contract value and damages claimed therein under UCC law with the authority therein to recover those costs in any country. 15 .NON-CIRCUMVENTION AND NON-DISCLOSURE The undersigned Parties hereby accept and agree to the LC.C Provisions of Non- Circumvention And Non-Disclosure with regards all Parties involved in this transaction, Additions, Renewals, And the Third Party Assignments with full reciprocation for a Period of Five (5) years from the Execution of this Agreement. 16. OTHER CONDITIONS ON CONTRACT AND L/C CONDITIONS 16.1 The Buyer shall have the right to appoint a Third Party to open the L/C to the Seller. 16.2 Letter of Credit shall allow a tolerance of 5% on both quantity and amount. 16.3 Weight Franchise of 0.5% is mutually acceptable. 16.4 Trans shipment is not allowed. 16.5 Documents to be presented within 21 days from loading of goods but within L/C validity. 16.6 L/C amendments charges will be at faulty party’s account. 16.7 Documents wording “pct ” or “%” are acceptable. 16.8 The shipping agent of the vessel at discharging port is available 17. VALIDITY 17.1 This contract consists of total nineteen (19) Articles, and is considered Valid from the Date of Signing by Buyer and Seller through completion of execution of its Terms and Conditions. 17.2 Any changes of the Terms and Conditions of this contract must be in written form and added as an Addendum upon agreed. Signed and dated by both parties, which shall be considered as an integral part of this original Contract.
  7. 17.3 This Contract shall be considered legal and binding upon signatures on Fax Copies Pong receipt of the counter signed Copies by Fax. Sellers shall send Four (4) Hard Copies by courier Service to the Buyer, who shall sign and return Two (2) Hard Copies thereof duly executed to Seller by courier service. This is merely an administrative procedure and shall not delay the issuance of the L/C. 17.4 Any addendum agreed in the future to be considered as integral parts of this contract. 18. REMARK If this contract is executed well, both party agree to keep the contract and continue open the L/C. The Buyer will sign a yearly contract with Seller for quantity is 12,500MT every month for the period of 1 year. 19. CONTRACT SIGNATORIES In witness hereof the seller and the Buyer affix their respective signature and seal accepting all of the terms and conditions here in which become effective and legally binding hereinafter. This Contract is signed by both parties on , 2007 SELLER BUYER For and on behalf of For and on behalf of Agent: Represented by Mandate: ----------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------- Authorized signature(s) Authorized signature(s)
  8. Hîp ®ång mua b¸n HMS1 & HMS2 Sè H§: VPPC/GR9/110/OCT/2007 Ngµy: 12 th¸ng 10 n¨m 2007 Hîp ®ång nµy ®îc lËp gi÷a bªn mua vµ bªn b¸n cho hµng ho¸ HMS1 vµ HMS2. Hai bªn ®ång ý mua b¸n hµng ho¸ víi nh÷ng ®iÒu kho¶n vµ ®iÒu kiÖn díi ®©y: Hai bªn gåm: Bªn b¸n : TËp ®oµn 9 FZE §Þa chØ : PO Box 42559, Sharjah, UAE §iÖn tho¹i: ++ 971.6.5260521 Fax : ++ 971.6.5260522 §¹i diÖn : ¤ng S.H.Moosavi – Gi¸m ®èc ®iÒu hµnh Díi ®©y gäi lµ ngêi b¸n Bªn mua : §Þa chØ : §iÖn tho¹i : Fax : §¹i diÖn : – Gi¸m ®èc Díi ®©y gäi lµ ngêi mua Trong ®ã : (a)Ngêi b¸n ®ång ý vµ lËp 1 cam kÕt kh«ng huû ngang ®Ó b¸n hµng ho¸ theo nh÷ng ®iÒu kho¶n vµ ®iÒu kiÖn díi ®©y (b)Ngêi mua ®ång ý lµ lËp 1 cam kÕt kh«ng huû ngang ®Ó mua hµng ho¸ theo nh÷ng ®iÒu kho¶n díi ®©y 1. Hµng ho¸ HMS 1 vµ 2 (80/20%) phï hîp víi ISRI CODE tõ 200 ®Õn 206 vµ theo c¸c ®Æc ®iÓm kü thuËt sau: PhÕ liÖu bao gåm hçn hîp c¸c lo¹i phÕ liÖu tæng hîp tõ nhµ m¸y (m¸y c¾t, m¶nh c¾t, thái,...), phÕ liÖu tõ c«ng nghiÖp (then chèt, m¶nh vôn...) m¶nh vôn « t«, xe t¶i, phÕ liÖu ®êng s¾t (b¸nh xe, trôc xe, ®Çu m¸y, toa xe...), phÕ liÖu tµu thuû (m¸y mãc, m¶nh kim lo¹i, c¸c phÇn kh¸c...), phÕ liÖu trong x©y dùng (kim lo¹i, thái s¾t, thanh kim lo¹i, thÐp... ) vµ hçn hîp phÕ liÖu th- ¬ng m¹i (vá thiÕt bÞ, phô tïng, khung....), t¹p chÊt kh«ng ph¶i kim lo¹i tû lÖ cao nhÊt cho phÐp lµ 1%. Kim lo¹i phÕ liÖu kh«ng gåm chÊt phãng x¹, bom, vò khÝ, ®¹n dîc, m×n, vá ®¹n, b×nh ga, vËt liÖu dÔ næ trong bÊt kú h×nh d¹ng nµo... phï hîp víi ISRI. 2. Khèi lîng hµng ho¸: 2.1 §¬n vÞ ®o lêng cña hîp ®ång lµ MTW, th¸ng ®îc tÝnh theo th¸ng d¬ng lÞch
  9. Khèi lîng hµng: 12,500 MTW (+/-5%). 2.2 Khèi lîng hµng ho¸ ®îc x¸c nhËn trªn chøng chØ ph¸t hµnh bëi c«ng ty ®o lêng quèc tÕ ®éc lËp (SGS) hoÆc mét c«ng ty t¬ng ®¬ng ph¸t hµnh t¹i c¶ng dì hµng (c¶ng H¶i Phßng), chi phÝ do ngêi mua chÞu vµ ®iÒu nµy sÏ rµng buéc 2 bªn trong bÊt kú ph¬ng diÖn nµo. 2.3 Träng lîng trong ho¸ ®¬n sÏ ®îc thiÕt lËp bëi träng lîng thùc tÕ. Sai sè c©n ®o cho phÐp 0.5% sÏ ®îc chÊp nhËn trong khèi lîng vËn ®¬n. Trong tr- êng hîp träng lîng sai sè vît qu¸/thiÕu hôt 5% th× bªn b¸n/bªn mua sÏ ®Òn bï cho bªn kia sè lîng nµy trªn c¬ së gi¸ cña hîp ®ång. 3. ChÊt lîng hµng ho¸ 3.1 Hµng ho¸ phï hîp víi c¸c tiªu chuÈn cña ISRI code nªu trªn. 3.2 ChÊt lîng hµng sÏ ®îc x¸c nhËn b»ng chøng chØ ph¸t hµnh bëi SGS hoÆc 1 c«ng ty t¬ng ®¬ng t¹i c¶ng H¶i Phßng. Chi phÝ do ngêi mua chÞu vµ ®iÒu nµy sÏ rµng buéc c¶ hai bªn trong bÊt kú ph¬ng diÖn nµo. 4. §ãng gãi Hµng rêi. 5. Giao hµng 5.1 XuÊt xø hµng: Do ngêi b¸n chän 5.2 C¶ng xÕp hµng: BÊt kú c¶ng nµo 5.3 C¶ng dì hµng: H¶i Phßng. 5.4 Khèi lîng chuyÕn ®Çu tiªn: 12,500 MT (+/-5%). 5.5 Hµng sÏ ®îc xÕp trong vßng 45 ngµy kÓ tõ ngµy nhËn ®îc L/C cã hiÖu lùc. 5.6 Tµu biÓn sÏ ®îc lùa chän bëi bªn b¸n vµ ®îc phª chuÈn bëi bªn mua, tµu 1 boong, chuyªn chë hµng ho¸ rêi, Ýt nhÊt cã 3 khoang, vµ tuæi tµu nhiÒu nhÊt lµ 20, ®iÒu kiÖn cÇn trôc, cÈu trong t×nh tr¹ng tèt, søc n©ng ®îc Ýt nhÊt 20 tÊn, ®· ®îc ®¨ng ký bëi Lloyd’s hoÆc mét c¬ quan t¬ng ®¬ng, vµ ph¶i ®îc xÕp h¹ng ®Çy ®ñ. Tríc khi thuª tµu, bªn b¸n sÏ th«ng b¸o cho bªn mua ®Æc tÝnh cña tµu qua fax vµ E-mail: Tªn cña h·ng tµu, tªn tµu, quèc tÞch, h¹ng tµu, tuæi vµ c«ng suÊt cÈu cña tµu, vÞ trÝ vµ sè khoang cña tµu... ViÖc thuª tµu sÏ ®îc phª chuÈn vµ x¸c nhËn bëi bªn mua vµ th«ng b¸o l¹i cho bªn b¸n qua fax hoÆc E-mail. 6. Gi¸ c¶ vµ tæng gi¸ trÞ cña hîp ®ång 6.1 Ngêi mua thanh to¸n cho ngêi b¸n b»ng ®ång ®« la Mü USD 6.2 §¬n gi¸: cho chuyÕn ®Çu tiªn USD $ 250/MT CIF Haiphong Vietnam . 6.3 §¬n gi¸ tõ chuyÕn thø hai ®Õn chuyÕn thø 12: USD $ 280/MT CIF Hai Phong 6.4 Tæng gi¸ trÞ cña H§ cho c¶ 12 th¸ng: 41,625,000.00 USD (Bèn m¬i mèt triÖu s¸u tr¨m hai m¬i l¨m ngh×n USD (+/-5%)) 6.5 Tæng khèi lîng cña H§: 150.000 tÊn (12,500x12 = 150,000 tÊn) Dung sai cho phÐp vÒ khèi lîng vµ tæng gi¸ trÞ : +/- 5% 7. C¶ng ®Õn vµ dì hµng.
  10. 7.1 C¶ng ®Õn: C¶ng H¶i Phßng VN 7.2 Tríc khi tµu khëi hµnh t¹i c¶ng xÕp hµng, bªn b¸n sÏ göi qua fax hoÆc e- mail th«ng b¸o liªn quan ®Õn mçi chuyÕn hµng trong vßng 72 giê bao gåm: Sè Hîp ®ång, Sè L/C, khèi lîng hµng xÕp dù kiÕn, thêi gian dù kiÕn tµu khëi hµnh, ®Æc ®iÓm tµu nh tªn tµu, c«ng suÊt cña cÈu tµu, sè khoang tµu, cê, vÞ trÝ... ®Ó bªn mua chuÈn bÞ tríc nh÷ng c«ng viÖc cÇn thiÕt. Bªn b¸n sÏ th«ng b¸o ngay cho bªn mua nÕu cã bÊt kú sù thay ®æi nµo vÒ ngµy giao hµng nh ®· ®îc th«ng b¸o tríc ®ã. 7.3 Bªn mua cã quyÒn cö ®¹i diÖn ®Õn c¶ng xÕp hµng ®Ó theo dâi qu¸ tr×nh xÕp hµng HMS 1 &2 tríc vµ trong qu¸ tr×nh xÕp hµng, chi phÝ nµy sÏ do bªn mua chÞu. 7.4 Sau khi hoµn thµnh viÖc chÊt hµng, bªn b¸n sÏ göi cho bªn mua th«ng b¸o xÕp hµng: Sè hîp ®ång, tªn hµng, träng lîng, gi¸ trÞ ho¸ ®¬n, tªn tµu, sè vµ ngµy vËn ®¬n, ngµy dù kiÕn hµng ®Õn c¶ng dì hµng qua fax hoÆc e- mail trong vßng 72 giê kÓ tõ ngµy vËn ®¬n. 7.5 Bªn b¸n sÏ s¾p xÕp cho thuyÒn trëng tµu vËn chuyÓn trong vßng 72/36/24 giê th«ng b¸o cho ngêi mua hoÆc ®¹i lý cña ngêi mua ngµy dù kiÕn tµu ®Õn t¹i c¶ng dì hµng. C¸c th«ng b¸o nh thÕ nµy ph¶i ®îc chuyÓn ®Õn trong thêi gian lµm viÖc WIPON, WIBON, WIFFTON, WCCON. 8. Thanh to¸n vµ cam kÕt thùc hiÖn 8.1 Thanh to¸n b»ng L/C kh«ng huû ngang, cã thÓ chuyÓn nhîng, cã thÓ ph©n chia, vµ ®îc x¸c nhËn, tr¶ ngay 100% cho ngêi b¸n. 8.2 Sau khi ký hîp ®ång, trong vßng 7 (b¶y) ngµy lµm viÖc ngêi mua sÏ ph¸t hµnh L/C, bªn b¸n sÏ ph¸t hµnh PB 2% bëi mét c«ng ty b¶o hiÓm, trong vßng 10 ngµy lµm viÖc cña Ng©n hµng kÓ tõ ngµy nhËn ®îc L/C, khi ®ã L/C ®îc kÝch ho¹t tù ®éng tõ L/C cha cã hiÖu lùc trë nªn cã hiÖu lùc. 8.3 TÊt c¶ c¸c chi phÝ giao dÞch ng©n hµng liªn quan ®Õn viÖc më L/C do bªn mua chÞu vµ c¸c chi phÝ liªn quan ®Õn viÖc më PB do bªn b¸n chÞu. 8.4 Lçi chÝnh t¶ vµ lçi ®¸nh m¸y vµ c¸c lçi tù nhiªn kh¸c gi÷a ng©n hµng ph¸t hµnh vµ ng©n hµng ngêi hëng lîi sÏ ®îc cho r»ng nhÊt qu¸n miÔn lµ môc ®Ých, v¨n c¶nh cña ngêi viÕt lµ trong s¸ng, trong trêng hîp ®ã sÏ ¸p dông c¸c quy t¾c UCP 500 hoÆc URC 522. 8.5 L/C sÏ tu©n theo c¸c quy t¾c cña UCP 500, b¶n n¨m 1993 vµ c¸c b¶n bæ sung sau ®ã. 8.6 L/C b¾t buéc ph¶i ®îc x¸c nhËn bëi bÊt cø mét ng©n hµng hµng ®Çu nµo víi chi phÝ do ngêi mua chÞu. B¶o l·nh thùc hiÖn Bªn b¸n sÏ ph¸t hµnh PB 2% do mét c«ng ty b¶o hiÓm ph¸t hµnh trong vßng 10 ngµy lµm viÖc cña Ng©n hµng kÓ tõ ngµy nhËn ®îc L/C cã gi¸ trÞ, khi ®ã L/C ®îc kÝch ho¹t tù ®éng tõ L/C cha cã hiÖu lùc trë nªn cã hiÖu lùc. Trong trêng hîp bªn b¸n cã lçi hoÆc giao hµng kh«ng ®óng thêi gian quy ®Þnh th× 2% cña PB sÏ tù ®éng chuyÓn sang tµi kho¶n cña ngêi mua kh«ng ®iÒu kiÖn. 9. Th«ng tin Ng©n hµng
  11. Ng©n hµng bªn b¸n Tªn Ng©n hµng: Habib Bank AG Zurich §Þa chØ : Al Qasimiah Branch, Sharjah, UAE §iÖn tho¹i: ++ 971.6.5730004 Fax: ++ 971.6.5730044 Tªn TK: Group 9 FZE Sè TK.: 02-02-08-20311-105-358134 Nh©n viªn NH: Mr. Fiaz Ali Khan M· Swift: HBZUAEAD Ng©n hµng bªn mua Tªn Ng©n hµng : Ng©n hµng ®Çu t vµ ph¸t triÓn B¾c Ninh. §Þa chØ : Sè 1 NguyÔn §¨ng §¹o, B¾c Ninh , ViÖt Nam Tªn tµi kho¶n : Sè tµi kho¶n : M· code : BIDVVNVX432 C¸n bé Ng©n hµng: NguyÔn H÷u Cö/Gi¸m ®èc §iÖn tho¹i : ++ 84.241.822 642 Fax : ++ 84.241.823 335 10. Tµi liÖu yªu cÇu cho viÖc thanh to¸n 10.1 Mét bé bao gåm ®Çy ®ñ 03 b¶n gèc vµ 03 b¶n copy vËn ®¬n s¹ch ®îc ghi chó “theo lÖnh” cña Ng©n hµng ph¸t hµnh vµ ®îc th«ng b¸o cho ngêi mua vµ ®ãng dÊu "cíc ®· thanh to¸n", ®îc ký bëi thuyÒn trëng vµ ®îc ®ãng dÊu cña tµu vµ ghi râ tæng träng lîng thùc tÕ cña hµng. VËn ®¬n Non- Vessel Operations Common Carrier (NVOCC) sÏ kh«ng ®îc ngêi mua chÊp nhËn. 10.2 Ho¸ ®¬n Th¬ng m¹i ph¸t hµnh bëi ngêi b¸n : 03 b¶n gèc, 03 b¶n copy trong ®ã cã chØ ra sè hîp ®ång, m« t¶ hµng ho¸, gi¸ c¶, ®¬n gi¸, tæng gi¸ trÞ, träng lîng tæng/tÞnh cña hµng ho¸. 10.3 Chøng chØ chÊt lîng ph¸t hµnh bëi SGS (HoÆc c¬ quan t¬ng ®¬ng) t¹i c¶ng H¶i Phßng: Cã chØ ra chÊt lîng vµ c¸c yªu cÇu vÒ thµnh phÇn ho¸ häc nh trong ®iÒu 1 cña Hîp ®ång nªu trªn: 03 b¶n gèc, 03 b¶n copy. 10.4 B¶n ph©n tÝch khèi lîng ph¸t hµnh bëi SGS (HoÆc 1 c¬ quan t¬ng ®- ¬ng) t¹i c¶ng H¶i Phßng: chØ ra sè lîng hµng ®îc chÊt lªn tµu. 10.5 Chøng chØ vÒ nguån gèc xuÊt xø ph¸t hµnh bëi phßng Th¬ng m¹i vµ C«ng nghiÖp cña níc xuÊt khÈu 03 b¶n gèc + 03 b¶n copy. 10.6 Th«ng b¸o cña thuyÒn trëng trong ®ã ghi râ m« t¶ vÒ hµng ho¸, tªn cña tµu, sè vËn ®¬n, tæng träng lîng tæng vµ träng lîng tÞnh, sè kiÖn hoÆc gãi hµng, thêi gian hµng cËp c¶ng, bá neo, ®¹i lý cña h·ng tµu t¹i c¶ng ®Õn nÕu cã, thêi gian chÊt hµng, thêi gian dì hµng ®· cã ch÷ ký cña thuyÒn trëng vµ c¶ng vô. 10.7 Toµn bé chøng tõ bao gåm: VËn ®¬n, ho¸ ®¬n, danh s¸ch hµng, b¶n gèc chøng chØ ...sÏ ®îc fax cho bªn mua trong vßng 9 ngµy kÓ tõ ngµy vËn ®¬n.
  12. 10.8 Chøng nhËn b¶o hiÓm b¶o hiÓm tèi thiÓu 110% gi¸ trÞ ho¸ ®¬n trong mäi trêng hîp rñi ro. Sè tiÒn b¶o hiÓm sÏ ®îc thanh to¸n t¹i Hµ Néi, ViÖt Nam: 03 b¶n gèc + 03 b¶n copy * B¶o hiÓm ®êng biÓn §îc thùc hiÖn bëi ngêi b¸n ChÝnh s¸ch b¶o hiÓm b¶o hiÓm Ýt nhÊt 110% gi¸ trÞ ho¸ ®¬n trong mäi tr- êng hîp rñi ro. Sè tiÒn b¶o hiÓm sÏ ®îc thanh to¸n t¹i Hµ Néi, ViÖt Nam 11. BÊt kh¶ kh¸ng 11.1 Hîp ®ång nµy sÏ ¸p dông ®iÒu kho¶n bÊt kh¶ kh¸ng theo tiªu chuÈn cña ICC. 11.2 Ngêi b¸n sÏ kh«ng chÞu tr¸ch nhiÖm trong viÖc cha hoµn thµnh nghÜa vô theo hîp ®ång nÕu x¶y ra ®iÒu kiÖn bÊt kh¶ kh¸ng. 11.3 Ngêi b¸n sÏ th«ng b¸o ngay lËp tøc cho ngêi mua b»ng telex, fax hoÆc e-mail trong vßng 15 ngµy kÓ tõ khi x¶y ra trêng hîp bÊt kh¶ kh¸ng víi chøng nhËn sù kiÖn ®îc ph¸t hµnh bëi chÝnh quyÒn ®Þa ph¬ng hoÆc phßng Th- ¬ng m¹i. 11.4 Trong trêng hîp bÊt kh¶ kh¸ng vÉn tiÕp diÔn vµ lµm chËm viÖc xÕp hµng 1 th¸ng kÓ tõ ngµy giao hµng trong Hîp ®ång, ngêi mua cã quyÒn huû bá chuyÕn hµng ®ã, kÓ tõ khi x¶y ra sù kiÖn kh«ng cã sù khiÕu n¹i ®Òn bï nµo cho viÖc x¶y ra ®ã. 12. KhiÕu n¹i 12.1 Ngêi mua cã thÓ bá ra chi phÝ ®Ó mêi SGS gi¸m ®Þnh hµng t¹i c¶ng ®Õn sau khi dì hµng víi môc ®Ých kiÓm tra sè lîng vµ chÊt lîng hµng ho¸. Hµng ho¸ sÏ ®îc gi¸m ®Þnh t¹i n¬i xÕp hµng bëi SGS víi chi phÝ cña ngêi b¸n. SGS sÏ ph¸t hµnh chøng chØ gi¸m ®Þnh sè lîng vµ chÊt lîng hµng ho¸ cho mçi chuyÕn hµng ®Ó chøng nhËn hµng ho¸ ®· ®îc kiÓm ®Þnh phï hîp víi c¸c ®iÒu kho¶n nµy trong Hîp ®ång. Ngêi mua cã quyÒn kiÓm tra sè lîng vµ chÊt lîng hµng ho¸ theo c¸c quy t¾c vµ tiªu chuÈn thÝch hîp ®· ®îc chÊp thuËn. NÕu ngêi mua ph¸t hiÖn ra r»ng sè lîng hay chÊt lîng hµng kh«ng ®óng theo yªu cÇu, ngêi mua cã quyÒn khiÕu n¹i ngêi b¸n trong vßng kh«ng qu¸ 35 ngµy kÓ tõ ngµy hoµn thµnh viÖc dì hµng t¹i c¶ng ®Õn. KhiÕu n¹i sÏ ®îc ®a ra vµ gi¶i quyÕt gi÷a 2 bªn trong vßng 30 ngµy kÓ tõ ngµy ®Ö tr×nh khiÕu n¹i. Chøng chØ kiÓm ®Þnh hµng ho¸ ®îc ph¸t hµnh bë SGS t¹i c¶ng dì hµng ®îc giao cho ngêi b¸n trong vßng 35 ngµy kÓ tõ ngµy hoµn thµnh viÖc dì hµng. C¸c khiÕu n¹i kh¸c sÏ bÞ tõ chèi. Chøng chØ nµy lµ quyÕt ®Þnh cuèi cïng vµ ph¶i chØ ra träng lîng thùc tÕ (®îc phÐp sai sè c©n ®o 0,5%). NÕu sai sè vÒ khèi lîng kh«ng qu¸ 0,5% träng lîng trªn ho¸ ®¬n th× sÏ kh«ng ®îc khiÕu n¹i. NÕu träng lîng thõa hoÆc thiÕu vît qu¸ ph¹m vi 0,5% th× sÏ ®îc gi¶i quyÕt b»ng viÖc chuyÓn tiÒn th¬ng m¹i trong vßng 15 ngµy kÓ tõ ngµy nhËn ®îc khiÕu n¹i. Träng lîng vËt liÖu ®ãng gãi sÏ kh«ng ®îc tÝnh to¸n.
  13. 12.2 NÕu träng lîng sai sè c©n ®o vît qu¸ 0,5% so víi träng lîng trªn vËn ®¬n , ngêi mua cã quyÒn göi khiÕu n¹i vÒ sè lîng vµ chÊt lîng hµng trong vßng 35 ngµy kÓ tõ ngµy hoµn thµnh viÖc dì hµng. 12.3 KhiÕu n¹i ph¶i ®îc göi qua bu ®iÖn víi tÊt c¶ c¸c giÊy tê cÇn thiÕt ®îc ph¸t hµnh bëi SGS hoÆc tæ chøc gi¸m ®Þnh ®éc lËp kh¸c. 12.4 Ngêi b¸n cã quyÒn cö ®¹i diÖn ®Õn ®Ó x¸c ®Þnh gi¸ trÞ ph¸p lý cña khiÕu n¹i trong vßng 15 ngµy kÓ tõ ngµy nhËn ®îc khiÕu n¹i. 13. Träng tµi. 13.1 Hîp ®ång nµy ®îc tu©n theo luËt cña Thuþ Sü, c¸c quy t¾c cña ICC sÏ ®îc xem xÐt díi c¸c nguyªn t¾c chØ ®¹o cña CIGS, vµ luËt UCC sÏ lo¹i bá c¸c quy t¾c cña ICC trong trêng hîp cã sù m©u thuÉn x¶y ra. 13.2 C¸c tranh chÊp x¶y ra gi÷a bªn mua vµ bªn b¸n sÏ ®îc gi¶i quyÕt b»ng th¬ng lîng. Mét trong hai bªn cã thÓ th«ng b¸o víi bªn cßn l¹i vÒ yªu cÇu gi¶i quyÕt mäi bÊt ®ång trong vßng 30 (ba m¬i) ngµy kÓ tõ khi cã th«ng b¸o ®ã, nÕu kh«ng gi¶i quyÕt ®îc sÏ ®a ra träng tµi trõ khi ngêi mua tr× ho·n viÖc thanh to¸n hoÆc cã lçi trong viÖc göi ®Õn UBG. 13.3 Phiªn xö sÏ ®îc ®iÒu hµnh bëi mét hoÆc nhiÒu träng tµi mµ ®îc c¶ hai bªn ®ång ý vµ sÏ xö theo c¸c quy t¾c cña luËt träng tµi n¨m 1996. ViÖc xÐt xö sÏ ®îc tiÕn hµnh t¹i Mü, sù quyÕt ®Þnh cña toµ ¸n sÏ ®îc thi hµnh ë bÊt kú quèc gia nµo vµ trÝch lôc cña toµ ¸n sÏ ®îc cho lµ ®· ®îc c«ng nhËn vµ kh«ng bªn nµo cã quyÒn tranh c·i hay ph¶n ®èi. 13.4 NÕu viÖc thanh to¸n kh«ng theo kÕ ho¹ch cña Hîp ®ång nµy vµ ngêi b¸n tuyªn bè huû bá hîp ®ång th× ph¸n quyÕt tæng hîp cña tßa ¸n díi luËt Mü sÏ ®îc ¸p dông vµ ®îc coi nh tù ®éng cho tæng gi¸ trÞ hîp ®ång. Vµ khiÕu n¹i vÒ thiÖt h¹i trong trêng hîp ®ã sÏ ®îc ®Æt díi luËt cña UCC sÏ cho phÐp ®ßi båi thêng thiÖt h¹i t¹i bÊt cø quèc gia nµo. 14 .Kh«ng dïng mu kÕ vµ b¶o mËt C¸c bªn ký tªn díi ®©y chÊp nhËn vµ ®ång ý vÒ c¸c ®iÒu kho¶n kh«ng dïng mu kÕ vµ b¶o mËt LC.C phï hîp víi c¸c bªn liªn quan trong giao dÞch nµy, ngoµi ra ®iÒu nµy còng ®îc ¸p dông cho c¸c Hîp ®ång nèi tiÕp vµ chuyÓn nhîng cho mét bªn thø ba trong thêi gian 5 n¨m. 15. §iÒu kiÖn L/C vµ c¸c ®iÒu kiÖn kh¸c 15.1 Ngêi mua cã quyÒn chØ ®Þnh ngêi thø 3 më L/C cho ngêi b¸n. 15.2 L/C cho phÐp dung sai 5% cho sè lîng vµ tæng gi¸ trÞ hîp ®ång. 15.3 Träng lîng sai sè do c©n ®o 0.5% ®îc chÊp nhËn hoµn toµn. 15.4 Sang tµu: Kh«ng ®îc phÐp 15.5 Chøng tõ ph¶i tr×nh trong vßng 21 ngµy kÓ tõ ngµy chÊt hµng nhng trong thêi gian hiÖu lùc cña L/C. 15.6 PhÝ söa ch÷a L/C do bªn cã lçi chÞu. 15.7 Tµi liÖu ghi b»ng "pcr" hay "%" ®Òu ®îc chÊp nhËn. 15.8 §¹i lý cña h·ng tµu ph¶i cã t¹i c¶ng dì hµng 16. Gi¸ trÞ ph¸p lý 16.1 Hîp ®ång bao gåm 18 ®iÒu kho¶n, cã gi¸ trÞ kÓ tõ ngµy ký bëi 2 bªn ®Õn khi hoµn thµnh c¸c ®iÒu kiÖn vµ ®iÒu kho¶n cña hîp ®ång.
  14. 16.2 BÊt kú sù thay ®æi nµo trong c¸c ®iÒu kho¶n vµ ®iÒu kiÖn cña hîp ®ång ®Òu ph¶i ®îc lËp thµnh v¨n b¶n vµ ®îc sù chÊp thuËn cña 2 bªn vµ ®îc coi lµ mét phÇn kh«ng thÓ thiÕu cña b¶n hîp ®ång gèc. 16.3 Hîp ®ång nµy ®îc coi lµ hîp ph¸p vµ rµng buéc c¸c bªn c¨n cø vµo ch÷ ký qua fax. Ngêi b¸n sÏ göi 4 b¶n copies cho ngêi mua qua bu ®iÖn, ngêi mua sÏ ký vµ göi l¹i 2 b¶n. §iÒu nµy ®¬n thuÇn lµ 1 thñ tôc hµnh chÝnh, kh«ng lµm chËm viÖc ph¸t hµnh L/C. 16.4 BÊt kú phô lôc nµo ®îc thªm vµo trong t¬ng lai sÏ ®îc xem lµ mét phÇn kh«ng thÓ t¸ch rêi cña hîp ®ång. 17. Lu ý NÕu viÖc thùc hiÖn hîp ®ång tèt th× c¶ hai bªn ®ång ý gi÷ hîp ®ång vµ tiÕp tôc më L/C. Hai bªn sÏ ký hîp ®ång hµng n¨m víi khèi lîng lµ 12.500 tÊn mçi th¸ng cho thêi gian 1 n¨m. 18 C¸c bªn ký kÕt §Ó chøng nhËn bªn mua vµ bªn b¸n sÏ ký vµ ®ãng dÊu ®Ó chÊp nhËn c¸c ®iÒu kho¶n vµ ®iÒu kiÖn trong hîp ®ång, ®Ó hîp ®ång cã hiÖu lùc ph¸p lý rµng buéc c¶ hai bªn. Hîp ®ång ®îc ký ngµy , 2007 Bªn b¸n Bªn mua



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