UNIT 9 - Grade 11

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UNIT 9 - Grade 11

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Choose one word whose underlined part is pronounced differently. 1. A. population B. commune C. punctuality D. stimulation 2. A. dissatisfaction B. spacious C. fasimile D. telegram Choose one word whose stress pattern is different. 3. A. eradicate B. expand C. announce D. satisfy 4. A. distribute B. stimulate C. subscribe D. affect 5. A. distance B. daily C. surface D. equip Choose the one best answer to complete each sentence.

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  1. Grade 11 UNIT 9 Choose one word whose underlined part is pronounced differently. 1. A. population B. commune C. punctuality D. stimulation 2. A. dissatisfaction B. spacious C. fasimile D. telegram Choose one word whose stress pattern is different. 3. A. eradicate B. expand C. announce D. satisfy 4. A. distribute B. stimulate C. subscribe D. affect 5. A. distance B. daily C. surface D. equip Choose the one best answer to complete each sentence. 6. This hotel has got a very________ kitchen. A. spacious B. space C. spaceship D. spacing 7. A ________is someone who sells meat. A. baker B. butcher C. chemist D. shopkeeper 8. A person who sells flowers is called a ________. A. florist B. farmer C. vegetarian D. biologist 9. We call a man who delivers the mail a ________. A. newsman B. mailbox C. mailman D. officers 10. We’d like to buy the house________ overlooks West Lake. A. who B. whose C. where D. which 11. The woman________daughter Jack loves is very kind. A. whose B. who C. whom D. which 12. The letter________she received this morning is from the USA. A. whose B. who C. whom D. which 13. I don’t know the girl________is wearing a long blue dress. A. whom B. whose C. which D. who 14. Would you mind________ this parcel to Mr. Brown, please? A. send B. sending C. to send D. sent 15. I would like to have my mails and newspapers________ early in the morning. A. deliver B. delivery C. delivered D. to deliver Put the verb into the correct tense: 16. Our house (destroy) ________________ in the storm last night. 17. The police (look) ________________ for the painting now. 18. _________you (find) ________________ the wallet which you lost yet? 19. Spring (be) ________________ the time when many kinds of flowers blossom. 20. He (not, phone) ________________ his girlfriend every day. 21. I would like (fax) ________________ this document to my office in Hanoi. 22. Before the postage stamp (invent) ______________________, it was difficult to send a letter to another country. 23. You (meet) ________________ Henry tomorrow. 24. Laura (paint) ______________________ a picture at 6:00 yesterday morning. 25. I (pick) ________________ you up when you (arrive) ________________ at the airport at 9 o’clock tomorrow. Rewrite the following sentences in the passive voice: 26. Someone can’t make a cake without sugar. @ A cake _________________________________________________________________________ 27. Dangerous driving causes many accidents. @ Many accidents __________________________________________________________________ 28. I was making coffee when the light went out. @ Coffee _________________________________________________________________________ 29. She is telling us the news. Page 1 THE SECOND SEMESTER
  2. Grade 11 @ We ____________________________________________________________________________ 30. The police haven’t arrested the man who stole your money. @ The man ________________________________________________________________________ 31. Jonh will subscribe to Hoa Hoc Tro weekly magazine if he lives in Vietnam. @ Hoa Hoc Tro weekly magazine ______________________________________________________ 32. When did people build this hotel? @ When __________________________________________________________________________ 33. Mai cleans this room everyday. @ This room ______________________________________________________________________ 34. That man is sending money to his ralatives @ Money _________________________________________________________________________ 35. Somebody robbed the bank near our house last week. @ The bank _______________________________________________________________________ 36. Nobody has invited her to the party. @ She ____________________________________________________________________________ 37. Their father had driven them to the airport before we came. @ They ___________________________________________________________________________ 38. People should send their complaints to the head office. @ Their complaints _________________________________________________________________ 39. They are introducing the game to students. @ The game _______________________________________________________________________ 40. You must fill in this form @ This form _______________________________________________________________________ Tag questions 41. Your parents are living over one thousand kilometres away from you, ________________? 42. Thanh Ba Post Office provides the Messenger Call Service________________? 43. You sent a parcel which is under 15 kg yesterday________________? 44. A special mail service is fast, ________________? 45. Nobody helps me to send this document to my office________________? Read the passage and answer the following questions: When you have a post-office box, the postman does not bring letters to you, but you go to the post- office and get your letters and parcels from your box. The box is locked, and you have the key, so the letters are quite safe. One day, the headteacher of a school wrote to the post-office and asks for a post-office box for his school. He soon got an answer. It said, “We will give you a post-office box in one month.” Three months later, the headteacher wrote to the post-office again and said, “Why haven’t we got a post-office box yet?” This was how the post-office answered: “ Dear Sir, We gave you a post-office box 2 months ago and wrote to you then to tell you. Here is the key to your box. You will find our letter to you in it” 46. What happens when you have a post-office box? @ _______________________________________________________________________________ 47. Why are letters safe when they are in a post-office box? @ _______________________________________________________________________________ 48. Why did the headmaster write to the post-office? @ _______________________________________________________________________________ 49. Why did he write to the post-office 3 months later? @ _______________________________________________________________________________ 50. When do you think the headmaster will receive the key to his post-box? @ _______________________________________________________________________________ ------THE END------ Page 2 THE SECOND SEMESTER
  3. Grade 11 UNIT 10 Choose the word whose underlined part pronounced differently from that of the others. 1. A. pesticide B. city C. centre D. campaign 2. A. survive B. service C. notify D. stimulate Choose the word whose main stress is different from that of the others. 3. A. capture B. endanger C. pesticide D. devastate 4. A. extinct B. decrease C. affect D. influence 5. A. prohibit B. increase C. chemical D. announce Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence or substitutes for the underlined word or phrase. 6. Has she bought the dress________yet? A. that she is fond in B. which she is fond of C. who she wants it D. which you made of 7. My father is the man________. A. who I belive of B. whom I belive in C. whom I belive into D. that I belive at 8. The man________is the headmaster of that school. A. who I am introduced B. to whom I am introduced C. whom you are introduced about D. to who I am introduced 9. There are a lot of species of being in the ________world. A. alive B. living C. live D. lived 10. Human being have great________on the rest of the world. A. focus B. attention C. influence D. attraction 11. Some snakes lay eggs, but others give birth to live________. A. pesticide B. offsprings C. species D. survival 12. Some chemical________which farmers use to make the soil richer can pollute our environment. A. medicines B. elements C. fertilizers D. proportion 13. Farmers use ________to kill insects that devastate their crops. A. pesticides B. toothpaste C. cheese D. plums 14. The society was set up to ______ endangered species from extinction. A. prevent B. distinguish C.presver D. survive 15. People in this region cultivate mainly rice and vegetables. A. destroy B. grow C. develop D. support III. Put the verb into the correct tense: 16. There (be) _______________ some water in the bottle. 17. She (not/work) _______________, she (swim) ______________ in the river now. 18. When she came, I (listen) _______________ a speech by the Presidents on the radio. 19. Their daughter (study) ________________ English since she was in class 6. 20. She (go) _______________ to the cinema on Sundays. 21. While they (dance) _______________ in the hall, the light (go) ________ out. 22. My sister (take) ________________ an exam tomorrow. 23. By the end of next week my wife (do) ___________________ her spring cleaning and we’ll all be able to relax again. 24. They (get) _______________ five certificates by the time they (graduate) ____________. 25. Her son (save) ________________ a lot of money up to now. Combine these pairs of sentences, using WHERE, WHICH, WHO, WHOM, WHOSE, THAT 26. The girl is sitting by Jack. She is Mary. @ _______________________________________________________________________________ 27. Can you understand the question? He asked you the question last time. @ _______________________________________________________________________________ 28. Is that the girl? We saw her on T.V last night. @ _______________________________________________________________________________ Page 3 THE SECOND SEMESTER
  4. Grade 11 29. The farm produces milk. We visited it last Sunday. @ _______________________________________________________________________________ 30. At last he married the girl. He loved her. @ _______________________________________________________________________________ 31. The man is an engineer. We play with his daughter every day. @ _______________________________________________________________________________ 32. He didn’t receive the letter. I sent him the letter last January. @ _______________________________________________________________________________ 33. He often tells me something about his village. He was born there. @ _______________________________________________________________________________ 34. My sister wants to speak to you. You met her at my birthday party. @ _______________________________________________________________________________ 35. The children like the funny stories. Their grandmother tells them those stories every evening. @ _______________________________________________________________________________ 36. Jack London is a famous American writer. He wrote “Iron heel”. @ _______________________________________________________________________________ 37. The boy is sitting next to Mary. He is Jack. @ _______________________________________________________________________________ 38. I didn’t receive the letter. My mother sent me the letter last month. @ _______________________________________________________________________________ 39. The factory makes exported furniture. We visited it yesterday. @ _______________________________________________________________________________ 40. The baby likes those songs. His grandmother sings those songs every evening. @ _______________________________________________________________________________ Tag questions 41. You always learn hard, _______________? 42. The number of rare animals is decreasing so rapidly, _______________? 43. Dinosaurs became extinct millions of years ago, _______________? 44. Visitors do not help to preserve and protect national parks, _______________? 45. No one has been there, _______________? Read the passage and answer the following questions: The elephant is the largest animal to walk on Earth. An elephant can carry a load of 1,200 pounds. They eat 300 pounds of food a day. An elephant baby can weigh 200 pounds at birth. Elephants can live up to 70 years. Elephants can be trained to carry logs with their trunks. They also use their trunks for drinking water, bathing, eating and communicating. There are two kinds of elephants: the African elephant and the Indian elephant. African elephant can be characterized as larger ears. The African elephant grows up to 10 feet and weighs as much as 12,000 pounds. The Indian elephant grows up to 9 feet tall, and weighs up to 800 pounds. This elephant is characterized as smaller ears. Another name for the Indian elephant is the Asian elephant. 46. What is the topic of the passage? @ _______________________________________________________________________________ 47. How much does a baby elephant weigh at birth? @ _______________________________________________________________________________ 48. According to the passage, can elephants use their trunks for eating? @ _______________________________________________________________________________ 49. Which kind of elephant is the largest? @ _______________________________________________________________________________ 50. Does an African elephant have smaller ears than an Indian elephant? @ _______________________________________________________________________________ ------THE END------ Page 4 THE SECOND SEMESTER
  5. Grade 11 UNIT 11 Choose one word whose underlined part is pronounced differently. 1. A. comment B. solar C. ecologist D. fossil 2. A. with B. tooth C. both D. tenth Choose one word whose stress pattern is different. 3. A. renewable B. infinite C. alternative D. potential 4. A. consumption B. resource C. recipient D. pesticide 5. A. maintenance B. geothermal C. satisfaction D. prohibition Choose the one best answer to complete each sentence. 6. Oil, coal and natural gas are ________. A. nuclear energy B. fossil fuels C. plentiful D. infinite 7. We try to make full use of our local________. A. ecology B. potential C. economics D. geothermal 8. Scientists have done researches on ________ activiries of the world’s volcanoes. A. sport B. ecological C. geothermal D. geodetic 9. Vietnam is rich in ________ , such as coal, apatite, bauxite, etc. A. natural resources B. seas C. land D. fish 10. Some people think nuclear power is the only real________. A. alternation B. energetic C. alternative D. fossil fuel 11. Do you know the girl ________ a long white dress? A. wears B. to wear C. wear D. wearing 12. The house________ 40 years ago is still in good condition. A. which built B. to build C. built D. building 13. I like the food________ by my mother. A. was cooked B. cooked C. which cooked D. cooking 14. Linda was the last student________ at the oral exam. A. to be asked B. asking C. asks D. to ask 15. The man________ the bank is a millionaire. A. is entering B. entering C. to be entered D. enters Put the verb into the correct tense: 16. My parents let me (go) ________ out without (say) ________________ anything. 17. George (not, complete) ________________ the assignment yet. 18. Janet and Betty (play) ________________ tennis with Jack and me every afternoon. 19. Tom used to (go) ________________to a lot of parties when he was a student. 20. Last night, he (apologize) ________________ me for (arrive) ________________ late. 21. My grandfather (die) ___________ after he (be) ________________ ill for a long time. 22. I (ask) ________________ him (take) ________________ you to school tommorow. 23. My sister (write) ___________ the first article when she (be) ____________ 14 years old. 24. I (find) _____________ this old photo when I (look) ________________ for my passport. 25. When we (arrive) ________________ at the meeting, the first speaker (just, finish) ________________ speaking and the audience was clapping. Make conditional sentences for the following situations. 26. The war will spread everywhere if we don’t stop it. @ Unless _________________________________________________________________________ 27. All our beautiful forests will be destroyed if we do nothing to preserve them. @ Unless _________________________________________________________________________ 28. If he hasn’t got a ticket, they won’t let him in. @ Unless _________________________________________________________________________ Page 5 THE SECOND SEMESTER
  6. Grade 11 29. If it doesn’t rain, we will have no water to use. @ Unless _________________________________________________________________________ 30. These flowers will die if nobody waters them. @ Unless _________________________________________________________________________ 31. Do your exercises or you will be punished. @ Unless _________________________________________________________________________ 32. The building is too high. He can’t climd up. @ If _____________________________________________________________________________ 33. That house is too expensive. I can’t buy it. @ If _____________________________________________________________________________ 34. He didn’t work hard last term, he lost his job. @ If _____________________________________________________________________________ 35. Mary didn’t have money with her. She couldn’t buy that present. @ If _____________________________________________________________________________ 36. There was a test yesterday. You didn’t know that, so you didn’t study. @ If I had known that________________________________________________________________ 37. Your friend was in the hospital. You didn’t know that, so you didn’t visit her. @ If I had_________________________________________________________________________ 38. I’ve never met your friend. You didn’t know that, so you didn’t introduce me. @ If I had_________________________________________________________________________ 39. It was cold yesterday, so I didn’t not go for a walk. @ If it____________________________________________________________________________ 40. I am tired so I can’t cycle to work. @ If I_____________________________________________________________________________ Tag questions 41. Her name is Linda Martin, ________________? 42. You often have bread and meal for breakfast, ________________? 43. He never drink wine, ________________? 44. I think she is a good teacher, ________________? 45. No salt is needed, ________________? Read the passage and answer the following questions: Scientists are now looking for cheaper way to use solar energy to heat air and water. Many buildings are using solar energy to heat their water now. Solar unit on the roofs of buildings collect the energy and use it to heat watwer. Although these units are still very expensive, more and more people are buying solar hot water heaters. Universities and colleges give solar energy courses where students learn to build their own solar collectors. They are also many books that explain the construction of solar collectors. In the future, there will be more and more solar collectors, especially in the sunny desert areas of the world. 46. What are the scientists doing now? @________________________________________________________________________________ 47. Are solar units cheap or expensive? @________________________________________________________________________________ 48. Where do students learn to build their own solar collectors? @________________________________________________________________________________ 49. Do you think solar energy is expensive? @________________________________________________________________________________ 50. Why do(n’t) you think so? Page 6 THE SECOND SEMESTER
  7. Grade 11 @________________________________________________________________________________ ------THE END------ UNIT 12 Choose one word whose underlined part is pronounced differently. 1. A. come B. capture C. coexist D. appreciate 2. A. nature B. Asian C. squash D. spacious Choose one word whose stress pattern is different. 3. A. advance B. aquatic C. discharge D. deepen 4. A. gymnast B. gymnasium C. knowledge D. maintenance 5. A. consumption B. ecologist C. pesticide D. endangered Choose the one best answer to complete each sentence. 6. Mr. Hung is the teacher who teaches us ________. A. gymnast B. gymnasium C. gymnastics D. gymnastic 7. Olga is a good ________. A. gymnast B. gymnasium C. gymnastic D. gymnastics 8. Every day he practises in the ________. A. gymnast B. gymnasium C. gymnastic D. gymnastic 9. ________ from all over the world take part in the Olympic Games. A. Athlete B. Athletic C. Athletes D. Athletics 10. Many people like football because it is a very________ sport. A. strong B. aquatic C. unfair D. competitive 11. Literature is the subject________. A. I am good in B. I am terrifying of C. I am bored at D. I am bad at 12. The film________ we are going to see tonight was made in Hollywood last year. C. Ө A. which B. that D. All are correct 13. The problems________ they are discussing at the meeting are very important. A. that B. about that C. about which D. who 14. The job________ the coal miners does is very dangerous. A. that B. which C. it D. A&B 15. The man________ must be intelligent and handsome. A. whom loves her B. who loving her C. she is loving D. she loves Put the verb into the correct tense: 16. If I (continue) ________ with my diet, I (lose) ________ five kilos by the end of the month. 17. If I have enough apples, I (bake) ________ an apple pie this afternoon. 18. If I had enough apples, I (bake) ________________ an apple pie this afternoon. 19. I will fix your bicycle if I (have) ________ a screwdriver of the proper size. 20. If I (have) ________________ enough money, I would have gone with you. 21. If the weather had been nice yesterday, we (go) ________________ to the zoo. 22. Linda wasn’t at home yesterday. If she (be) ________________ at home yesterday, I (visit) ________________ her. 23. It’s too bad Helen isn’t here. If she (be) ________ here, she (know) ________ what to do. 24. Fred failed the test because he didn’t study. However, if he (study) ________ for the test, he (pass) ________ it. 25. If I (have) ________________ my camera with me yesterday, I (take) ________________ a picture of Alex standing on his head. Reported speeech 26. “I’ve fallen in love with a beautiful girl,” he said. @ He said ___________________________________________________________________________ Page 7 THE SECOND SEMESTER
  8. Grade 11 27. “I came back from the U.S.A three weeks ago,” he said. @ He said 28. “I’m studying at home today” they said. @ They said _________________________________________________________________________ 29. “I’m sorry I didn’t phone you earlier,” Mary said. @ Mary apologised for _________________________________________________________________ 30. “I’ve always wanted to be rich,” Bob said. @ Bob has always dream _______________________________________________________________ 31. “ You’d better not swim too far from the shore,” the lifeguard said to us. @ The lifeguard advised ________________________________________________________________ 32. “You should not drink too much beer.” @ He advised ________________________________________________________________________ 33. “Please don’t smoke in my car.” @ He asked __________________________________________________________________________ 34. “I will come to see you if I have free time,” the man said to her. @ The man said ______________________________________________________________________ 35. “If I had enough money, I would enjoy the trip”, Lan said @ Lan said __________________________________________________________________________ Tag questions 36. Her name is Linda Martin, _____________? 37. You have bread for breakfast, _____________? 38. He never drink wine, _____________? 39. I think she is a good teacher, _____________? 40. No salt is needed, _____________? Page 8 THE SECOND SEMESTER
  9. UNIT 15: SPACE CONQUEST Grade 11 Fill in with relative pronouns if needed. 41. She is Samantha, _____________I am always thinking about. 42. They met the people _____________I was listening to in my office yesterday. 43. Is he the man _____________sister was on a TV quiz show ? 44. It’s the shop _____________I went in yesterday. 45. Is there anybody there _____________name is Smith? Read the passage and answer th following questions. In sport, the sexes are separate. Women and men do not run or swim in the same races. Women are less strong than men. That at least is why people say. Women are called "the weaker sex", or if men want to please them, the "fair sex". But boys and girls are taught together at schools and universities. There are women who are famous Prime Ministers, scientists, and writers. And women live longer than men. A European woman can expect to live until the age of 74, a man only until he is 68. Are women's bodies really weaker? The fastest men can run a mile in under minutes. The best women need 4.5 minutes. Women's times are always slower than men's, but some facts are surprised. Some of them swam 400 meters in 4 minutes 21.2 seconds when she was only 16. The first "Tarzan" in films was an Olympic swimmer, Johnny Weissmuller. His fastest 400 meters was 4 minutes 59.1 seconds, slower than a girl 50 years later! This does not mean.that women are catching men up. Conditions are very different now, and sport is much more serious. It is so serious that some athletes are given hormone injections. At the Olympics, a doctor has to check whether the women athletes are really women or not. It seems to say that sport has such problems. Life can be very completed when there are two separate sexes. 46. Women are called "the weaker sex" because_____________. A. women do as much as men B. people think women are weaker than men C. sport is easier for men than for women D. in sport, the two sexes are always together 47. Which of the following is true? A. Boys and girls study separately. B. Women do not run in races with men. C. Famous Prime Ministers are women. D. Men expect to live longer than women in Europe. 48. "That at least is why people say", means people_____________. A. say other things, too. B. don't say this much. C. say this but may not think so. D. only think this. 49. What problems does sport have? A. Some women athletes are actually men. C. Women and men do not run in the same race. B. Some women athletes are given hormone injections. D. It is difficult to check whether women athletes are really women. 50. In this passage, the author implies that_____________. A. women are weaker but faster than men. B. women are slower but stronger than men. C. men are not always stronger and faster than women. D. men are faster and stronger than women. ------THE END------ UNIT 13 Choose one word whose underlined part is pronounced differently. 1. A. purity B. tiny C. reply D. happy 2. A. standard B. dark C. spark D. pharmacist Choose one word whose stress pattern is different. 3. A. mountain B. maintain C. fountain D. certain 4. A. ambulance B. yesterday C. furniture D. policeman 5. A. constant B. continent C. consider D. content (n.) Choose the one best answer to complete each sentence. 6. Hobbies are the things we like to do in our________ time. A. leisure B. free C. spare D. All are correct 7. I just collect stamps from discarded envelopes. Page 9 THE SECOND SEMESTER
  10. UNIT 15: SPACE CONQUEST Grade 11 A. thrown away B. given up C. got away D. done up 8. There are also other hobbies that I ________ in for a while. A. interested B. indulge C. move D. include 9. “If I were you, I would try again”, Peeter said to me. A. Peter advised me to try again B. Peter advised me try again C. Peter advised me trying again D. Peter advised me tried again 10. You had better ________ at home until you feel better. A. stay B. to stay C. staying D. stayed 11. The students ________ the highest score will be awarded a scholarship. A. who receive B. receiving C. whom is receiving D. receives 12. It is the room ________ we usually hold our meetings. A. that B. which C. where D. when 13. The singer was ________ on the piano by her sister. A. served B. accompanied C. assisted D. sounded 14. The ________ were all invited to the school. A. boys parents B. boys parents’ C. boys’parents D. boys’s parents 15. We can hardly tell you ________. A. nothing B. something C. anything D. none is correct Give the right tense of the verbs in the brackets. 16. The world always (change) ________________. Things never (stay) _______________ the same. 17. Ron (be) _________in London at the moment. He (stay) ________________ at the Hilton Hotel. He often (stay) _________ at the Hilton Hotel when he (be) _________ in London 18. I (not, know) ________________ she was ill last week. If I (know) ________________, I (visit) ________________ her 19. After they (leave) ________________, we (sit) _________ down and rested. 20. When we (go) _________ to see them last night, they (play) ________________ cards. They (say) _________, they (play) ________________ since six o’clock. 21. He (write) __________ his report for two days, but he (not, finish) ________________ it yet. 22. They (already, arrest) ________________ her for shoplifting. 23. Alice and Louise (not, buy) ________________ anything at the store yesterday. 24. His father (travel) ________________ to Mexico by air last year. 25. He (just, repair) ________________his bicycle. He (wash) _____________ his hands at the moment. Rewrite the following sentences without changing their meaning. 26. Bermuda got its name in 1964. @ It was in _______________________________________________________________________ 27. I’ve lost my book. @ It is my book ____________________________________________________________________ 28. I saw him in the street only last week. @ It was only ______________________________________________________________________ 29. You are wrong not me. @ It is you ________________________________________________________________________ 30. I discovered my mistakes years later. @ It was years later ________________________________________________________________ . 31. The meeting began at 7 p.m. @ It was at ________________________________________________________________________ 32. Hoa borrowed the English-Vietnamese Dictionary from the teacher. @ It was the English-Vietnamese Dictionary _____________________________________________ 33. Her father gave her a nice present on her birthday. @ It was her father _________________________________________________________________ 34. Mary didn’t begin to read until she was eight. @ It was until _____________________________________________________________________ Page 10 THE SECOND SEMESTER
  11. UNIT 15: SPACE CONQUEST Grade 11 35. The tourists asked the tourist guide a lot of questions. @ It was the tourist guide ____________________________________________________________ Give question tag. 36. No one likes snakes , ________________? 37. You borrowed this book from the library, ________________? 38. Mai’s hobby is collecting stamps, ________________? 39. Lan and Hoa can’t swim, ________________? 40. Their father could hardly feed the family, ________________? Fill in each blank of the sentences with a suitable preposition 41. Don’t worry ________ the result of your exam 42. I am sorry ________ the trouble I have caused 43. The South is different ________ the North 44. Don’t trust him. He isn’t capable ________ anything 45. Daisy is very careful ________ her money Read the passage and answer the questions that follow. LOUISA I enjoy practising the piano. I have a very good teacher, called Miss Rowe. And I learn the violin. I enjoy that a lot. I’ve been learning for three or four months up to now. In my free time I also collect shells and rocks, and I have got quite a lot of them. And I go swimming now and then. I like bike riding, too. 46. What does Louis enjoy practising ? @________________________________________________________________________________ 47. What is her teacher’s name ? @________________________________________________________________________________ 48. How long has she been learning the piano and the violin ? @________________________________________________________________________________ 49. What does she do in her free time ? @________________________________________________________________________________ 50. What does she sometimes do ? @________________________________________________________________________________ ------THE END------ UNIT 15 Choose one word whose underlined part is pronounced differently. 1. A come B. love C. some D. dome 2. A. dread [fear] B. bead C. bread D. thread Choose one word whose stress pattern is different. 3. A. computer B. musuem C. important D. visitor 4. A. calculator B. intelligent C. impossible D. American 5. A. compare B. compose C. company D. consist Choose the one best answer to complete each sentence. 6. Neil Amstrong was the first man to ________ foot on the moon. A. try B. let C. put D. set 7. Scientists try to ________ a breakthrough in manufacturing new materials for space exploration. Page 11 THE SECOND SEMESTER
  12. UNIT 15: SPACE CONQUEST Grade 11 A. make B. achieve C. get D. A and B 8. Yuri Gagarin was the first human being ________ around the Earth. A. to whirl B. to spin C. to orbit D. to run 9. Her name is Jane, ________? A. is she B. is it C. isn’t she D. isn’t it 10. No one knows this answer, ________? A. does he B. doesn’t he C. do they D. don’t they 11. He never tells a lie, ________? A. does he B. doesn’t he C. he does D. he doesn’t 12. I have heard nothing from him since ________. A. he had left B. he leaves C. he has left D. he left 13. Don’t talk in class, ________? A. will you B. do you C. won’t you D. don’t you 14. Everything is alright, ________? A. is it B. isn’t it C. are they D. aren’t they 15. Let’s go, ________? A. do we B. don’t we C. shall we D. shall not we 16. No one knew precisely what would happen to a human being in space. A. exactly B. clearly C. carefully D. vividly 17. Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon ______ 20 July 1969. A. in B. at C. on D. of 18. She is never satisfied ______ what she's got. A. to B. with C. for D. in. 19. In 1961, Yuri Gagarin lifted ______ into space aboard the Vostok 1. A. off B. up C. on D. Ø 20. After landing, the team members were greeted like ______ heroes. A. conquer B. conquering (adj.) C. conqueror D. conquest 21. Neil Armstrong, an American ______, was the first man to step on the moon's surface. A. scientist B. cosmonaut C. astrononaut D. astronomer 22. The 27-year-old Soviet cosmonaut became the first person to eat and drink in ______. A. weight B. weighting C. weightless D. weightlessness 23. About 100 Russian satellites are ______ the earth. A. flying B. orbitting C. traveling D. circuiting 24. Many people are demonstrating to express their ______ with the new land law. A. satisfied B. satisfactory C. satisfaction D. dissatisfaction 25. The astronauts were able to send the information back to the earth. A. spaceships B. space stations C. space man D. space shots Rewrite the following sentences without changing their meaning 26. It is easy to do this exercise. @ To do __________________________________________________________________________ 27. It was happy to win a prize. @ To win _________________________________________________________________________ 28. It is impossible to grow rice in salty water. @ To grow ______________________________________________________________________ . 29. It is impossible to plant flowers in poor soil. @ People can’t possibly ______________________________________________________________ 30. It is difficult to learn German. @ To learn ________________________________________________________________________ 31. It is nice to work in an air-conditioning room. @ To work________________________________________________________________________ 32. It was ashamed to copu friends’paper. Page 12 THE SECOND SEMESTER
  13. UNIT 15: SPACE CONQUEST Grade 11 @ To copy ________________________________________________________________________ 33. It will be nice to live in a palace. @ To live _________________________________________________________________________ 34. It was hard to live without electricity. @ To live ________________________________________________________________________ . 35. It is kind to help the poor. @ To help _________________________________________________________________________ Give question tag. 36. Bill came on a bicycle, ________________? 37. The Smiths have two cars, ________________? 38. It could be done, ________________? 39. She’s got lovely blue eyes, ________________? 40. That’s him over there, ________________? Fill in each blank of the sentences with a suitable preposition. 41. Your profession is similar ______ mine 42. My house is next ______ the post office 43. I was absent ______ class yesterday 44. He is different ______ his wife 45. We were present ______the lecture yesterday Page 13 THE SECOND SEMESTER
  14. UNIT 16: THE WONDERS OF THE WORLD Grade 11 Read the passage and answer the questions that follow. Some day people will certainly try to build settlements on the moon. The best places for houses in a moon town will be a cave or a tunnel. Underground houses will not be squashed by meteorites that constantly fall on the moon from outer space. This will be important on the moon, since daytime is so hot that food could be cooked in the rocks, and the nights get bitterly cold. Pioneer moon homes may be made of airtight plastic that can be blown up like a balloon inside the cave. The reason for this is that the moon has no air around it. The pioneers will have to take along from the earth the oxygen masks when they are away from home. But the balloon house itself will be filled with air. Perhaps the house will have beds, tables, and chairs, built into it. These can be inflated, too. So people will sleep, eat and work on air ! Moon-house building will be easy. The moon’s gravity is less than the earth’s. Everything weighs only one-sixth as much as it does on the earth. (Squash: đè bẹp; airtight: not allowing air to enter or escape; inflated: filled with air, gas, etc.) 46. In a moon town, what is the best place for house ? @________________________________________________________________________________ Will the people on the moon wear oxygen masks when they leave their homes ? 47. @________________________________________________________________________________ Why will the pioneers have to take along from the earth the oxygen they need for breathing ? 48. @________________________________________________________________________________ If a stone weighs 18 tons on the earth, how much does it weigh on the moon ? 49. @________________________________________________________________________________ According to the passage, can people build cities on the moon ? 50. @________________________________________________________________________________ ------THE END------ UNIT 16 Choose one word whose underlined part is pronounced differently. 1. A. afraid B. mistake C. appointment D. organism 2. A. failed B. absorbed C. solved D. reached Choose one word whose stress pattern is different. 3. A. superman B. synthetic C. conversion D. professor 4. A. forests B. singing C. concerning D. burning 5. A. appropriate B. emotional C. pronounce D. situation Choose the one best answer to complete each sentence. 6. Tom is sitting at his desk. He has a test tomorrow. He ________. A. could study B. should be studying C. will study D. must be studying 7. The teacher gave back the papers which ________marked. A. was B. has been C. had been D. have been 8. By the time a baby has reached his first birthday, he should ________sit up or even stand up. A. to be able to B. able to C. to be able D. be able to 9. ________of this huge stone pyramid was to serve as a tomb. A. The purpose B. The completion C. The revolution D. The development 10. ________during the storm. A. The fence collapsed B. The fence were collapsed C. They collapsed the fence D. they were collapsed the fence 11. Some streets in our city need ________. A. broaden B. broadened C. broadening D. to broaden 12. What did the woman die of ? ________did the woman die ? A. How B. Where B. What D. When 13. In 1987, The Great Wall was listed as a World Heritage ________UNESCO. A. with B. to C. of D. by Page 14 THE SECOND SEMESTER
  15. UNIT 16: THE WONDERS OF THE WORLD Grade 11 14. We are all keen ________taking a trip to the Great Wall of China. A. to B. on C. of D. in 15. The Ponagar Cham Towers are located on Cu Lao Marble Hill, 2 km north of Nha Trang. A. lain B. built C. situated D. detected Change the sentences into cleft sentences in the passive. 16. He sent his friends the postcards. @__________________________________________________________________________________ 17. The child greeted his grandparents in a strange language. @__________________________________________________________________________________ 18. The pedestrian asked the policeman a lot of questions. @__________________________________________________________________________________ 19. We saw many soldiers and tanks. @__________________________________________________________________________________ 20. We visited the doctor last week. @__________________________________________________________________________________ Rewrite the following sentences without changing their meaning. 21. People know that cars pollute the environment. @ Cars are known_____________________________________________________________________ 22. People believe that the robber has worked in the bank. @ The robber is believed________________________________________________________________ 23. Many people believe that she is an honest person. @ She is ____________________________________________________________________________ 24. They think that the president will arrive soon. @ The president is ____________________________________________________________________ 25. It is reported that many passengers died in the crash. @ Many passengers are ________________________________________________________________ 26. It is expected that the prices will rise again this month. @ The prices are _____________________________________________________________________ 27. It is proved that life doesn’t exist on the moon. @ Life is proved not __________________________________________________________________ 28. They say that he has passed the final exam with the best result. @ He is _____________________________________________________________________________ 29. He is said to have been in the army. @ People say ________________________________________________________________________ 30. It is believed that the man escaped in a stolen car. @ The man __________________________________________________________________________ 31. People say that he has been all over the world. @ He is _____________________________________________________________________________ 32. It is your duty to clean the board every day. @ You are supposed __________________________________________________________________ 33. The children laughed a lot because of the funny story. (use because) @ The children________________________________________________________________________ 34. It is believed that the man is 108 years old. @ The man is believed to_______________________________________________________________ 35. What a pity you failed your final test ! @ I wish_____________________________________________________________________________ Fill in each blank of the sentences with a suitable preposition. 36. Hue is famous ________its historical vestiges. 37. She is always busy________her housework. 38. Dirty air is harmful ________health. 39. He is friendly ________everyone. 40. The air at the seaside is good ________health. Page 15 THE SECOND SEMESTER
  16. Read the passage and answer the questions that follow. THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA The Great Wall started as earth works thrown up for protection by different States. The individual sections weren’t connected until the Quin dynasty (221-206 B.C). Quin Shihuangdi, First Emperor of Quin began conscripting peasants, enemies, and anyone else who wasn’t tied to the land to go to work on the Wall. He garrisoned armies at the Wall to stand guard over the workers as well as to defend the northern boundaries. The tradition lasted for centuries, and each dynasty added up to the height, breath, length, and elaborated the design mostly through forced labor. It was during the Ming dynasty (1368-1644) that the Wall took on its present form. The brick and granite work was enlarged and sophisticated designs were added. The watch towers were redesigned and modern canon were mounted in strategic areas. The Portuguese had found a ready market for guns and canon in China, one of the few items of trade that China didn’t already have in abundance. The Ming Emperors, having overthrown the Hun dominance and expelled Mongol rulers of the North devoted large portions of available material and manpower to making sure that they didn’t return. The Wall served well. Only when a dynasty had weakened from within were invaders from the north able to advance and conquer. Both the Mongols (Yuan Dynasty, 1271-1368) and the Manchurians (Qing Danasty 1644-1911) were able to take power, not because of weakness in the Wall but because of weakness in the government and the poverty of the people. They took advantage of rebellion from within and stepped into the void of power without extended wars. (Conscript (v): bắt đi lính; garrison: đóng quân; elaborate: dựng lên; take on: begin to have; canon: hẻm núi; mount: lắp; strategic: chiến lược; overthrow: lật đổ; dominance: sự thống trị; expel: lưu đày; devote: dâng hiến; portion: phần phân chia; invader: kẻ xâm lược; conquer: chiếm đoạt; take advantage of: lợi dụng; void: sự mất hiệu lực) 41. When was the Great Wall first formed ? @________________________________________________________________________________ 42. Why did Emperor Quin Shihuangdi send armies to the Wall ? @________________________________________________________________________________ 43. In what Dynasty was the Great Wall enlarged, and redesigned ? @________________________________________________________________________________ 44. Who supplied the canon for the watch towers at the Great Wall ? @________________________________________________________________________________ 45. Why was it said the wall served well during wars ? @________________________________________________________________________________ ------THE END------



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