Bài tập trắc nghiệm môn Anh văn lớp 6

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Tài liệu ôn tập Tiếng Anh tham khảo gồm 16 chủ đề, mỗi chủ đề có nhiều bài test tiếng anh nhỏ giúp học sinh nắm vững kiến thức ngữ pháp Tiếng Anh hơn, qua đó kỹ năng giải bài tập trắc nghiệm Tiếng Anh được tốt hơn, đó là điều cần thiết cho các kỳ thi của các em sau này.

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  2. UNIT 1 : GREETINGS Test 1 Choose the correct answer. Only one answer is correct. 1. How are you?
  3. ________ A. I”m a student. B. Thank you very much C. Very well, thank you D. I’m Lan. 2. ________ My name’s Susan. A. How’s your name? B. What’s your name? B. How do you do? B. What you’re name? 3. Which word contains a different sound from the others? A. bag B. cap C. dad D. far 4. _______ Hi, I’m Bob. Nice to meet you. A. How old are you? B. How are you? C. Hi, my name’s Mary D. I’m fine. 5. Mr. Trung is ________doctor. A. the B. a C. an D. – 6. Which word contains the sound/e/? A. name B. head C. eraser D. mate 7. Good morning, children. ________ A. Good morning, Miss Angela B. Very well, thank you. And you? C. We’re fine, thank you. D. Take care 8. ________ He’s from London. A. Where’s he from? B. What’s his job? C. Who’s he? D. What’s his name? 9. ________ is Life Hospital? It’s in the city center. A. What B. Who C. Where D. When 10. _______ Ted and Jack in Mrs. Anna’s class? A. Is B. Are C. Be D. Am 11. Are you doctors? ________ . A. Yes, we’re B. Yes, they’re C. Yes, I am D. Yes, we are 12. How old are you? ________ .
  4. A. I’m thirteen B. I’m John C. I’m fine, thanks D. I’m a student 13. Mark lives _______ Manchester. A. in B. on C. at D. under 14.What _______ these? They’re carrots. A. be B. am C. is D. are 15. eight + six = _______ . A. twelve B. thirteen C. fourteen D. fifteen 16._______ are they? They’re my classmates. A.What B. Who C. Why D. Where 17. Which verb adds_es in the third person? A. teach B. eat C. listen D. walk 18. Which word is the odd one out? A. ten B. sixteen C. eighteen D. third 19.Hello, Minh. _______ is Long. A. This B. These C. Those D. They 20. When you meet your friend at 3pm, you say : A. Good morning B. Good afternoon C. Good evening D. Goodnight Test 2 Choose the correct answer. 1. Nice ______ you. A. to meeting B. meet C. meets D. to meet 2. – Goodbye! _ _______ . A. See you later B. Good evening C. Hello D. How are things? 3. _ _______ _ It’s nine am.
  5. A. What the time is? B. How is it late? C. What hour is it? D. What time is it? 4. – Is that your teacher? _ _______ . A. Is B. Yes, it is C. That one D. Yes, she is 5. _ Thank you very much. _ _______ . A. That’s all right B. Please C. That’s right D. Nothing 6. Which word is the odd one out? A. watch B. week C. month D. year 7. Complete the square. night day evening A. morning B. time C. dark D. afternoon 8. ten + five = ______ . A. twelve B. thirteen C. fourteen D. fifteen 9. We ______ fine, thank you. A. be B. am C. is D. are 10. – ______ is your teacher? _ Miss Lan Phuong. A. What B. Where C. Who D. When 11. Shirts, trousers and skirts are _______ . A. dresses B. clothes C. suits D. wardrobes 12. _ How are you? _ Not very well, I’m afraid. _ _______ A. That’s nice! B. Good for you! C. Thank you. D. What’s wrong? 13.______ you twelve years old? A. Be B. Am C. Is D. Are
  6. 14. _ Amy, this is my friend, Nancy. _ _______ . A. I’m very well, thank you B. Goodbye. See you later C. Hi, Nancy D. I’m sorry 15. _ _______ _ No, she isn’t. We’re in Miss Mai’s class. A. Is Miss Hoa your teacher? B. Are you in Miss Mai’s class? C. Is Miss Mai your teacher? D. Are you in Miss Hoa’s class? 16. Which word is the odd one out? A. lesson B. math C. history D. literature 17. How many syllables are there in the word wonderful? A. one B. two C. three D. four 18. _ Who are ______ ? _ They’re our friends. A. we B. us C. they D. them 19. _ Are you from Thailand? _ _______ . A. No, I’m not. I’m from Thailand. B. Yes, they’re. They’re from Thailand. C. No, I’m not. I’m from Singapore. D. Yes, they’re. They’re from Singapore. 20. Which word has three syllables? A. fourteen B. fifteen C. sixteen D. seventeen Test 3 Choose the correct answer. 1. _ How are yoy today? _ _______ . A. I’m from Liverpool. B. Hi. Myname’s Ted. C. I’m very well, thanks. D. I’m thirteen years old. 2. _ Is Mr.Pike your form teacher? _ _______ A. Yes, it is. B. Yes, he is. C. Yes, she is. D. Yes, we are.
  7. 3. Which sentence is correct? A. Tina is my best friend. B. Tina is my best friend. C. Tina is friend best my. D. Tina my best friend is 4. Which word contains a different sound from the others? A. cake B. day C. way D. cat 5. nineteen _ three _ six = _______ . A. ten B. eleven C. twelve D. thirteen 6. Where _______ your school? A. it is B. there’s C. is D. is it 7. Bob and Ted are brothers, and Anna is _______ sister. A. they B. theirs C. them D. their 8. We have ______ English lesson today. A. a B. an C. the D. _ 9.Bread, cake and potatoes are _______ . A. vegetables B. meals C. cooking D. food 10. Put these sentences in the correct order to make a conversation. a. Fine, thanks. b. Good afternoon, Lisa. How are you? c. Fine, thank you. And you? d. Good afternoon, George. A.b-c-a-d B. a-b-d-c C. d-c-a-b D. d-b-c-a 11.Which sentence is correct? A. The name of your best friend is what? B. What your best friend the name is? C. What is the name of your best friend? D. What the name of your best friend? 12.Which word is the odd one out? A. day B. morning C. afternoon D. evening 13.Put these sentences in the correct order to make a conversation. a. Hello, Bob. This is Linda. b. Hi, Linda. Nice to meet you. c. Hello, Andy. d. Nice to meet you. A. d-b-a-c B. c-a-b-d
  8. C. b-c-d-a D. a-d-c-b 14. Which sentence is correct? A. Comes here, Rose. B. Come here, Rose. C. To come here Rose. D. Here come, Rose. 15. I have an English lesson ______ Monday. A. at B. by C. in D. on 16. _______ a clock in your class? A. Is B. It C. Is there D. Has there] 17. Mai and Trang______ good friends. A. are B. am C. it’s D. is 18. At what time _______ ? A. does the lesson starts B. starts the lesson C. the lesson starts D. does the lesson start Read the text and choose the answer that you think fits best according to the text. My name’s Akemi. I’m 25 years old and I come from Tokyo in Japan. I’m a student at Cambridge University, where I study English. My interests are theater, cinema and classical music. In Japan I work in a large department store selling cosmetics. When I go home I hope to get a job using my Enhlish, maybe in a travel agency. My ambition is to travel all over Europe and learn another European language. 19. Akemi is ______ years old. A. twenty_two B. twenty_three C. twenty_four D. twenty_five 20. Which of the following is true? A. Akemi is interested in theater, but she doesn’t like cinema and classical music. B. Her interests are theater and pop music. C. She dislikes theater, cinema a nd classical music. D. Theater, cinema and classical music are her interests. 21. In Japan Akemi works ______ . A. at a university B. in a department store C. at a travel agency D. in advertising 22. Her ambition is _______ . A. to sell cosmetics B. to travel all over Europe C. to learn another European language D. Both B and C
  9. Listen and circle the letter of the correct answer. 1. a) Hi, my name is ______ . A. Nga B. Thu C. Lan b) I’m ______ years old. A. eleven B. twelve C. thirteen 2. a) Hello, I am ______ . A. Tom B. Peter C. John b) I am _______ . A. ten B. fourteen C. fifteen 3. a) Hello, ______ . This is Long. A. Miss White B. Miss Hoa C. Mr.Ba b) _ Hi, Long. How old are you? _ I’m ________ . A. eight years old B. nine years old C. ten years old
  10. UNIT 2 : AT SCHOOL Test 1 Choose the correct answer. 1. _ What’s your favorite _______? _ Oh, Math, I think. A. teacher B. friend C. subject D. letter 2. This is my school_______ . I have Literature on Tuesday. A. notebook B. timetable C. lesson D. professor 3. Which word contains a different sound from the others? A. mother B. thing C. Thursday D. thirty 4. Which word is the odd one out? A. book B. pencil C. friend D. ruler 5. Which sentence is correct? A. No take photographs. B. No taking photographs C. Don’t take photographs D. Don’t to take photographs 6. I go to school _______ bus. A. a B. the C. an D. _ 7. _ What are _______ ? _ They’re pencils. A. this B. that C. those D. them 8. They’re my friends. ______ names are Ted and Mark. A. Them B. They C. Theirs D. Their 9. _ ______ students are there in your class? _ Forty A. Why B. How much C. How many D. Who 10. I live ______ an apartment. A. in B. for C. up D. with 11._ ______ your book. A. Listen B. Stand C. Come D. Open
  11. 12. _ ______ do you live? _ In Hue city. A. Who B. Where C. When D. Why 13. Which word contains the sound / e /? A. open B. ruler C.student D. desk 14. This is a photo ______ my school. A. of B. on C. up D. by 15. What ______ ? A. does window mean B. mean window C. it means window D. is the meaning from window 16. Let’s _____ to the cinema. A. going B. to go C. go D. goes 17. _ ______ ? _ From Japan. A. Where are you from B. Where do you come from C. Where are you coming from D. From where you come 18. Which word is the odd one out? A. pretty B. beautiful C. sympathetics D. good-looking 19. Complete the square. class student office A. work B. room C. desk D. secretary 20. _ What does Ms.Julie do? _ She’s ______ teacher at a big high school. A. one B. _ C. a D. an 21. Is Elizabeth_______? A. your old friend B. an old your friend C. an old friend from you D. an old friend of yours 22. _ Which pencil do you want?
  12. _ ______ A. That one. B. That’s it. C. Here is. D. Yes, please. Test 2 Choose the correct answer. 1. This for you and ______ are for your little sister. A. there B. this C. that D. those 2. Football, chess and badminton are ______ . A. maches B. plays C. athletics D. games 3. Is that ______ house? A. he B. him C. she D. her 4. Nam gets a letter _______ his sister every week. A. from B. out C. on D. up 5. _ What do you do? _ ______ A. I’m thirteen years old. B. I’m Bob. C. I’m a student. D. I’m in Mrs.Kim’s class. 6. That is ______ schoolbag. A. my B. I C. me D. mine 7. Where ______ Lan and Mai live? A. is B. are C. does D. do 8. I often go ______ bed at nine o’clock. A.to B. at C.on D. in 9. Is ______ your desk? A. these B. that C. here D. those 10. Do you know _______ ? A. the address from them B. theirs address C. there address D. their address 11. What is this _______ English? A. on B.in C. for D. at 12.Which word has three syllables ?
  13. A. eraser B. teacher C. student D. street 13. _ ______ ? _ R_O_S_E, Rose. A. Is that your first name B. Is your name short C. How do you spell your name D. Do you like your name 14. Sit ______, please! A. in B. at C. on D. down 15. ______ fruit is very sweet. A. These B. This C. Those D. There 16. _ Is this your pen ? _ _______ A. This is a pen. B. It’s apen. C. Yes, they are D. Yes, it is 17. _ ______ is that ? _ It’s a ruler. A. Who B. What C. Which D. Where 18. _ Where does your sister live ? _ She lives ______ a small house on King street. A. in B. on C. with D. for 19. _ Are those his pencils ? _ _______ A. Yes, it’s. B. No, it isn’t C. Yes, they’re. D. No, they aren’t. 20. _ What’s her job ? _ ______ nurse. A. She’s B. She’s a C. Her jobs D. She makes a 21.Mary lives _______ her mother and father. A. to B. by C. with D. from Test 3
  14. Choose the correct answer. 1.It is _____ question. A. not hard B. a easy C. an easy D. not an hard 2. ______ to school at 6.30 am. A. We go usually B. Go we usually C. Usually go we D. We usually go 3. Are these ______ notebooks ? A. yours B. your C. of you the D. you’re 4. Mike is ______ school. A. on the B. to C. at D. on 5. _ Where’s my English book? _ _______ A. Here is. B. Here you are. C. This one. D. I have. 6. We live near ______ a supermarket. A. of B. from C. by D. _ 7._ Have some biscuits. _ ______ A. Thank you very much. B. Thank very much. C. Thanks you very much. D. Very much thanks. 8. Which sentence is correct ? A. What the time is it? B. What the time? C. How late is the time? D. What’s the time? 9. Who are all ______ people? A. this B. that C. those D. them 10. _ Goodbye! _ Goodbye! _______ later! A. I see you B. To see you C. We see you D. See you 11. They live about twenty kilometers ______ here. A. away from B. away of C. near D. near from 12. Bob and Ted have a sister. _______ Jane. A. Their name is B. Her name is C. His name is D. Its name is 13. ______ many students in your class? A. Have there B. Is it
  15. C. Are there D. Are they 14. _______ that! A. Do not B. Don’t C. Not to do D. Don’t do 15. I often spend two hours ______ my homework. A. for do B. doing C. to do D. for doing 16.Which sentence is correct? A. What age have you? B. How old you are ? C. How old are you? D. A & C Read the conversation and then decide if the statements are true or false. Carlos : Excuse me, is this seat free? Miguel : Yes, it is. Carlos : Thanks. (Carlos sits down) . I’m Carlos. Miguel : Hi, Carlos. I’m Miguel. Are you a new student here? Carlos : Yes, I am. This is my first day at school. How is this class? Miguel : It’s great. The students are very nice and the teacher is fantastic. Carlos : Wow! The teacher is that good? Miguel : Yes, she is. Mrs. Lee is one of my favorite teachers. Carlos : Umm…Isn’t this Mrs. Kim’s class? Miguel : No it isn’t. Carlos : Isn’t this room 401? Miguel : No, it isn’t. This is room 410. Room 401 is across the hall. Carlos : Oops. I’m in the wrong class. 17. Miguel is a new student. A. True B. False 18. Migue is very happy with his class. A. True B. False 19. Carlos’s class is in room 410. A. True B. False 20. Carlos is in Mrs. Kim’s class. A. True B. False 21. Carlos and Miguel are in the same class. A. True B. False Listen and complete the sentences. 1. This is my........................... 2. It is ..................................... 3. This is my ......................... 4. That is my ..........................
  16. 5. And that is my ................... 6. It is .....................................
  17. UNIT 3 : AT HOME Test 1 Choose the correct answer. 1. ______ people are there in your family? A. How long B. How far C. How much D. How many 2. _ ______ is that ? _ My brother. A. Which B. Who C. What D. When 3. Which word contains a different sound from the others ? A. lamp B. fan C. bag D. father 4. _ ______ does your mother do? _ She’s an engineer. A. Where B. Who C. What D. Which 5. _ How _____ is your little brother? _ He’s three years old? A. many B. mnuch C. years D. old 6. _ What are _____ ? _ They’re stools. A. this B. that C. there D. they 7. _ What’s your father’s name ? _ ______ name is Hung. A. He B. His C. She D. Her 8. _ What _____ those, Bin ? _ They’re armchairs. A. does B. do C. is D. are 9. How many windows _____ in your class ? A. are there B. there are C. there isn’t D. there aren’t 10. They often play soccer in the ______ . A. school gate B. schoolyard C. schoolmate D. schoolwork 11. Which word has three syllables ?
  18. A. table B. telephone C. window D. bench 12. Those ______ pens and pencils. A. is B. are C. has D. have 13. Which word is the odd one out ? A. couch B. living room C. table D. armchair 14. _ What is it ? _ It’s an _____ . A.armchair B. television C. table D. bookself 15. How many syllables are there in the word television? A. one B. two C. three D. bench 16. Complete the square. small large light A. heavy B. large C. difficuilt D. good 17. _ _______ _ No, he isn’t. He’s in the English class. A. Is Bob in the English class? B. Is Bob from Italy ? C. Is Bob in the Frech class ? D. Is Exnglish difficuilt ? 18. _ Are you in my history class ? _ Yes, I _____ . A. ’m B. am C. ’re D. A & B 19. Which sentence is correct ? A. Please no eat in class B. Please don’t eat in class. C. Please no to eat in class. D. Please don’t to eat in class. 20. What _____ your favorite food ? A. is B. are C. does D. do Test 2. Choose the correct answer. 1. I’m not good _____ Frech.
  19. A. at B. on C. for D. by 2. What’s the matter? A. All right. B. Don’t bother. C. Nothing. D. Fine, thanks. 3. Which word is the odd one out ? A. bed B. table C. window D. chair 4. Which word contains a different sound from the others ? A. high B. wide C. fine D. sit 5. The children wake _____ early in the morning. A. off B. to C. up D. out 6. _ What’s the date today ? _ It is _____ June. A. twelve B. twelfth C. twelve of D. the twelfth of 7. _ How many windows are there in your house ? _ ______ six. A. There is B. There are C.There has D. There have 8. _ _____ is Phong ? _ He’s in the livingroom. A. When B. Where C. Who D. What 9. Which verb adds _ es in the third person ? A. go B. write C. sleep D. tell 10. ______ a clock in your room ? A. Are there B. Is there C. Have there D. Has there 11. Put these sentences in the correct order to make a conversation. a. Her name’s Julie. b. She’s a nurse. c. Who’s that ? d. What’s her name ? e. What does she do ? f. That’s my sister. A. d-e-a-b-f-c B. b-a-f-d-e-c C. c-f-d-a-e-b D. e-f-d-b-a-c 12. This is Mr. Ba and _____ students.
  20. A. him B. his C. he D. _ 13. How old are _____, Trung and Minh ? A. we B. he C. she D. you 14. twenty _ five _ eight = ______ . A. five B. six C. seven D. eight 15. Complete the square. hours cloc k month s A. day B. calendar C. moon D. year 16. Which word is the odd one out ? A. book B. magazine C. record D. newspaper 17. I _____ old clothes when working in the garden. A . carry B. do on C. wear D. dress 18. _ What ______ ? _ Beautiful. A. the wearther is like B. is the wearther like C. weather is it like D. like is the weather 19. How _____ your brother’s name? A. do you spell B. is the spelli ng of C. to writing D. write 20. Which sentence is correct ? A. Are these your luggage ? B. Is your luggage this one ? C. Is this your luggage ? D. Are these your luggage ? 21. Put the word usually in the right place in the following sentence. He (A) gets (B) up (C) at (D) seven o’clock. 22. ______ are students. A. My both sister B. My sisters both of them C. Both my sister D. The both of my sister Test 3
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