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Section A: Choose the word or phrase which best completes each sentence. Blacken the letter A, B, C or Dfor your choice.

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Section A: Choose the word or phrase which best completes each sentence. Blacken the letter A, B, C or Dfor
your choice.
1. Judy, I'd like to introduce you to some friends. These are the
A. what have been my neighbors for many years.
B. where have been my neighbors for many years.
C. who have been my neighbors for many years.
D. have been my neighbors for many years.
2. When she called to say she couldn't come, I was _________
A. very disappointed and I cried.
B. so disappointed that I cried.
C. very disappointed and crying.
D. disappointed and crying.
3. I was driving home when __________________
A. it start to storm.
B. it starting to storm.
C. it started to storm.
D. it was started to storm.
4. After I________eaten, I asked my friend why he was laughing.
A. had B. had been C. was D. have
5. Sue is studying English so _________
A. she'll be speaking well next year.
B. she can be able speaking well next year.
C. she'll be able to speak well next year.
D. she'll be able speaking well next year.
6. Norman got a new job. Aren't you ______________
A. exciting about it? B. excited about it?
C. so exciting? D. too exciting?
7. A: I'm hungry, I haven't eaten all day.
B: What? I thought you said ___________
A. you aren't hungry. B. you will be hungry.
C. you had hungry. D. you weren't hungry.
8. It's 6:00 pm already. How long ___________
A. have we been waiting for them to arrive?
B. had we waited for them to arrive?
C. could we have waiting for them to arrive?
D. did we been waiting for them to arrive?
9. A: That haircut looks great. It really suits you.
B: Thanks, but _______________
A. I'd rather to wear my hair long.
B. I prefer to wearing my hair long.
C. I prefer wearing my hair long.
D. I'd rather wearing my hair long.
10. I really had the most terrible day at work.
A. I fired the boss. B. I was fired by the boss.
C. I were fired by the boss. D. I was firing by the boss.

11. A: Bob, why do you like Maria? B: _
A. Well, she is such nice beautiful young woman.
B. Well, she is so beautiful nice young woman.
C. Well, she is such a nice beautiful young woman.
D. Well, she is so beautiful and nice young woman.
12. A: Have you seen the latest Kung Fu Kid movie?
B: _________________________
A. No, it hasn't come to the theatres here yet.
B. Yes, I has seen it a few times.
C. Yes, the movie has seen here a few times.
D. No, the movie haven't been seen yet.
13. A: Isn't there anything exciting we could do this after noon?
B: Well, we could go skiing.
A: ____________________________
A. I'm not sure that's enough exciting for me.
B. Sure, that sounds exciting and pretty to me.
C. I pretty sure we could do exciting skiing.
D. Sure, that sounds pretty exciting to me.
14.A: Have you ever driven a car like this?
B: __
A. Yes, I drove many times.
B. Yes, I ever drove this kind many times.
C. Yes, I've driven this kind many times.
D. Yes, I driven this kind many times.
15. A: I'm not sure what I should do to help you. B:_______
A. Well, you could help me make supper.
B. Well, you should to help me.
C. Well, you have to help me make supper.
D. Well, you could to help me make supper.
16. __________ not until the end of the seventeenth century that
scientists began to stress the importance of experiment as a
way of gaining knowledge.
A. There was B. It was C. There D. It
17. __________ in space, a rocket has to be powerful enough to
break out of the pull of Earth's gravity.
A. To travel B. It is travel
C. That travel D. Travel
18. _______________ are the most poisonous fish in the world.
A. There are stonefish B That the stonefish
C. They are the stonefish D. Stonefish
19. Seismic prospecting ____________ used to map out rock
structures below the ground.
A. widely B. are widely
C. is widely D. it is widely
20. By the mid-eighteen century, ______ so many new
immigrants entering North America from Europe that the original
colonies in the North east were overcrowded.
A. it were B. were C. there D. there were

Section B: Read the passage and answer the questions that follow.
Blacken your answer:
The fact that most Americans live in urban areas does not mean
that they reside in the center of large cities. In fact, more Americans
live in the suburbs of large metropolitan areas than in the cities
The Bureau of Census regards any area with more than 2,500
people as an urban area, and does not consider boundaries of cities
and suburbs. According to the Bureau, the political boundaries are
less significant than the social and economic relationships and the
transportation and communication systems that integrate a local. The
term used by the Bureau for an integrated metropolis is an MSA,
which stands for Metropolitan Statistical Area. In general, an MSA is
any area that contains a city and its surrounding suburbs -and has a
total population of 50,000 or more.
At the present time, the Bureau reports more than 280 MSAs,
which together account for 75 percent of the U.S. population. In
addition, the Bureau recognizes eighteen megapolises, that is,
continuous adjacent metropolitan areas. One of the most obvious
megapolises includes a chain of hundreds of cities and suburbs across
ten states on the East Coast from Massachusetts to Virginia, including
Boston, New York, and Washington D.C. In the Eastern Corridor, as
it is called, a population of 45 million inhabitants is concentrated -
Another megapolis that is growing rapidly is the California coast from
San Francisco through Los Angeles to San Diego.
21. Which of the following-would be the best title for the passage?
A. Metropolitan Statistical Areas
B. Type of Population Census
C. The Bureau of Census
D. Megapolises
22. Where do most Americans live?
A. In the center of cities.
B. In the suburbs surrounding large cities
C. In rural areas
D. In small towns
23. Which of the following is not considered important to defining
an urban area?
A. Political boundaries
B. Transportation networks
C. Social relationships
D. Economic systems
24. According to the Bureau of Census. What is an MSA ?
A.The center of a city with a population of 50,000 people to
the boundaries of the surrounding suburbs.
B. A city and its suburbs with a total population of at least 50,000
C. The surrounding suburbs of a city with a total population of
50,000 people
D. Any area with a total population of 50,000 people.
25. Where in the passage does the author suggest that three
quarters of the U.S. population now resides in MSAs?
A. Line 4-5
B. Lines 6-9
C. Lines 10-11
D. Lines 1 5-16


Section A: Read the letter below and think of ONLY ONE WORD
which best fits each space. There is an example at the beginning (0).

Dear John, How are you? Thanks very (0) much for your
letter and all your news. I apologize (26) _________ not replying
sooner, but I've (27) _________ busy looking for a new job. The old
one was really getting me down, I'm afraid, and I was ready for
(28)______ change. I just didn't get (29)_____well with my old boss
- we didn't see eye to eye on anything! In desperation I got in touch
(30)_______ this employment bureau, WPA (that stands for "Work
Placement Agency", (31)________the way! Well, (32)____ my
surprise, they contacted me almost immediately and asked if I (33)
_______ like to go for an interview for a job that I was really
interested in. I've just heard this morning (34)_____ I got the job! To
celebrate, I'm inviting a (35)_______ friends to a small party next
Saturday night. Do come, and, (36)________ you like, bring your
new girlfriend. I'd like to meet her. I'm not sure how (37)_______
people will be coming yet, but it should be fun! Let me know whether
you can make it or not, just (38)________ case I end up inviting too
many people! That flat's not big (39)________ for a huge crowd!
Looking forward to seeing you. It seems ages (40)____ we saw each
other last.
Yours, Sally

Section B: Make all changes and additions necessary to produce,
from the following sets of words and phrases, complete
Example. I / wonder/ why you/ not / reply/ last letter.
Answer : I was wondering why you had not replied to my last
41. You/ interested/ listen/ pop music/ classical music?

42. He/ tall/ than/ sister/ a head.

43. If it/ fine/ tomorrow/ we/ fishing.

44. He/ late/ school/ as/ miss/shus.

45. We/ talk/ him/ when/ he/ come/ in.

46. He/ learn/ English/ before/ he/ go/ England.

47. She/ wait/ him/ ten hours.

48. Not allowed/ enter/ museum/ before 9 o'clock.

49. I/ used/ swim/ this river/ but/I/ not any more.
50. If/1/ be/ you/1/ not/ buy/ that/ bicycle.
Section C: Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that
it means exactly the 'same as
the sentence printed before it.
Example: I haven't enjoyed myself so
much for years. Answer : It's years since
I enjoyed myself so much.
51. There's no need for you to talk so loudly.
You don't.........................................
52. The children couldn't go swimming because the sea

was very rough
The sea was too_ ,........................^..v....;,......,.;.,...
„....................:.._ •'
53. I've been here three times.
54. I'm always nervous when I travel by air,
55. Although he had a good salary, he was unhappy in his job.
Section D: In about 150 words, write a passage describing the
situation when you could help your friend to solve a problem.
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