Giáo án tiếng anh 10: Unit 3: People’s Background

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  1. Giáo án tiếng văn 10 Unit 3: People’s Background The 12th period Date: Grade 10 Theme: People’s Back Ground Unit 3 Reading Time: 45 minutes I. Objectives: 1. Educational aim: Students can read and know about Marie Curie and make questions and answer them well 2. Knowledge: - General knowledge:
  2. - Language: - New words: Words to describe people’s back ground: name, age, place/date of birth, education, job, interest 3. Skills: Reading for general or specific information II. Method: Integrated, mainly communicative III. Teaching aids: Some photos of famous people and some information about them IV. Procedures: Teacher’s activities Students’ Notes activities Warm-up: (4 minutes) - Give some famous persons’ - Do themselves names in the column A and and then work in their job in the column B pairs
  3. - Let students match the - Some of them people with their jobs do on the board and speak out A B A To Hoai B singers Curie To Hoai Marie writer teacher writer Marie Curie Hong Nhung scientists Mr Ha Hong Nhung scientist singer - Recheck and introduce the Mr Ha new lesson: Marie Curie teacher - Listen to the Pre-reading: (7 minutes) teacher - Ask some questions about some famous people and Marie Curie
  4. 1. Can you name and tell some scientists and their - Write down in specializations? their papers and 2. What are their jobs? then discuss in their groups 3. Where are they? 4. Have you ever heard of - Some students stand up and Marie Curie? answer in roles 5. What do you know about A: Can you her? name…? - Let students write some Marie B: They are information about Newton, Curie with model given Darwin, and What you already know Marie Curie... about her What you want to know - Work in pairs about her to discuss to fill
  5. - Let each student stand and some necessary speak their opinions inform about - Go around and help them Marie Curie if necessary - Speak out their knowledge about Marie Curie A: Marie Curie is a scientist B: I want to While-reading: (20 know when and minutes) where she was - Let students open the book born and read silently while teacher reads aloud and correctly Class - Ask students to read organization: themselves and write down students do it in some information
  6. - Let students work in pairs pairs to do the task 1 - Read silently Task 1 - Remember - Read words in A and ask: some 1. With flying colors, what information about Marie does it mean? Curie - Let students translate them into Vietnamese - Ask students to reread and answer some questions to - Read quickly practice with some words and give some above sentences in the text which are in A - Predict the meaning of words
  7. - Match words A with B 1-C: very well, with a very high 1. To whom do these words mark/grade refer? 2-E: find out - What about her? exactly by 2. Who passed the exam making with flying colors? calculations Task 2 3-A: having a - Let students read all fully developed sentences and explain some mind new words if necessary 4-D: make less severe 5-B: keep in the - Listen and correct if mind needed - Work in pairs
  8. and answer some questions Task 3 - Let students work in pairs - Read quickly and find information to compare to the sentence given: True of False? Post-reading: (10 minutes) - Work in pairs, -Ask students to close their then one reads books and practice telling the sentence and Marie the other something about corrects it Curie - Let students reread the
  9. passage quickly to find - Work in pairs evidence from the passage to find to prove each of them information to answer the a. strong willed questions b. ambitious A: Where and c. hard-working when was Marie d. intelligent born? e. humane B: She was - Listen and explain some born… use of the words: work as; in spite of; worked together on; took up the position - Work in pairs and some of them stand and say about Marie Curie
  10. - Work in groups and discuss which sentences go with the word Homework (4 minutes) given - Reread the passage and - Speak out: write about another famous a. strong willed: person (about 100 words) harbored the dream of a scientific career, impossible for a woman at that time b. Ambitious: kept moving up in her career c. hard-working: difficult living
  11. conditions- work hard d. Intelligent: Nobel Prize e. Humane: easing humane suffering - Some others repeat - Copy the words - Listen and copy
  12. The 13th period Date : Grade 10 Theme: People’s Back Ground Unit 3 Speaking: Expressing opinions about someone Time: 45 minutes I. Objectives: 1. Educational aim: Students should know how to write the curriculum Vitae of someone 2. Knowledge: - General knowledge: Ask and answer about people’s background
  13. - Language: Words to speak about people’s background 3. Skills: expressing opinions II. Method: Integrated, mainly communicative III. Teaching aids: Photos of some famous persons or some real information about someone to speak IV. Procedures: Teacher’s activities Students’ Notes activities Warm-up: (3 minutes) - Ask students to close the - Close the book books - Give some words and let - Work in pairs students complete the full and write the
  14. sentences: full sentences 1. Marie Curie/ born/ 7th/ - Each student November/ Warsaw/ 1867 speaks out the 2. Marie Curie/ harbor/ sentence dream/ scientific career/ they’ve done impossible/ woman/ time 1. Marie Curie was born in Warsaw on November 7the 1867 2. Marie Curie harbored the dream of a scientific career, Pre-speaking: (8 minutes) which was impossible for a - Ask students to practice woman at that speaking about their time
  15. parents, brothers, and sisters… - Work in pairs - Go around and listen to A: What is your them father’s job? B: He’s a doctor A: How old is he? B: He’s 40 years old A: What does he like doing in his free time? While-speaking: (20 B: He likes minutes) playing Task 1 badminton - Let students open the books and observe the
  16. picture and describe what - Look at the they are doing picture and answer the 1. What are they doing? questions 2. Where are they? 1. They are 3. How do you know they interviewing are conducting an 2.They’re in the interview? classroom - What are three students 3. One speaks holding in their hands? and one writes down in the - Ask students to read some notebook words given and then let - They’re them choose which words holding the used for someone’s back pens and ground notebooks - Listen and correct - Read these
  17. words and work in groups - Some students can show off Task 2 these words: - Ask students to look at the family; dislike; pictures again hobby; - Let students imagine they education are journalists and interview each other in - Observe the groups and pairs picture - Ask one group to do the - Work in task as a model groups with - Go around listening to some cues some groups and help them given below if needed (Greeting, date of birth, home,
  18. parents…) - Let some groups play in A: Hi! When role as journalists and other were you born? answer the questions B: I was born on August 18th 1991 A: Where do you live? B: I live in TB city - Other groups go on practicing - Ask some pairs to stand in speaking front of the class and - Practice practice speaking interviewing as a dialogue A: Hello! I’m
  19. Huong Task 3 - Ask students to tell about B: Hello! I’m others they’ve heard by Lan. Nice to interviewing their friends meet you. - Some groups go on A: Could you speaking each other tell me something about yourself and your parents? B: Oh, yes! Please - Others listen and write down some (10 information Post-speaking: they get minutes)
  20. - Give some information about Mark Twain: - Work in 1. He/ born/ Missouri/ 1835 groups 2. He/ adopt/ pen name/ A: Can you tell “Mark Twain” me something 3. He/ write/ his famous about Nam? novels/ “Tom sawyer, B: Yes, please Huckleberry”… A: Where is he 4. He/ died/ 1910 from? - Listen to each group and B: He’s from correct or give mark if they TB city do it well A: What does he do? B: He’s a student. A: What does he like doing?
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