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  • A reliable indicator of candidate proficiency in critical thinking and analytical writing Graduate schools are now able to receive valuable information that can be factored into admissions decisions: applicants’ scores on the GRE Writing Assessment. Since October 1999, examinees have had the opportunity to demonstrate, in a controlled testing situation, the kinds of high-level thinking and writing skills generally recognized as essential for success in many graduate programs.

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  • Newspaper headlines underscore the challenges that the health professions face in this period of dramatic change in the American health care enterprise: critical shortages of nurses and other health professionals, tight budgets and rising health care costs, increasing public concern about patient safety and medical errors, and rising criticism of the quality of care that Americans receive, to name a few. Indeed, the health professions and health care industry are fighting to retain the public’s confidence that the U.S. health care system can continue to be the world’s best....

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  • A scholarship or grant is an award that does not have to be repaid. It may be given on the basis of need, or merit, or both. Most scholarships are conferred by individual law schools. Some organizations may also have scholarships to offer. Among them are local bar associations; fraternities, sororities, and other social clubs; religious or business organizations; and the US Department of Veterans Affairs. The availability of scholarships and grants is limited, but worth researching.

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  • Throughout the entire project many assumptions and methodological decisions had to be made along the various calculation steps in the domains of air pollution, epidemiology and economics. On each level, the method of dealing with uncertainty had to be defined. The research group decided that the main calculation ought to apply an “at least” approach, thus consistently selecting methodological assumptions in a way to get a result which may be expected to be “at least” attributable to air pollution.

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  • We measure the reliable transport of event features from source nodes to the sink in terms of the number of received data packets. Regardless of any application-specific metric that may actually be used, the number of received data packets is closely related to the amount of information acquired by the sink for the detection and extraction of event features. Hence, this serves as a simple but adequate event reliability measure at the transport level.

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  • With this new edition of Effective Expert Witnessing, Dr. Matson has added new information that is critical to expert witnessing in the late 1990s. In the decade since the first edition of this book was published, expert witnessing has been transformed by a series of court rulings generally concerned with the reliability, relevancy, and admissibility of expert testimony. Expert witnessing and trial strategy have not been the same since these decisions.

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  • PROTECTING THE NETWORK We have discussed the statistical multiplexing of traffic through ATM buffers and connection admission control mechanisms to limit the number of simultaneous connections, but how do we know that a traffic source is going to conform to the parameter values used in the admission control decision? There is nothing to stop a source sending cells over the access link at a far higher rate. It is the job of usage parameter control to ensure that any cells over and above the agreed values do not get any further into the network....

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  • The beauty of the business school interview is that applicants are the foremost experts themselves—they know why they have made the decisions that have led them to applying to an MBA program, what their unique strengths are and where they want to go next in their careers. The challenge, however, is figuring out how to best communicate this information to the interviewer and eloquently tell stories from the past that best illustrate the applicant’s abilities de- spite time constraints.

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