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  • When a new veterinary medicinal product is launched into widespread use, adverse drug reactions may become apparent. These may be seen in the treated animal patients, in exposed users or as adverse effects on the environment. Additionally, they may manifest as excess residues of the drug in food of animal origin. As a consequence, legislation and regulatory approaches have developed across the globe to address these issues and to ensure that the continued safety of these products can be monitored and, where necessary, that regulatory actions can be pursued to assuage any concerns.

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  • A derivative is a contract that is used to transfer risk. There are many different underlying risks, ranging from fluctuations in energy prices to weather risks. Most derivatives, however, are based on financial securities such as common stocks, bonds and foreign exchange instruments.

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  • This text was originally written as a reduced-essential version of a larger text entitled Practical Real Estate Law by Daniel F. Hinkel. Practical Real Estate Law covered every aspect of a modern real estate practice. That text, because of its detail and comprehensive coverage, totaled more than 600 pages, and some instructors teaching courses designed for six- to ten-week terms had found it difficult to complete Practical Real Estate Law. The students who were attending the shorter courses suggested that the text be shortened and that some detail be deleted.

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  • It is worth emphasising however that we now appear to have a range of compounds that in some patients at least, and for some time, help to control positive psychotic symptoms. While this is very important, this benefit may come with associated adverse consequences in other ways for some patients, such as cardio-metabolic side effects that can have a major impact on physical health. Clinicians therefore will need to exercise careful and skilled judgement about which antipsychotic to use in order to benefit individual patient’s symptoms, and minimise adverse health effects.

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  • International travel is undertaken by large, and ever increasing, numbers of people for professional, social, recreational and humanitarian purposes. More people travel greater distances and at greater speed than ever before, and this upward trend looks set to continue. Travellers are thus exposed to a variety of health risks in unfamiliar environments. Most such risks, however, can be minimized by suitable precautions taken before, during and after travel.

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  • The Internet has become an important form of communication in modern society, with a forecast of 500 million online globally by the year 2003. 1 Its increased use and accessibility have led to a burgeoning of cyber communities, where people of like minds and common interests transcend geographical barriers and communicate with one another on a range of subjects, some trivial, some controversial, and some intensely private.

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  • The Global Strategy for Infant and Young Child Feeding The global strategy for infant and young child feeding describes essential actions to protect, promote and support appropriate infant and young child feeding. It focuses on the importance of investing in this crucial area to ensure that children grow to their full potential free from the adverse consequences of compromised nutritional status and preventable illnesses.

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về y học được đăng trên tạp chí y học 'Respiratory Research cung cấp cho các bạn kiến thức về ngành y đề tài: Adverse health consequences in COPD patients with rapid decline in FEV1 - evidence from the UPLIFT trial...

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  • Abstract Here I tackle three major issues, climate change, financial crisis and national security, to disclose the weak points of current remedies and propose sustainable solutions. Global warming and the unexpected 2008 financial crisis will undoubtedly impact all nations. Treating those two critical issues solely by painkiller solutions will fail because only adverse consequences are healed, not their causes. Therefore, all sources of issues must be treated at the same time by enhancing collaboration between politicians and scientists....

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  • Drug Interactions Antimicrobial drugs are a common cause of drug-drug interactions. Table 127-8 lists the most common and best-documented interactions of antibacterial agents with other drugs and characterizes the clinical relevance of these interactions. Coadministration of drugs paired in the tables does not necessarily result in clinically important adverse consequences.

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  • Child malnutrition - measured as poor child growth - is internationally recognized as an important public health indicator. Young children are most vulnerable to malnutrition and face the greatest risk of its adverse consequences. Malnutrition is caused not only by food deprivation, but also by the debilitating effects of infectious diseases, such as diarrhoea and pneumonia, and lack of care. It contributes to over half of child deaths. Progress in reducing child malnutrition has been slow (see Figure 1).

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  • Although the etimology of the word risk is not certain, two possible sources are truly revealing: riscus and rizq. The mediaeval Latin word riscus signifies a reef or a rock sheer from the sea, evoking a sense of danger for the ships. The Arabic rizq can instead be interpreted as: all that comes from God, the bare essentials, from which an advantage can be taken. These two different meanings reflect the essential aspects of risks. They express the danger of suffering a loss as a consequence of adverse events but they could also relate to the acquisition of some kind of gain....

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  • It noted the obvious correlation between poor literacy and under-achievement, and consequent adverse affects on individuals and society, including problems with self-esteem, mental health, substance abuse and crime.

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  • We did not identify any prospective cohort studies, which would be the strongest study design to assess this question of risk. Consequently, our conclusions are tempered by the limited available evidence. Based on these data, gastric bypass and laparoscopic adjustable band seem to confer minimal if any risk for nutrient problems, as long as maternal nutrition is maintained.

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  • Poverty and social inequalities in childhood have profound effects on the health of children, and their impact on health continues to reverberate throughout the life course into late adulthood. Globally and historically, poverty has been the major determinant of child and adult health1 and, even in rich nations such as the UK, it remains a major cause of ill health with huge public health consequences.

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  • Infectious diseases have been a problem for military personnel throughout history. The consequences in previous conflicts have ranged from frequent illnesses disrupting daily activities and readiness to widespread deaths. Preventive measures, early diagnosis, and treatment greatly limit the exposures and acute illnesses of troops today in comparison with those in armies of the past, but infections and consequent acute illnesses still occur. In addition, long-term adverse health outcomes of some pathogens are increasingly recognized....

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  • The economy has suffered from an adverse demand shock – the sharp contraction of 2008-2009 – and from two types of adverse supply shock. First of all, the trend path for productivity is almost certainly lower than most people had expected before the economic crisis (although trend growth is probably little changed).

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  • The 1990-1991 Persian Gulf War was brief and entailed few US casualties in comparison with other wars, and yet it had a profound impact on the lives of many of the troops. Among the 700,000 US military personnel deployed in the battle theater, many veterans have reported chronic symptoms and illnesses that they have attributed to their service in the gulf. Numerous studies have been conducted to characterize the long-term adverse health consequences of deployment to the Persian Gulf. Potential exposures to numerous hazardous substances have been identified in association with the Gulf War.

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  • When people marry they look forward to many years of emotional togetherness. Most married couples blend their financial lives, as well. When couples divorce, the emotional togetherness is broken. But the financial ties are often not as easily broken. In fact, the financial impacts of divorce can continue for many years. If you are among those who may be facing divorce or who have recently gone through a divorce, you should be aware that divorce could have extremely adverse effects on your credit. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to avoid or minimize those consequences. We will...

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  • Consumers, healthcare providers, public health professionals, employers, policymakers, and others recognize that ready access to relevant, reliable information would greatly improve everyone’s ability to address personal and community health concerns. 2,3 Medical errors and adverse effects have been documented to be severe problems for which information is a crucial part of the solution.

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