Aliphatic alcohols

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  • In continuation of our reports on the chemical constituents of Croton tonkinensis Gagnep. (Euphorbiaceae) [1] this paper deals with the isolation and structure elucidation of two long chain alkyl alcohols. Two compounds 1 and 2 were isolated by repeated silica gel column chromatography of the n-hexane soluble fraction obtained from the methanol extract of the dried leaves of C. tonkinensis by liquid - liquid fractionation [2]. The long aliphatic chains of both compounds 1 and 2 were characterized by the 1 H and 13 C NMR spectra: H 0.88 (3H, t, J = 6.6 Hz), C 14.

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  • Introduction: Alkyl nitrites are highly volatile organic solvents of aliphatic alcohol esters of nitrites [1]. Amyl nitritea, butyl nitrite and isobutyl nitrite are the representative alkyl nitrites; their boiling points are 98, 78 and 67 °C, respectively. Amyl nitrite is being widely used as a detoxicant for cyanide poisoning, because alkyl nitrites oxidize hemoglobin in erythrocytes to yield methemogloblin, which is bound with cyanide to inactivate it [1].

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  • This book has evolved from over a quarter-century of research that concentrated on delineating the aqueous coordination reactions that characterize the vanadium(V) oxidation state. At the beginning of this time period, only a minor amount of research was being done on vanadium aqueous chemistry. However, the basic tenets of 51 V NMR spectroscopy were being elaborated, and some of the influences of ligand properties and coordination geometry on the NMR spectra were being ascertained.

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