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  • Chapter 11 - Attitude measurement. In this chapter, the following content will be discussed: Attitude measurement, what are attitudes? cognitive or knowledge component, affective or liking component, intention or action component,...

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  • “Population Ageing is profound, having major consequences and implications for all facets of human life. In the economic area, population ageing will have an impact on economic growth, savings, investment and consumption, labor markets, pensions, taxation and inter generational transfers. In the social sphere, population ageing affects health and healthcare, family composition and living arrangements, housing and migration. In this paper we try to document different aspects of human deprivation in the old age other than the measurement of income poverty.

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  • The presence of substances in groundwater may be affected by naturally occurring processes as well as by actions directly associated with human activities. Naturally occurring processes such as decomposition of organic material in soils or leaching of mineral deposits can result in increased concentrations of several substances. Those of health concern include arsenic, fluoride, selenium, uranium, nitrate, metals, and radionuclides such as radon. Problems of aesthetic quality and acceptance may be caused by iron, manganese, sulphate, chloride and organic matter. ...

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  • Throughout Europe, savings banks share common values, such as local ties, a positive attitude to all customers not excluding certain categories of clients, together with a socially responsi- ble behaviour. Savings banks therefore embody a “stakeholder” model, seeking to bring value and return to the whole community of stakeholders, which surround them (investors, suppli- ers, customers, employees and the local community in which they operate).

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  • So it has to be explored how much knowledge of organic farming consumers already have, and how they would like to be more informed. Studies concerning consumer demand for organic food products are still un- der-developed in the Northern Thai region. Therefore, the present paper aims to understand the perceptions and attitudes towards organic food products in this region, to collect detailed infor- mation of the demographic characteristics and to identify the reasons affecting consumers’ be- havior towards organic food products. ...

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  • The Experts’ Meeting was held in the Mitsubishi Research Institute and was attended by 81 people (see Appendix I for the list of participants). Childnet International and the Internet Association, Japan have been co-operating for some years on issues that affect child safety and participation on the Internet. The two organisations held a joint meeting at the Second World Congress on the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in Yokohama in December 2001. At that meeting some of the challenges posed by the new 3G mobile services in Japan were first discussed.

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  • The most commonly used technique for planting is stump budding using improved varieties or clones (Status of… 2000). The quality of the planting material is the most important factor affecting the profitability and economics of the plantation and has to be judiciously selected depending on the local situation. Different situations warrant planting of particular types that have the capability to resist the adverse factors and produce good results. Accordingly different varieties like RRII 105, PB 217, GT 1 are commonly cultivated.

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  • Heavy reliance on CPRs thus makes poor women particularly vulnerable to their egradation, depletion, appropriation and/or conversion to other uses. Women, who often are not llowed to own land, make particular use of the resources found in CPRs for household purposes. Depletion of these resources means that women will need to walk further to collect water and fire wood, etc. Women and men tend to use different aspects of CPRs.

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  • Crohn’s disease (CD) and ulcerative colitis are chronic inflammatory intestinal disorders affecting 1.7 million people in North America. Recent studies have shown an increasing incidence of CD in children, and an overall prevalence of 10% to 25% of all patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). 2,3 CD is characterized by patchy transmural inflammation involving any segment of the gastrointestinal tract from the mouth to the anus.

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  • The National Commission for the Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) recently examined the situation of children in Naxal-affected parts of Chhattisgarh; in the North Cachar Hills, Chirang and New Bongaigaon districts in Assam; in Ashapara and Naisingpur camps at Kanchanpur in North Tripura district; in Kandahmal, Orissa; and in the Kashmir Valley. The NCPCR “[…] found a basic gap in every area of civil unrest – the administration and civil society groups did not have enough reliable data on how many children were affected by civil unrest.

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  • A number of specification checks support the identifying as- sumption that the timing of television’s entry is uncorrelated with direct determinants of test scores. Most importantly, we find that the within-area cross-cohort variation in television exposure that identifies our models does not correlate with demographic variables that affect test scores. We also find that the timing of television introduction is uncorrelated with trends in area school quality, teacher characteristics, and demographics. ...

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  • In this chapter, the following content will be discussed: In the hiring process, do employers care about one’s personality and individual traits? How do the hidden aspects of individuals their values and attitudes affect employee behavior? What are the distortions of perception that can cloud one’s judgment? Is it important for managers to pay attention to employee attitudes?...

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  • Chapter 6 - Values, attitudes, job satisfaction, and counterproductive work behaviors. The learning objectives for this chapter include: Explain Schwartz’s value theory, and describe three types of value conflict; describe the values model of work–family conflict, and specify at least three practical lessons from work–family conflict research; identify the three components of attitudes and discuss cognitive dissonance;...

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Social psychology principles" has contents: Introducing social psychology, social learning and social cognition, social affect, the self, attitudes, behavior, and persuasion, perceiving others.

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  • Opportunity: Over 70% of mental health problems have their onset in childhood or early adolescence. 20% of all children have a significant mental health problem that causes impairment. 10% of all children have a chronic psychiatric disorder with a significant genetic aetiology. Neurodevelopmental disorders such as mental retardation and autism are lifelong debilitating diseases which affect 2-3% of children. 12 Schizophrenia affects 1% of the population and is likely also a developmental disorder.

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  • Given the prevalence of mental health and substance-dependence problems in adults and children, it is not surprising that there is an enormous emotional as well as financial burden on individuals, their families and society as a whole. The economic impacts of mental illness affect personal income, the ability of ill persons – and often their caregivers – to work, productivity in the workplace and contributions to the national economy, as well as the utilization of treatment and support services.

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  • The representation of drug treatment in America can affect society in several ways, including stigmatization. Elizabeth Hirschman (1992), in her study of cocaine use in films, argues that "motion pictures which focus upon addiction can serve as instructive, semiotically-rich texts for communicating cultural knowledge about addiction" (p. 428). This communication is not simply one-way, though; it exists as a continual feedback loop, with movies "both reflect[ing] and shape[ing] individual and societal values, attitudes, and behavior" (Wedding, 2000, p. 3).

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  • Exactly how schooling affects young women’s ‘autonomy’, especially with respect to her fertility and the life-chances of her children, is a contested issue. We draw on semi-structured interviews with young married women with at least one child under the age of six, in urban and rural areas of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, north India, to elaborate differences in attitudes and experiences in early married life between young married women with at least eight years of schooling and those with little or no formal schooling.

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  • Potential negative consequences of early identification of cognitive impairment clearly exist. Labelling an individual as demented may affect his or her ability to obtain life or health insurance, and may influence attitudes towards the individual by health care professionals and others. The label of Alzheimer’s disease may cause prejudice and difficulty in gaining admission to some long-term facilities.

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  • Sustaining IEC to increase men’s participation faces obstacles related to negative individual attitudes, reluctance among decision-makers to budget IEC activities, lack of staff training, and scarce resources. Programs need to undertake strong communication programs and be able to demonstrate how IEC activities affect men’s participation in reproductive health.

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