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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Sabiston textbook of surgery - The biological basis of modern surgical practice" presents the following contents: Surgical basic principles, perioperative management, trauma and critical care.

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Sabiston textbook of surgery - The biological basis of modern surgical practice" presents the following contents: Transplantation and immunology, surgical oncology, head and neck, breast, endocrine, andocrine, chest, vascular, specialties in general surgery.

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  • The population of Western countries is aging, and cancer in older aged persons is becoming increasingly common. The management of these neoplasms is a novel problem. Direct information on the outcome of cancer prevention and of cytotoxic chemotherapy in older individuals is scarce, especially for those aged 80 and over, and it is not clear whether the same process should direct medical decisions in younger and older persons. It is reasonable to assume that the benefits of cancer prevention and treatment diminish and the dangers increase with age.

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  • The forty-fifth volume of this series contains eight reviews written by an international array of authors; as usual, the reviews range widely in subject and taxonomic and geographic coverage. The editors welcome suggestions from potential authors for topics they consider could form the basis of future appropriate contributions. Because an annual publication schedule necessarily places constraints on the timetable for submission, evaluation and acceptance of manuscripts, potential contributors are advised to make contact with the editors at an early stage of preparation.

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  • Plants defend themselves from other organisms by elaborating bioactive chemical defences. This is the essential basis of the use of herbal medicines that still represents a major therapeutic resort for much of humanity However, at the outset, it must be stated that any plant that is not part of our evolved dietary cultures is potentially dangerous. Commercial herbal medicinal preparations approved by expert regulatory authorities have a significant place in mainstream conventional medicine and in complementary medicine.

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  • The 42nd volume of this series contains eight reviews written by an international array of authors that, as usual, range widely in subject and taxonomic and geographic coverage. The majority of articles were solicited, but the editors always welcome suggestions from potential authors for topics they consider could form the basis of appropriate contributions.

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  • This book presents a full spectrum of views on current approaches to modeling cell mechanics. The authors of this book come from the biophysics, bioengineering, and physical chemistry communities and each joins the discussion with a unique perspective on biological systems. Consequently, the approaches range from finite element methods commonly used in continuum mechanics to models of the cytoskeleton as a cross-linked polymer network to models of glassy materials and gels.

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  • Biological sciences in nursing has seen a change in status over the last 20 years. As a nurse educator, I became aware that with the introduction of the ‘nursing model’ all signs of biology were banished from the curriculum. Anatomy and physiology were thought to be akin to the ‘medical model’, and as such they fell outside the nurse’s territory. At all costs, nurses had to be seen as autonomous practitioners in their own right.

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  • The average total daily energy expenditure is higher in obese than lean individuals when measured at stable weight. However, energy expenditure falls as weight is lost, due in part to loss of lean body mass and to decreased sympathetic nerve activity. When reduced to near-normal weight and maintained there for a while, (some) obese individuals have lower energy expenditure than (some) lean individuals. There is also a tendency for those who will develop obesity as infants or children to have lower resting energy expenditure rates than those who remain lean.

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  • -Sitosterol, stigmasterol, cardamomin (1), chalconaringenin 2-O-methyl ether (2), alpinetin (3), and naringenin 5-O-methyl ether (4) were isolated from the MeOH extract of Alpinia conchigera Griff. (Zingiberaceae). Their structures were determined on the basis of spectroscopic analyses. The antimicrobial and free radical scavenging activities of the isolates 1-4 were evaluated in correlation with those of the soluble fractions.

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Biology" has contents: The chemical basis of life, general features of cells; membrane structure, synthesis, and transport; photosynthesis; cell communication; multicellularity; nucleic acid structure, DNA replication, and chromosome structure; gene expression at the molecular level,... and other contents.

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  • The inhibition of phosphatases by adenosine 5¢-phosphorothioate (AMPS) was first reported in the late 1960s; however, the structural basis for the inhibition has remained unknown. Here, it is shown that AMPS is a submi-cromolar inhibitor of class C acid phosphatases

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  • Chapter 15 - The chromosomal basis of inheritance. This chapter explain the chromosomal theory of inheritance and its discovery, explain why sex-linked diseases are more common in human males than females, distinguish between sex-linked genes and linked genes, explain how meiosis accounts for recombinant phenotypes, explain how linkage maps are constructed,...

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  • Chapter 16 - The molecular basis of inheritance. The chapter describe the contributions of the following people: Griffith; Avery, McCary, and MacLeod; Hershey and Chase; Chargaff; Watson and Crick; Franklin; Meselson and Stahl; describe the structure of DNA; describe the process of DNA replication; include the following terms: antiparallel structure, DNA polymerase, leading strand, lagging strand, Okazaki fragments, DNA ligase, primer, primase, helicase, topoisomerase, single-strand binding proteins.

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  • This chapter include objectives: Evaluate the effects of continuous variation, pleiotropic genes, lack of complete dominance, environmental modifications of genes, and epistasis on disease; understand the importance of crossing over in terms of gene assortment and construction of genetic maps; describe the many genetic disorders discussed in the text, their symptoms, relative frequency in specialized populations, and their genetic basis;...

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  • Research objectives: It is to determine agrobiological features as a scientific basis for the study of the mechanism creating seedless fruits, and to intervene with technical measures in order to improve productivity and quality of fruits of citrus trees. It is to study applications of some technical measures to improve productivity and quality of fruits in some citrus tree cultivars.

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  • The general objectives of the study are to evaluate the status and to find out scientific basis to develop freshwater prawn culture in brackish water, in order to diversify culture systems and species, to stabilize social-economics for inhabitants, and to adapt to the issues of sea level rise and saltwater intrusion in Mekong Delta.

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  • Chapter 15 - The chromosomal basis of inheritance. This chapter presents the following content: Mendelian inheritance has its physical basis in the behavior of chromosomes during sexual life cycles, morgan traced a gene to a specific chromosome, linked genes tend to be inherited together because they are located on the same chromosome,...

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  • Chapter 16 - The molecular basis of inheritance. This chapter presents the following content: The search for genetic material led to DNA, Watson and Crick discovered the double helix by building models to conform to X-ray data.

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  • Chapter 21 - The genetic basis of development. This chapter presents the following content: Embryonic development involves cell division, cell differentiation, and morphogenesis; researchers study development in model organisms to identify general principles.

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