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  • Ebook "Body Language Sisters in Shape, Black Women's Fitness, and Feminist Identity Politics" present on: The Anatomy of a Movement, Experience Spirituality, Sisterhood, and the Unspeakable, Performance Negotiating Multiple Black Womanhoods, New Bodies of Knowledge, Rearticulating Feminist Identity Politics,...

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  • When we eventually look back at the intellectual shibboleths of the high capitalist period—say the last three centuries—few ingrained assumptions will look so wrongheaded or so globally destructive as the common-sense separation of society and nature. Historically and geographically, most societies have avoided such a stark presumption as hubristic folly, but from physicists to sociologists, physicians to poets, the brains of the ascendant capitalist “west” not only embraced but made a virtue of society’s separation from nature (and vice versa).

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  • The topic ‘elite’ may be dealt with either in a few lines, or in many pages. There is no half way. In fact, it encompasses issues which are crucial to the social sciences, such as the relation between the distribution of wealth, prestige and power; the exercise of power and the composition of the group that holds it. The list is extensive.

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  • OVER THE PAST DECADE, alternative medical therapies have played an increasingly prominent role in American health care. In the nation’s grocery stores, homeopathic treatments and over-thecounter herbal remedies crowd aisles that were once largely devoted to analgesics, sore throat lozenges, and fruit-flavored, animal-shaped children’s vitamins. Eager to fill their beds and their coffers, hospitals advertise—even celebrate—the inclusion of nontraditional medical practices.

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  • This is the first volume of the Columbia LawSchool series on “The Lawand Policy of theWorld TradeOrganization.” This series, consisting of biennial thematic volumes, is based upon the papers presented in the Seminar in WTO Law and Policy orga- nized every fall semester at Columbia. Each volume – representing the papers that will have been presented in that seminar over a two-year period – addresses differ- ent, but always vital, aspects of the WTO integration process.

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  • Haugeland (1998) eloquently describes the relation between mind and world as one of intimacy, a ‘commingling’ or ‘integralness’ of mind, body, and world. Cognition depends as much on aspects of the agent’s environment as on the agent’s inherent properties. Because it is the joint effect of these properties that control cognition, their contributions to individual cognitive processes cannot be considered one by one.

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  • This volume will enable readers to understand how the Revolutionary American society dedicated to the noble aspirations of the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights could have adopted one of themost widely deplored statutes in American history, the Sedition Act of 1798.

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  • Approximately  56%  of  all  international  higher  education  students  in  2009  were  undergraduates, with 44% being postgraduates. Postgraduate enrolments have increased at  a  faster  rate  than  undergraduate  enrolments  over  the  past  seven  years,  rising  from  a  percentage share of only 33% of total international higher education enrolments in 2002. 6  In  2009 there were around 69,700 Masters Degree (Coursework) students, representing 124%  growth  since  2002.

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  • The other buffer is the Media Council (Sectoral Council for the Media). This council is an independent advisory body composed of industry professionals and academics. Legally, they have no binding authority and they are not part of the contract creation process. They make non-binding recommendations to the government whether new services should be enacted, based on proposals put forth by the public service broadcasters (Donders 2010: 52). A 12-person Board of Governors oversees the public service broadcasters (VRT 2010).

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  • How well older people make economic decisions is an important issue for social policy. Since wealth tends to accumulate over one’s lifetime, a large portion is in the hands of older people. Both long-term trends (increased longevity) and short-term trends (baby booms) mean that increasing proportions of the population are older and retired. Also, older people are more likely to vote than young people are, so they may have disproportionate political influence.

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  • Within the past decade, scholars have begun to reveal the important role African American midwives played in the reproductive experiences of southern women, both black and white. This book is a contribution to the documentation of that African American presence. It is also a requiem to the knowledge, skills, and beliefs that have been lost. If, thanks to the classic movie Gone with the Wind, popular imagery has the African American woman faced with the prospect of having to help deliver a baby being completely hysterical, then recent scholarship counters that portrayal.

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  • Part 1 ...[They were tried] by a court empanelled from among the noble families, and sworn upon the sacrifices. The part of accuser was taken by Myron. They were found guilty of the sacrilege, and their bodies were cast out of their graves and their race banished for evermore. In view of this expiation, Epimenides the Cretan performed a purification of the city. Part 2 After this event there was contention for a long time between the upper classes and the populace. Not only was the constitution at this time oligarchical in every respect, but the poorer classes, men, women,...

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  • During the centuries which had elapsed since the entry of the Spaniards and Portuguese into these regions an extraordinary fusion of races had taken place. White, red, and black had mingled to such an extent that the bulk of the settled population became half-caste. Only in the more temperate regions of the far north and south, where the aborigines were comparatively few or had disappeared altogether, did the whites remain racially distinct. Socially the Indian and the negro counted for little.

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  • For nearly a decade I have wanted, with a growing sense of urgency, to write something that would show what the women’s health movement has meant to the women of my generation, the generation of girls who came of age in the 1950s and 60s, became activists in the causes of others, then turned to help one another and, finally, to help ourselves. We grew up in New York, the Casbah of Algiers, the bantustans of South Africa, dusty Khartoum, provincial France, the North of England, and Old Delhi. Each of us carries, on her body and in her mind, a site of humiliation, a scar of betrayed...

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  • The evidence so far indicates a persistent pattern of lunar-cycle effects in U.S. and international stock returns. However, the combination of high standard deviation of daily returns and relatively short time series results in insufficient statistical significance at the individual stock index level. In Panel B of Table 5 we use the cross-section of international stock data to offer more powerful tests of the lunar cycle effect. Specifically, in the first part of Panel B we pool all data for the G-7 countries together and compute the same statistics.

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  • Politics is an emotional business. Still, many people found themselves unusually moved by the historic presidential inauguration last week in Washington. Watching the huge crowds, we saw laughter, cheers, hugs but also many tears. It made us wonder, why do people cry? Surely tears must be good for us a way to calm the mind and cleanse the body. Yet studies show that crying sometimes makes people feel worse.

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  • A smidgen of science to go with this model. In a traditional airplane all of the lift, is supplied by the wings, but as speed increases this puts more and more stress on the wings, the answer as was determined years ago is to use a “lifting body”. That is a plane or as in this case a space shuttle that maximizes the strength of structure by using the body of the shuttle itself as the wings. It has not been used heavily in the aviation world, due to politics, but it was the only chance for a ship...

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  • At every moment of every day there is a crash event, affecting everything: transportation, economics, politics, computing, bodies, brains, cups and plates, birds, agriculture, chemistry, health, banking, manufacturing and so on, without end. Despite being insured, insulated by method, knowledge, prediction, risk analysis and technology against accidents, we are nevertheless permanently avoiding them. Every crash is followed by calls for legislation: ‘it must never happen again’ – and yet it always does.

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  • Sub-Saharan Africa has the worst indicators of women’s health—particularly of reproductive health—of any world region. These indicators include the highest number of HIV-positive women and the highest infant, maternal, and HIV-related death rates worldwide. The ability of a woman to make her own decisions regarding her body and her reproductive life are key to improving these indicators.

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  • From the lowest-budget, most formally audacious or politically radical to the quirky, the offbeat, the cultish and the more conventional, the independent sector has thrived in American cinema in the past two decades, producing a body of work that stands out from the dominant Hollywood mainstream and that includes many of the most distinctive films to have appeared in the USA in recent years. It represents a challenge to Hollywood, although also one that has been embraced by the commercial mainstream to a substantial extent.

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