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  • When I reflect on my roles as a nurse, I identify my “raison d’ être´”—my most fundamental reason for being a nurse—as caring about my patients and promoting their wellness. I think about the many ways in which I use my nursing skills to help bring new life into this world; facilitate healing of body, mind, and spirit; and provide comfort during times of illness and death.Then my thoughts focus on the challenge of reconciling my ideals of having time to provide holistic care with the harsh realities inherent in the hurry and scurry of my job.

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  • Sleep-related breathing disorders have been recognized and described by astute clinicians for millennia. The past several decades have witnessed intensive and accelerating investigation into the epidemiology, genetics, pathophysiology, and clinical as well as behavioral consequences of sleeprelated breathing disorders. The Lung Biology in Health and Disease series has played an important role in consolidating the accumulating knowledge in this area and in providing a focused view of the state of the art.

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  • question which every author ought to ask of himself before he sends forth his work, and one which must occur to every thoughtful reader, is the inquiry, Cui bono?--what justification has one for treating the subject at all, and why in the particular way which he has chosen? To the pertinency of this question to the present treatise the author has been deeply sensible, and therefore cannot forbear a few prefatory words of explanation of his object and method.

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  • I remember every look your face,The way you roll your eyes, the way you taste You it hard for breathing 'Cause when I close my eyes and drift away. I think of you and ’okay I'm finally now believing And it's true, that I can't live without you. Well maybe two is better than one There's so much time, to out the rest of my life

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  • Cisco’s Cisco Certified Network Administrator (CCNA) certification provides a way to distin- guish those brilliant and talented enough to become Cisco administrators from those who just might be, umm—well, better suited to another occupation. It’s basically Cisco’s version of sep- arating the wheat from the chaff. The main reason that it’s a really good thing to be the proud possessor of Cisco’s certifications is that they give you a serious edge over the poor, wretched, unfortunate, and noncertified masses.

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  • Work Advice .Phrasal Verbs to Learn Phrase Transcript Audio Meaning Example Don't put off until tomorrow what put off /p t f/ hoãn lại you can do today. It's hard to bottle up the emotions while seeing such a moving play. kìm nén bottle / b tl up p/ kiềm chế, .Opponents might bring up bring /br ŋ up plan, so please be well-prepared. Before you make a speech to the / ə go over ə və(r)/ (mang tính ôn lại) your talk, and take a deep breath.

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  • Global agriculture is now at the crossroads. The Green Revolution of the last century that gave many developing countries such as India a breathing spell, enabling them to adjust the growth of their human populations better to the supporting capacity of their ecosystems, is now in a state of fatigue. Average growth rates in food production as well as factor productivity in terms of yield per unit of mineral fertilizer (NPK) are both declining.

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  • “Have you thanked a green plant today?” reads a popular bumper sticker. Indeed, we should thank green plants for providing the food we eat, fiber for the clothing we wear, wood for building our houses, and the oxygen we breathe. Without plants, humans and other animals simply could not exist. Psychologists tell us that plants also provide a sense of well-being and peace of mind, which is why we preserve forested parks in our cities, surround our homes with gardens, and install plants and flowers in our homes and workplaces.

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  • Acute-care clinicians are well aware of the alphabetical “ABC” (airway, breathing, circulation) directive of resuscitation. This term has been widely disseminated through programs such as Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS). In fact, both courses have contributed significantly to improving awareness of resuscitation priorities required in managing patients rendered critically ill from trauma or cardiac events.

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  • A scientist might call it an oviparous vertebrate. It could be a lifer for a twitcher, or a control for a ringer. It might be drumming or jugging, ina trip or a wisp. You could split it, dip out on it, or even cause it to explode. It is, of course, a bird. Birdwatchers' language is a mixture of science and slang. You might well hear nictitating membrane and marsh cowboymentioned in almost the same breath. If you read about or talk about birds you are bound to meet expressions like these, but discovering their precise meanings can be remarkably difficult.

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  • . .“Much I love To see the fair one bind the straggling pink, Cheer the sweet rose, the lupin, and the stock, And lend a staff to the still gadding pea. Ye fair, it well becomes you. Better thus Cheat time away, than at the crowded rout, Rustling in silk, in a small room, close-pent, And heated e’en to fusion; made to breathe A rank contagious air, and fret at whist, Or sit aside to sneer and whisper scandal. .

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  • Marketing Insurance Online - My Pathetic Story By: Jason Hornung – President Jason Hornung Agency Inc. It was only two months ago that I had taken over an office with a full book of business from an agent that was moving up into management (big surprise, right?). I had been given a one year contract to prove my mettle… … and things weren’t going very well. In fact, I had management breathing down my neck – calling and stopping by my office every single day. They were expecting huge numbers out of me. After all I was supposed to be the...

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  • Near Los Angeles Basin, California THERE. Devin raised his right arm and focused directly over his wrist. It took less than a millisecond to calculate the trajectory—he didn’t have a built-in computer, but his 220 IQ served him well. He slowly breathed in and out, getting ready to squeeze the trigger between breaths, between heartbeats. His sensitive nose wrinkled as the ever-present smog that hovered over the Los Angeles Basin filled his lungs.

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  • Asthma Wellness Keeping Children with Asthma in School and Learning Liability & Litigation: A Legal Primer Asthma & Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Asthma Management, Policies and Procedures .S t r a i g h t By Paul D. Houston t a l k In School and Healthy: A Critical Component of Academic Success School administrators know that numerous factors, from family support to language skills, academic readiness to physical health, affect a child’s academic success. Children cannot learn if they are hungry. They cannot learn if their teeth hurt. Children also cannot learn if they cannot breathe.

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