Bureaucratic power

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  • As a young teenager raised until 1964 in Casablanca, Morocco (a former French colony), I always dreamed of having an electric guitar. Influenced by the success of such groups as The Ventures, The Shadows (the British equivalent of The Ventures), and, later, The Beatles, I thought that I too could one day perform on stage. Fender guitars were my favorite, but since I could not afford even the cheapest model, I would try to console myself by admiring the many exorbitantly priced models displayed at a well-known music store...

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  • Business as War Battling for Competitive Advantage Fair warning: This book is meant to be dangerous. Provocative. Arresting. Like a brick thrown through the plate-glass window of the CEO’s office, the meeting room of the board of directors, or the faculty club of the business school that hits you up all the time for alumni contributions. I argue that today’s competitive environment for the business leaders is sufficiently hazardous and uncertain that you are better off thinking of it not as business but as war....

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  • But be Lenin as he may, whether Sally does Solly or Solly does Sally, whether power is inherited, autocratic, bureaucratic, meritocratic, kleptocratic, democratically legitimated, divinely ordained or obtained by gross bodily harm, power is forever both ephemeral and shared. In war, as in peace, all governments share power; and they all pray endlessly that it lasts until tomorrow, just as an atheistic Karoo farmer prays for rain. When shall come the storm? The question “when?” destroys politics just as it destroys economics.

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  • The analysis reveals distinct patterns of recurriculation, ranging from bureaucratic compliance to creating academic coherence between contrasting legacies. What becomes clear is the need for teacher education academics to grasp the challenges and opportunities to assert their power over shaping curriculum processes that will produce competent, confident teachers.

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