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  • 8.3.Hộp thoại Format Text Hộp thoại Format Text với các lớp Character, Paragraph, Tabs, Columns, Effects đều thực hiện được cho văn bản kiểu Paragraph Text. Văn bản kiểu Artistic Text chỉ áp dụng được một số tùy chọn trong lớp Character và Paragraph

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  • Research mission: Outline, summarize the main points of feminist theory. Identify the system of female characters and their role in E. Hemingway’s works. From theory “feminist critique”, explains some characteristics of female characters in E. Hemingway’s works. Format E. Hemingway's female characters in American traditional literary. Provide a new approach to E. Hemingway’s works.

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  • Clearly, the Internet is changing the world. In the last ten years, since Tim Berners-Lee designed the World Wide Web (1991) and Marc Andreesen and company developed Mosaic—née Netscape (1993)—to display it on any PC or Mac, the Internet has gone from interesting to essential, from ancillary to completely central. Web sites are now a required part of a business' infrastructure, and often part of one's personal life as well. The amount of information available through the Internet has become practically uncountable.

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  • Linear media describes media with a defined beginning and a linear progression to the end. Forms of linear media such as film, audio and videotape, as well as most books are organized with this expectation. The World Wide Web, however, is organized differently. Hypermedia Hypermedia is about choice. Users simply select what interests them. A good example is an audio CD where you can choose song 5 and listen to it almost immediately. Contrast this with an audiotape where you would have to scan through from your current location on the tape to the beginning of the song....

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  • Why bother with ASP at all, when HTML can serve your needs? If you want to display information, all you have to do is fire up your favorite text editor, type in a few HTML tags, and save it as an HTML file. Bingo, you’re done! But wait – what if you want to display information that changes? Supposing you’re writing a page that provides constantly changing information to your visitors, for example, weather reports, stock quotes, a list of your girlfriends, etc, HTML can no longer keep up with the pace. What you need is a system that can present dynamic information.

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  • As a Dynamics AX developer, your responsibility is to deliver all kinds of application customizations, whether it is a small adjustment or a bespoke module. Dynamics AX is a highly customizable system and requires a significant amount of knowledge and experience to deliver quality solutions. One goal can be achieved in multiple ways and there is always the question of which way is the best.

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  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 provides a range of customization capabilities. This chapter provides an introduction to the CRM application architecture before we learn the different customization capabilities in depth, in later chapters. We'll discuss the different application tiers and how they can be customized to meet the particular needs of your business.

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  • The imagination is questionable (Daily, 1997; Dasgupta, 2000b). In any event, we should be sceptical of a theory which places such enormous burden on an experience not much more than two hundred years old (Fogel, 1994; Johnson, 2000). Extrapolation into the past is a sobering exercise: over the long haul of history (some five thousand years), economic growth even in the currently-rich countries was for most of the time not much above zero.

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  • In the foregoing section, we have studied the character of plants and the laws which govern their growth. We learned that one necessary condition for growth is a fertile soil, and therefore we will examine the nature of different soils, in order that we may understand the relations between them and plants. What is a fixed character of

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  • Although the prospective character of the activity and the request to think in new directions required an open-minded look at the food sector, some elements of the “real-world” configuration had to be taken into account from the beginning. This was in particular the regulatory system within the European Union, and here especially the EC White Paper on Food Safety2 from 1999, which already contains a strong notion of food safety and health. Also the directives on labelling and the release of genetically modified organisms played a role in the development of future research issues.

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  • We learned that a variable is a name assigned to the first byte of the necessary memory to store a value. During compile time the compiler reserves necessary memory for each variable. It may require more than one byte to store a value. The compiler needs to know the size of memory to reserve. This is why a type is always associated with a variable. In a 16-bit computer 2 bytes are used to store an integer, 4 bytes for floats, 8 bytes for double, and 1 byte for character and bool. The size of memory reserved by the compiler...

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  • Different codes are attached to section headings, paragraphs of body text, references and even individual characters and words so that each is set in an appropriate type style, size and line spacing. On the left you have two

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  • Probably you have at some time or another opened a web page only to find illegible text and meaningless characters. This is a problem connected to character encoding. Let’s try to understand the causes of this problem…

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  • The most basic data structure in MATLAB® is the matrix: a two-dimensional, rectangularly shaped data structure capable of storing multiple elements of data in an easily accessible format. These data elements can be numbers, characters, logical states of true or false, or even other MATLAB structure types.

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  • Thay đổi khoảng cách và co giãn chữ trong soạn thảo văn bản có thể được xem như là kỹ thuật sắp chữ trong ngành in. Việc này không chỉ giúp trình bày trang văn bản đẹp mắt mà còn rất quan trọng trong bố cục toàn bộ bản in và phù hợp với số lượng trang in. Cách thay đổi khoảng cách và co giãn chữ Dùng chuột đánh dấu (bôi đen) chữ, từ hoặc đoạn văn bản nào muốn thay đổi. Chọn Trình đơn Format - Font Vào Tab Character spacing.

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  • FORMATTING TEXT AND DATES Format character Description %m %D %d %a * %H %h %I %i %S %s %R %r %% Months, no leading zero Days with leading zero Days, no leading zero Total number of days Hours with leading zero Hours, no leading zero Minutes with leading zero Minutes, no leading zero Seconds with leading zero Seconds, no leading zero Display minus when negative, plus when positive Display minus when negative, no sign when positive Percentage sign Examples 2, 11 03, 24 3, 24 15, 231 03, 23 3, 23 05, 59 5, 59 05, 59 5, 59 -, + % *...

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  • Drugs for the Suppression of Pain (Analgesics) ing, or burning character, i.e., pain that can be localized only poorly. Impulse traffic in the neo- and paleospinothalamic pathways is subject to modulation by descending projections that originate from the reticular formation and terminate at second-order neurons, at their synapses with first-order neurons, or at spinal segmental interneurons (descending antinociceptive system).

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  • This chapter introduces issues concerning unsteady flow, i.e. flow situations in which hydraulic conditions change with time. Many flow phenomena of great importance to the engineer are unsteady in character, and cannot be reduced to steady flow by changing the viewpoint of the observer. The equations of motion are formulated and the method of characteristics is introduced as main part of this chapter. The concept of positive and negative waves and formation of surges are described. Finally, some solutions to unsteady flow equations are introduced in their mathematical concepts.......

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  • The BitmapData Class opacity, and then 0000FF, or blue, for the color. The result of this script is a 100 × 100–pixel, 100-percent opaque, blue square positioned at (0, 0). N OT E Creating Bitmaps with Transparency To create a bitmap data object with transparency, you must change the third parameter of the class constructor to true and then reduce the opacity of the color value. The first pair of characters in the hexadecimal number (from left to right) represents alpha (AA in the 32-bit format listed previously).

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